MN: Three reasons why missing out on Renato Sanches is not a failure for Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s failure to sign Renato Sanches cannot be viewed as a failure on the part of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara, a report claims.

According to what Franco Ordine has written in his column for MilanNews, there are several factors that meant Maldini and Massara were always up against it in their pursuit of Renato Sanches.

Firstly, the player made it clear that he wanted Paris Saint-Germain as soon as they expressed an interest in signing him, given Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos are there. It was immediately clear that Sanches was even willing to wait for PSG to thin out the squad so they could sign him.

Secondly, the characteristics of the Portuguese do not exactly coincide with those of Franck Kessie – who he would be replacing – and thus the directors could now find an alternative who is actually more useful.

Thirdly, the many injury problems that the 24-year-old has suffered during his spells at Bayern Munich and now at Lille suggest that paying €6m net per season and compromising the wage ceiling would have been a big risk.

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  1. Yeah . OK. LOL
    Not getting something that you worked for almost a year to get is by definition a FAILURE.
    All of the 3 reasons mentioned in the article are just excuses to make people feel better for that failure

    1. Yeah, the media worked on this rumour for a year, it must be suck for them it did not ended up as they predicted.

      And guess what, Maldini worked on CDK transfer for 2 years without media noticing until the last month.

      1. Milan worked on this deal for almost a year. That was confirmed even by Lille president.
        Milan wanted Renato Sanches, FAILED to say him. It is what it is. We move on to the next one

          1. Having an agreement or not is not up for discussion. You keep saying that Milan wasn’t interested in Sanches but it was all media creation

          2. No agreement doesn’t mean that there’s no effort in getting him in the first place. Surely there’s approach by Milan and not just a media rumour.

          3. Pushed by Mendes to get better deal from PSG and used by Letang to make an auction to get more money from PSG.

            Every club directors talks to multiple agents, asking for multiple players. All of them are interest. But not all of them result in concrete offer.

            Just look at CDK. The agent confirm that Arsenal, Newcastle, West Ham, and Barcelona are also interested but they didn’t make concrete offer, only Leeds and Milan made concrete offer.

          4. Whatever the reason, background, output, etc, we did work for this deal and it’s not just rumour blatantly spread by media. We’ve been following him since last year. If you look carefully, all things changed when Galtier and Campos hired at PSG.

        1. Milan had an agreement with Lille on the price. They had an agreement with the player on the salary. Suddenly PSG shows up and offers more than double the salary. Player gets heart eyes for PSG. Not sure this is a “failure”. Doesn’t matter how long the club negotiated for. It’s clear the player wanted more money, and when Milan offered more than Lille he jumped on it, and when PSG offered more than Milan he jumped on that. This is the article’s first point. The second point is the only weak one. The third is 100% correct. 6m for a player with that kind of injury history would be devastating for us should he go down for half a season. Think Ramsey at Juventus. It’s how these things go and not a “failure”. Otherwise every time one doesn’t get what one wants it is a failure. Which means you probably fail every day, because nobody gets what they want every day unless they lie, steal or cheat.

          1. There was no agreement. The media who said Milan have 15m offer on Lille table quickly change to say Milan only have 10m left in the budget as soon as Sanches-PSG confirmed.

    2. Exactly @Coco. This is just more SPIN but out by ownership. It’s from MilanNews – what else is he supposed to say? We failed?? Are we to believe M&M we’re not aware of his injury history or that he wasn’t a direct replacement for Kessie?? LOL. Come on man. More BS from ownership. Never ends.

      1. It’s called risk factor. Of course they know his injury history, and they priced that in to the offer. It’s how insurance works for example. Higher risk means higher premiums. Milan won’t pay the premium for the risk. Simple as that. And of course you ignore the fact that no other clubs seem to have been interested in Sanches. He was so “cheap” at 15m and 6m salary per year that all the big guns were lining up to get him. No, it’s just that PSG has money to burn. Literally. I bet the sheikh lights his cigars with $100 bills.

        I’m beginning to think you’re a Juventus or Inter fan come to troll on a Milan site. You never have a single positive thing to say.

  2. 6m a season for someone that has averaged 22 games for the last 3 season is way too much, and in 67 matches for the last 3 seasons he has failed to play a full 90 minutes in 40 of those matches, the player looks good in his youtube clips and has obvious talent, but he wants 6m to sit on a bench watching football, good luck to him at psg.

    1. He only play full 90 minutes in 27 league matches across 3 seasons? That’s just 9 times per season he play full 90 minutes league match. 😰

  3. To be fair, they’re just cross posting an article. On the other hand, still feels like a lost to us. Considering the time we spent chasing this guy, just like Botman. Sanches might not be an ideal replacement for Kessie, but he has a vast experience playing in double pivot under Galtier back then.

    1. Time without effort. If you want to see effort, just look at CDK saga.

      Botman might be wondering why Maldini went all out for someone outside of big 5 league, increasing the offer by more than 10m but refuse to do so for him.

      Furthermore, Maldini personally called CDK, asking him to wait when he was still finalising his own contract renewal (the agent just revealed it). Apparently, Botman never get this kind of call which explain why he didn’t wait until Maldini renew.

      1. You do know that on the previous winter mercatto we offered Sanches too right? Around 20 mil. ish and even Sanches himself admitted he’s approached by Milan and Arsenal. Same case with this summer window as we couldnt reach an agreement on his salary too back then. All in all, there surely was an effort. We can see all news reporting Milan waited for his decision. Precious time when we could seek for someone else.

        As Botman, because Maldini really knows the exact budget of this TW and it’d be washed up if he got Botman. Time to make a priority and I’m happy with the choice he made. Pretty sure he’d get Botman in a blink of an eye if we have the budget to do so. Also don’t forget that the agents played a big role as they did push Maldini in a ‘now or never’ style.

        And all of these efforts on CDK were revealed after the transfer had gone thru. What we don’t hear (and it’s logical) is all the efforts on those who didn’t go thru.

  4. If a player prefer another team it not a failre for Milan,those who has left it is not the failure for Milan,if Milan hasnt got enough money to buy big player it not a failure,lets prepare for the match to come with the players who plays with their heart for Milan,Milan for ever,let the hatter they will never succeed,God bless Milan and all who loves Milan.

  5. For me it is not failure ,i say we lucky dodge the bullet like in the past that idiot fassone mirabelli offer 60m euro for one season wonder striker but lucky torino presiden greedy want 100m euro and that striker renew 5 years stay on torino,imagine if that bid accepted we will be in more debt because fassone mirabelli buy player using debt . Back to topic, Renato get 6m euro nett from mbappe FC of course we will be stupid if matching that salary offer

  6. It is not a failure considering Maldini & Moncada doesn’t seem that active to get the deal done compare to CDK.

  7. It is what it is. Just move on. No need to argue each other about this player. Its useless. Let him be whatever in PSG. Who care…

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