The Milan youth striker with 483 goals in 87 games – Camarda moves from strength to strength

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan currently have a young striker who has to be the most prolific player in his age group, with simply incredible numbers.

We have to thank Sciabolata Morbida on Twitter for bringing out attention to Francesco Camarda, a 13-year-old striker who is in his fifth year with Rossonero youth sector. Of course players scoring ridiculous amounts of goals is more common the further down the age groups you go, but the numbers for Camarda are simply obscene.

As per Morbida, he scored 247 goals in 40 games in 2017-18, 172 goals in 31 games in 2018-19 and 64 goals in 16 games in 2019-20 for a total of 483 goals in 87 games, at 5.5 average goals per game.

What must be taken to account in this is the average level of the opponents that Milan have met and also the fact that some of these games will not have been played as 11 vs. 11.

Camarda has already shown off again this year, in the U15 National A/B championship which he is playing in as an underage player, having moved up a year to the 2007-class Milan side (which includes Seedorf’s son, Denzel Miguel Viana Seedorf).

At the weekend the U15 side snatched three points from Verona thanks to the young Francesco Camarda who – despite playing against players mostly older than him – scored a match-winning brace. Certainly one to keep an eye on.

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  1. Sounds super impressive, .when that is said…
    Makes a huge difference if its combined in 11×11 and 7×7 matches but it could seem like we have a potential gem in him.
    How tall is he because at that age height could be a great part of it.
    Is he born in milano ?

    1. 11×11 is a lot of players 😀

      I always think of Mastour when I read of such young players. So much can happen. Bad agent, girlfriend, losing interest, injuries

      1. haha i see what you are saying and you are right that would be a lot of players 😀 but my point was if its a combination of normal sized teams or 7 against 7 it would make a huge difference as there isnt as many on the field and the field is smaller so it could nearly be in-door matches.

        Mastour had technical promise no doubt but from the looks of it, it was all he had. He is even without a club now so think he should either get his priorities straight or find another career but even at the age of 23 i doubt he will ever mount to anything at this point.

        Do you or anyone on this site has an idea of how its going with the as roma talent pietro tommaselli who was ten years old and super talented he should be 15-17 years by now ? remember him looking very promising.

      2. Hmmm Pietro Tomaselli is actually only 16 years old by now and without a contract since this summer since he left roma.

  2. Yes! Let’s keep an eye on him, and when he turns 18 – 19 year old, let’s sell him to Sassuolo like we did with Locatelli… and other very promising young players… And buy from France similar ones

    1. You can argue that milan shouldnt have sold locatelli sure and i for one wouldnt accept our players blackmailing us but fact is that the club actually wanted to keep him and then loan him out but the player refused that approach and only wanted to join sassuolo even when there was a few other clubs interested. Thereby he cost us money because as there was only one club in his mind. Funny when we all know that sassuolo and his current club juventus have been working closely for years. Locatelli would propably have done a donnarumma sooner or later as he professed his childhood love for the old hag when he joined them. Is that really a player you would like around ac milan i for one certainly wouldnt want him here if thats his attitude,

      1. Exactly. Locatelli only ever wanted Juventus and he knew that moving to Sassuolo permanently would put him on the road to them. So kudos to him for the well executed strategy, but that chapter is now closed and I’m not losing any sleep over it.

        1. Seems likely it always was the plan but cant say im losing any sleep over it either but after his stunt back when he left us i havent really wanted him back or liked him for that matter.

    2. With Locatelli, I think he won’t be the same player he is now if he played for us. At that time he simply lack game time at our side, the manager didn’t trust youngster enough and that put a brake in his development, especially as I think played day in day out in Sassuolo with less expectations is what make him the player he is now.

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