Thuram on deciding to join Inter instead of Milan: “I know why I did it”

By Isak Möller -

Marcus Thuram were in talks with AC Milan for quite some time but eventually decided to join Inter, who came knocking at the last minute. In a recent interview, he acknowledged that the decision wasn’t popular. 

Giorgio Furlani was in talks with Thuram and his entourage for around 20 days, but Inter swooped in at the last minute and secured the Frenchman’s services. It should be noted, however, that Milan never reached an agreement with Thuram on the salary (which they deemed too high).

In today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport, as cited by our colleague at, Thuram opened up about the decision to join Inter and acknowledged that the Milan fans might boo him in the derby.

“Eh, the Milan fans will certainly be angry with me. Everyone makes their own choices, and I know why I did it. I’m not worried about the boos that will come my way. It’s a derby anyway, the boos would have come in any case,” he stated.

Since they missed out on Thuram, Milan have worked with great determination on the mercato and eventually decided to sign Noah Okafor for the No.9 role instead. Based on the salary demands of Frenchman, the Swiss striker is actually cheaper all things considered.

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  1. Just imagine what this guy is saying. Booing you for what?,we dont even know you are existing anymore,no milan fan will give you an attention you are looking for,because we got players far better,we dont have your time.

    1. Do we really care!, We are concerned with Red and Black, this guy will do what his Dad did whilst he was in Seria A, watch AC Milan win things and consistently break records!!!

      2nd generation Seria A looser 😂

  2. I laugh very hard, literally, after read his words. As a fan, I don’t really see that not having him is such a loss. He valued himself too high.

  3. In my books I only know of one Thuram that deserves respect, you have to earn the boos my friend and Milan jersey. Last time I checked there is only one team that is ahead of us with legacy and that is a team called Real Madrid. Don’t worry you did good, piicked colours that suit you and within your level.

  4. Originally I would have said Milan would have been better for his career but with Lukaku and Inter falling out he does have a great opportunity to make a partnership with Martinez and get a lot of playing time there, whilst living in the same city and making even more money. Obviously I hope he struggles in the derby but otherwise fair play to him.

  5. LOL. Booing him would imply we missed out on something. The only thing we missed out on was overpaying an overrated player. So no boos. No reaction.

  6. That’s okay, we need an interesting derby. Without Lukaku’s style, Lautaro will never be a major Threads. Thiaw will put Thuram in his pocket, anyway.

  7. ok, ok, calm down people — i like Noah Okafor a lot and think it’s a good signing; but obviously all of you Thuram haters didn’t watch much Bundesliga. He’s really good and was in a much higher quality league than the Austrian league where Okafo played. I of course hope Okafor ends up better than Thuram; but I don’t think he is.

  8. Dude is talking like he was a hot commodity around the globe🤣. My guy, you fell off the map for 4 seasons and only got offers when you were a free transfer. Nobody wanted to pay anything for you. The definition of Mid

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