Theo offers update on Milan future ahead of EURO 2024: “Stay or leave, we will see”

By Ben Dixon -

Theo Hernandez is often at the heart of AC Milan’s successes, and this summer, he will be at the heart of a transfer battle. Interest is high in the Frenchman, and there are possibilities of a future without the left-back – he has given an update on his future this morning. 

It is a difficult situation to look at for Milan. The Rossoneri are not wanting to sell, but if an offer too good to refuse arrives, it puts them in between a rock and a hard place. Of course, parting with a player like Theo would be a substantial loss, given he is a player that no club wants to lose, but how much can the club feasibly reject?

His importance to the Diavolo is very evident, and Paulo Fonseca sees him as a vital part of his project, but whether he will have the opportunity to build around him is yet to be seen. With the noise surrounding him, Theo spoke to the press at France’s training camp, and his words have been relayed by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’m focused on the European Championship. Whether I’ll stay at AC Milan or not, we’ll see later. A return to Spain? At the moment, I’m not thinking about it yet.”

His role on the pitch…

“We are working on different things. I like attacking and I love the offensive phase. With the coach, we have tried out various situations. I have made progress in the defensive aspect. When I arrived at AC Milan, I wasn’t very on the ball defensively. Now it’s better, but I prefer attacking.”

On the rivalry with Dumfries, given that France will face Holland on the second day and given that the two have pinched each other in derbies

“I will remain calm. What has happened is in the past. If I run into him, I’ll say hello without any problem”

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  1. “I’m focused on the European Championship. Whether I’ll stay at AC Milan or not, we’ll see later. A return to Spain? At the moment, I’m not thinking about it yet. An icy shower for the Milan fans and perhaps for the club.”

    So… Was the last sentence said by Theo or added by the author? The quotation marks now suggest Theo said it. Makes a helluva difference whose words those are. Just sayin’… 😉

    1. « Je suis focalisé à 100% sur l’Euro. Si je dois rester à Milan ou partir, on verra après. Rejouer en Espagne ? Non, je n’y pense pas encore. Je suis concentré sur l’Euro. »

      I wondered also so I checked. The last sentence is obviously from the author.

    1. And we didn’t receive an offer yet. Story will be different when/if we receive an offer. Also you have to consider Theo’s demands for renewal.

  2. This interview reveals the true state of affairs. He is clearly seriously considering leaving, and we have to accept that. Of course, nobody wants to lose such a player, but we have to remember that he is neither the first nor the last big name to lose! If we look at it from the positive side, the club’s management would receive a lot of money for his transfer, which can later be wisely invested in the team.

    1. And what our management will do with this money? Buy another Theo? There are literally 2-3 LB his class. Its very very different from Tonali.

  3. I was damn sure he is thinking that and he actually went and said it openly. Of course he’s gonna say that . He’s 26 – he wants to win titles – league, cups, champions league, club World Cup and Milan with its constant rebuilding which is gonna continue for years ahead won’t be able to offer that . Let’s not mention the salary

  4. Next time someone asks why we’re Inter’s wh*re, remember, they extended with both of their star players for a salary up to 9 million + bonuses. We on the other hand, sell them as soon as they want more than what RedBrid are willing to give them although we are financially sound.

    Media will paint our players bad for wanting what RedBird cannot (won’t) give them, forcing to leave and the sheep flock will sing along.

    1. Exactly. This isn’t champion’s tram we are building here. Lets make no mistakes about it. RedBird does not want us to be on par with Real, where we should have been and where we were all the time). Its really really sad.

      1. Can we get some things down to a basic level so everyone can understand!? In order for any club in Europe to be equal with Real Madrid, it must first and foremost be equal with income, which is not easy at all. While we had a great enthusiast and patron of Berlusconi, we built the name and brand of Milan by buying almost all the players that the then coaches wanted. And we had results. Today M. City or PSG do the same. The club has income, but someone has to pay for such a “luxury” for the most part out of their own pocket! if you think that today’s club owners will spend tens of millions of euros extra of their money like Silvio, you are badly mistaken!

    2. It is a situation purely made by ownership.

      We had 2 years since our scudetto win to add the 2 or 3 signings we needed, instead we have gone backwaards.
      Theo will not wait forever to win trophies.

      Aside from the fact they wont offer him an appropriate wage or come out and say he is not for sale. They are just waiting to cash in.

      Add that to the fact Maldini the legend who brought him in is gone and Pioli.

      He must be wondering why stay?

      How very very sad for such a club to behave like a midtable feeder club

    3. Inter has better players, for sure, but Milan as a club is in much better position than Inter. Our revenues are higher, we’re growing faster, no debts… financially competent owners. I would trade the quality of our squads but I would never trade the current quality of our clubs.

      1. LOL, you’re buying the Redbird fanboys bs.
        They are now owned by the people they owed money to, very wealthy people.
        People who have already extended Lautaro and Barella.
        Oaktree have done more for inter in 2 weeks than Redbird has done for Milan in 2 years.

        1. Right, because not like Milan renewed Leao – one of the most valuable players in the league.

          Theo’s reveal will also be sorted out unless he chooses to leave. Mike, I’m not sure. But it doesn’t sound like we HAVE to sell anyone.

          Also this club spent a lot last summer and is after concrete targets this summer to actively improve this team. All the positions that we agree need help.

          What else are the damn Americans not doing?

          Seems like a to a lot of the fans here it doesn’t even matter what steps the management is taking – nothing will ever be good enough.

          God Forbid someone actually approves of what the management has done – it’s automatically “fan boys” and “are they paying you” LOL!!!

          “Us against them” mentality… So primitive.

  5. A bit worrying. As I can’t recall when was the last time Theo spoke about any chance to leave Milan so openly. Well, it’s understandable tho. Players don’t care about how good the club is in its financial book. They care about the club’s project and motivation to win.

  6. Ciao Theo! It’s been great and we love you!

    I’m guessing there will no major trophies until the new stadium is built and redbird sell the club…

    We can hope for the best as always but this is a reality we all need to get used to.

    Its a sad thing to not improve as much as possible and just hope everyone else shits their beds worse than us


  7. He still have 2 years contract . He will stay unless 100m euro or more offer are coming from abroad. If he want to leave , there is nothing ACM can do . Give him same salary with leao but 5 years contract till his age 31 , if he still refuse then it is up to management

  8. Ultimately if he wants to go, you can’t blame him. Ours is more a long term project by the looks of it while he would probably like to win since trophies in his prime. Real or Bayern aren’t more likely to win CL before we do.

    Milan have no need to sell him but if someone tables a big enough offer and Theo wants a new challenge then best of luck to him. Nothing Milan can do about it.

    1. There’s another way. Ridiculous as it sounds but still – offer him an improved salary?

      I mean the bankrupt yet winning club from across the street did it with their stars. And with the new ownership.

      But in the end, as I said, the sheep flock will sing along to the written scenario – he wants to leave.

      1. I second this.
        It’s not like he’s gonna come out and say that he wants to leave because we don’t want to improve his salary. Also the “project” that brought him in is no longer here, neither Maldini, Massara or even Elliot are here, now it’s a bunch of new people with a different vision and that so far are unproven and have yet to win a title.
        So if his salary isn’t improved and the project that brought him in is no longer here, and add to that that this direction doesn’t seem to care about winning a title for the next couple of years, why exactly would he want to stay ?

  9. “ Real or Bayern aren’t more likely to win CL before we do.”

    I hope you meant to say “ARE” and not “aren’t’” – or we will mistake you with that donkey @Boulden or @Goku lol😂😂😂

  10. “Ours is more of a long term project”

    Hmmm…..with players in their prime like Theo, Mike, Rafa, etc….and one year removed by a semi-final UCL appearance and Ibra’s own words about wining NOW – the question is: WHY exactly are we a more long term project?

    1. Because they aren’t purchasing established players like ManCity and Real that are all in their primes playing together.

      We buy “projects” which is what both Theo and Leao were when we brought them in. And our projects don’t “prime” at the same time all at once.

      So we get players in to develop and improve together and play at their peak, while the next batch of projects matures and develops and the torch gets passed.

      Does that make sense? Or did I confuse?

      1. Camavinga, Mendy, Vini, Rodrygo all weren’t established stars when Madrid bought them but they paid for their potential and for the next cycle of winning. This was durig the end of Cr7 era into that bit of a ‘lull’ peirod to regroup. This is how it’s done. Real can buy an established player here or there because they set a foundation/backbone. While we break up our backbone to constantly reconstruct the core of the team. What we should be doing or should have done last year was to add to the existing set of players. Not dismantling the team. If any of Theo, Leao and Mike somewhat goes the team looks extremely far removed from the core title winning side of just a couple seasons ago.

        At some point we have to figure what we are doing in terms of paying for players and not BS the fans. Are we going to up the cap so we keep our core in tact or are we just going to be churning anytime a high offer comes in or lose a player because they demand a salary closer to market value? The latter is probably closer to our reality and clearly spells out the jeopardy it puts whatever ‘project’ we have. Churning is not a project.
        I believe this management fails in terms of not keeping pace with the increased value of the squad. They simply don’t want to pay for improvement in value of labour and that’s not how economics work.

  11. I told y’all, Maldini leaving and Tonali being sold, changed a lot of players attitudes toward the club. You never studied sports managerment or psychology if you think these guys will just stay professional and keep working unbothered. On paper that is what it is supposed to be. In real life, it can’t be further from the truth. They see their best midfileder, on the cheapest wages, with the most potential, who accepted a crap salary, who did so to be a solid teammate as a core member for years to come who will give them a chance to win, be sold. The CHEAPEST AND HIGHEST POTENTIAL, AMOUNG THE YOUNGEST IN THE SQUAD. THE MESSAGE IS WE WANT MONEY, PROFITS, NOT VICTORY. The money they spent with his sale, was supposed to be spent without it over the last 3 years, which they underspent given the lack of strength in the team. We had the financial means and ability to do so, with no willingness. 65 million euros more over the last 3 years, wouldn’t have been overindulgence.

    The message is clear from management to players :”we ask you to take low ball contracts not to build a stronger team, keep all our best players and reward your loyalty, HARDWORK, we do it to make higher profit margins then will run you into the ground without getting you any closer to winning. Get injured, overworked, low pay, get embarrassed, as long as we smile about our sustainability on budget day, we don’t care.”


    You can tell they were not emotionally or mentally invested in Milan anymore. Recurring injuries, half ass efforts, distracted performances, are all signs of athletes who are disenchanted with their employer.

    1. Yea no, the CAPS definitely get your point across better. Maybe put everything in caps next time. No one will dare argue with you.

      1. The caps were clearly for emphasis and if you bothered to read instead of getting your panties in a bunch you’d understand the point being made. I don’t know what it is about when people critique certain aspects of the owners/management (real management, not Ibra, Maldini and co) that bothers people so much.

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