TMW: Al Hilal prepare super offer for Leao as Milan refer to €175m clause

By Ben Dixon -

Ahead of the mercato’s opening at the end of the month, a report has suggested that a Saudi Arabian club is preparing an astounding offer for AC Milan star Rafael Leao.

Interest in stars is always expected, but whether a club will be able to afford the player in question is always the following question, and until now, the release clause of Rafael Leao has been enough for clubs to turn their nose up at a deal.

However, there is now an interested party who could match the valuation that Milan are requesting. According to a report from TMW, Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal are preparing an offer for Leao, and they could send a proposal in the next few weeks.

The position of the Rossoneri is clear, though. If a club wants to buy Leao, they will be told the same as other interested parties – you must pay the release clause inserted into the Portuguese winger’s contract, anything else will not be taken into account.

For Leao, he will not focus on anything other than Euro 2024, and neither will Milan, anything will have to wait until after the tournament, but this does give the Saudi club time to arrange a new proposal.

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    1. @Pirlo’s shinpads.
      I’m not against the sale of Rafa especially for that amount, that’s beautiful money.
      I just have a question on the diva part, and I’m not fighting in any way, just asking.
      Where was this guy a diva? Which negative headlines has he been covered in?
      Reason I’m asking is, we see so many of his peers( Rashford, Sancho etc) you know that type of footballer, young, extremely rich, fashion, music orientated, Tatoos, that type.
      Apart from on field criticism, which is totally warranted, I’ve never seen this boy drag the clubs name through the mud, his actions off the field have never embarrassed us… unless I might have missed the story.

      Outside of the field, he has his interests. Music, fashion, etc… but he’s never been reported drunk, causing chaos in the dressing room, disrespecting fans, or anything else.

      Where is the diva in him? Where has he shown this diva side?

      1. I feel like what you’re describing is a teoible maker. Diva doesn’t cover all that, as I see it anyway.

        That said, I don’t know Diva is what I would call Leao. He’s a team player and while he could easily work harder on tracking back, he still puts in a shift on the wing, also defensively.

        I do feel he is a divs in the sense that he cannot be counted on week in and week out. He’ll be a top player against PSG, but then completely invisible against Salernitana.

        That, to me, speaks to an attitude issue.

        The fact that his body language “let’s him down” as Puoli out it just isn’t a good enough excuse. The fact that he tries the extravagant often is beautiful when he pulls it off, but unlike, say, Kaka or Dinho, he isn’t making the extravagant work for his game. We’re never surprised when he tries it, bit with Dinho, you weren’t surprised when he pulled it off. I am every time Leao gets it right, sad but true

        1. I hear you @Vinnie, so I guess the diva word depends on each person’s interpretation. When I think of diva, I think of high maintenance, petulant players that ‘do what they feel like’ from time to time.
          Someone like Aubamayeng when he was sold by Arsenal for example. I know he has his own version of things which we won’t know of course, for me, except any on field laziness from time to time, I would not label him as a diva. Another word yes, but diva? I don’t think so.
          That’s just my interpretation of a diva. I wouldn’t consider him as one… yet anyway

    2. What do f the management sell Leao and don’t invest the money back in the squad, I for 1 regret us selling Tonali

    3. You don’t know what a diva is. Does Leao turn up late for training? Spend most nights in clubs? Pay thousands to fly in his own hairstylist? No, he doesn’t. You show you have ZERO understanding of what the term actually means.

      1. They can go together then. Maybe form that gorgeous partnership in Saudi too! Milan shouldn’t reject anything at and over 150 for Leao.

          1. Puli to the left side, finally give Chuk consistent play on the right and see what he has to offer. Otherwise, puli to the right like last season, give Okafor some time on the left and bring in a world class striker

          2. The best available players that are happy to represent Milan. Don’t get me wrong I want both to stay and think Theo deserves 8m salary but there’s not much else one can do if the player genuinely wants to leave (especially when triggered by Milan selling his friend – Leao). I hope he’s willing to play for Milan tho.

          3. I dunno, but if Leao is sold for 175m, and Theo is sold for 85m, that is 260m added to 70m already earmarked. So almost 350m to replace them and also reinforce at least three other positions (ST, DM, CB) with crack players, at an average of 70m per player. Lower that average to 58M and you’d be able to score a 58M RB too, with some pocket change. I’m not necessarily hoping for this, but selling two players to get six 58M players implies a team on par with just about anyone (putting aside cohesion for a moment). Just saying, from a theoretical standpoint.

          4. @Vero Rossonero:
            What you’re saying is true but the cohesion part is not to be underestimating. PSG has pretty much always a team where each player can be valued on average 60M yet they’re pretty dissapointing in Europe and even manage not to always win the Ligue 1. There is a reason why many of us don’t want many changes in one season. It’s better to reinforce key positions and try to maintain our best players. We can always improve others positions through the years.
            But again it’s all speculation, the truth is if Leao wants to accept the saudis offer (if it’s true), there is not much we can do about it.

    1. Zirkzee and sesko for leao you are crazy if we lost leao his replacement must be kvaratskhelia of Napoli and Gyokeres that is the statement we can accept

      1. Whatever money Leao is sold for that’s what De Laurentiis will ask Milan for Kvaratskhelia. People day dreaming thinking that Milan can get Kvara.

        1. We can, when his contract runs out. That if Galliani still in helm tho. Just have a lunch at the Gianinno then someone come for free. 🤣

        2. Napoli have come out and said he isn’t for sale but what do you do with a player that doesn’t want to stay there?

          Plus Conte’s requests don’t come cheap. ADL will need money for what is asked of him. if he can get he’ll by selling Kvara, I don’t see why he wouldn’t cash in.

          But then again, we’re talking about ADL. No one knows what goes through his head.

          1. I’m not saying that he won’t be sold, I’m saying he will be sold for at least 100 million and Milan isn’t paying that, so I don’t understand why are people bringing up signing him. PSG already offered 100 mil for him and was turned down.

      2. Nope. I’d take Chiesa from Juventus at 50M and use the rest to add to our warchest of 70M to get a better CB, DM and striker than the ones we’re looking at currently. Going from an 8 to a 7 (rating out of 10) at LW, but going from a bunch of 6s at CB, DM and striker to even just 7s is way better than replacing the 8 and keeping the 6s. 7 average > 6.5 average and this will translate to more points in the long run.

      1. I’d take that. Plus he may not quite fit into Contes set up. Was thinking of Joao Felix but Kvara would be better. I think Leao should stay in a normal scenario but that money would too good to turn down when certain replacements are affordable.

        1. Trust me Joao Felix is both ass and not a lw he’s not good unless it’s at second striker or a cam. Even then I’d still want to keep Leao

        1. Yep, this. And then you’d be able to allocate more budget to striker, DM and CB, so that we’re definitely talking about Buongiorno (or even someone better) and not some rando from France, for example.

  1. I doubt he would want to leave European soccer at this stage of his career. No chance of that happening…he might be swayed by a PSG or Man C though…

        1. It’s called football and should stay like that, only Americans think that if they call something different everyone should do the same

          1. I’m sorry that’s inaccurate, the term massively predates the adoption by Americans. Also, for all you know, Forza AC is in fact American. Should he temper his dialect on here to appease you?

      1. Not sure which nationality you are but I hope you are English otherwise you can screw yourself for claiming a right to a language that you didn’t help invent. Arsehole… hope your head still hurts from blowing your top.

    1. Yep, agree – it’s silly money. Too silly to turn down as much as we love him. I thought he said he wasn’t interested in ruining his career out in the desert but stranger things have happened.

      1. Bingo. Leao out, Chiesa in.

        For the numbers being discussed it’s a smart business deal, as talented as they are both have their faults. Leao is inconsistent and Chiesa is injury prone, but we’d have a like for like replacement and a *Lot* of cash to strengthen the side.

        1. I’ll rather have an inconsisten player who I can count on to play 90%+ of the games than an injury prone player.
          Choesa can go to Roma

          1. Sure, but it’s not a 1:1 swap. It’s probably €125mn delta in there. That makes a big difference.

            I agree if it was just one or the other, or we had Saudi money, then keep Leao. But chiesa is a v v good winger, would provide goals and assists (yes he might only play 30 instead of 45 games).

            But we could lock in 2 quality CBs + midfielders. Much stronger side overall.

            In any case it’s likely a moot point, Leao prob doesn’t want to go to ReAl-Hilal at this stage of his career.

        2. Lauriente from Sassuolo would be my choice over Chiesa. Juventus will ask at least 40 mil for Chiesa while Lauriente can be had for 15 or less and he provides goals and assists.

    2. If someone offers 175M€ Milan has no say in the matter. Even if Cardinale himself shouted “DO NOT SELL!!!” no one could do anything about it. That’s what a release clause does.

  2. The random spin of ‘which player shall we link to Saudi Arabia today?’ wheel pointed out way in the office today I see. Next…

  3. Well the money would be fine for us but if Leao really would be so daft to ruin his career at such an young age playing there then I would personallyl lose any respect i ever had for him as a sportsman but I seriously doubt he is so dumb and he would be in his good right to refuse such move.

    1. We have no guarantees that the entire sum received will be reinvested in the squad and not swallowed up by the owners etc.

      We have a settled squad only but players that can improve us, for defence get Bungornou or Califori otherwise why get anyone

      For midfield get Rabiot, Fofana or Wafler

      Upfront we have Jovic, Okafor get a top level striker or unleash Camarda just like Barce and Spsin have unleashed the younger Lamal

      1. Yeah but in the end if Milan really did get 175 mil euros offer from Al Hillal then the club wouldn’t even be able to reject it as it would be up to the player to decide as its his release clause but I would be seriously dumfounded if he chose money above his career but yeah no guarantees that the money would be fully reinvested again either. I would expect a great deal of it though. like 120-30 mil or something but hope he stays with us.

        Yeah team needs a few additions here and there and the team would be better equipped to compete, Im ok with those you mentioned but think it will do camarda good to mostly play with the u23 next season so we definitely should get a marquee striker signing as i see it.

      2. “We have no guarantees that the entire sum received will be reinvested in the squad and not swallowed up by the owners etc.”

        We can definitely be sure the 175M€ wouldn’t end up in the owners’ pockets. Why? They’d lose more than they’d gain. Plus it’s a fund – not an individual owner. Even in theory, the money would be shared in case they “cash in”. They’re not that stupid when it comes to handling assets. They will do their best to INCREASE the value of their asset and “cashing in” would only do the opposite.

        So… Yeah… No fear of owners taking their share of the potential 175M€.

  4. In all seriousness i would definitely sell him – hell i would even sell for 120 mil! But for 175 u can get Kvara and/or Chiesa, a good technical attacking midfielder, a proper RB (not F -ing E.ROYAL) and ofcourse Fofana and Weilandt

  5. You can’t turn that down, but he wouldn’t go there, surely.

    I’m choosing to assume he’ll be here this season and also choosing to assume he’s going to be phenomenal.

    1. I don’t think moving to Italy would be the smart choice for Vini if that’s the issue he has with the Spanish fans.
      Also, Vini is currently the best player in the world who plays for the biggest club in the world. If Leao gets sold for 125 or more add another 100 mil what would Vini cost.

      1. Vini is not going anywhere. If Carlo is worth his salt, and I think he is, he’ll switch to a 4-2-3-1 with Vini on the left, Rodrygo on the right, Mbappe up top and Bellingham in the hole. It will be the most fearsome attack in club football. Kroos and Modric are out of contract, so there is your central midfield decluttering. Camavinga, Tchouameni, Valverde and Ceballos for the double pivot rotation. Perfect.

  6. hope he stay, but if he leave for Saudi, put 1st option to buy, usually players go to Saudi for sort contract (3y) we can buy him back cheaper in his 2nd year or free after his 3rd

  7. If I remember correctly Kvaratskhelia has a release clause of €90 million. Replace Leao with Kvara (whose agent/father has been criticising Napoli for no CL and many coach replacements) and spend the extra 65 Million on a striker like Sesko or Gyokeres.

  8. Great offer, if Leo + Theo yields 250m, then we can buy
    Zirkzee, Bunog, chiesa and udogie and still 100 m in pocket

  9. Yeah it’s just the reporters isn’t just daydreaming. 175 mil is huge. Even 160 mil with SMS conterpart is acceptable. We can sign wieffer, calafiori, kvara, guirassy and zee with ease

  10. Next years lineup
    Mbabbpe, cr7, r. Lewandowski, pulisc
    Zirkzee,chiesa, kvara, rienjders. Luka modric,
    Theo, Virgilvandik, tomori

  11. For $175m I would sell….with all respect to Leao….any players for that kind of money? Sell…with the money you can buy 3 or 4 top quality players to make up for just 1 Leao. Look at Sandro sale?

  12. I think if Al Hillal want it, give it Leao, use pulisic or okafor at left, n chukuweze at right. If doesnt get Zirkzee, optimize colombo n renewal jovic. Fund From Leao can used recruit wiefer n bougiorno.

  13. The last thing Milan would do is blow the €175 on stars. It doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for any of the teams that have sold players for huge sums in recent years, Hazard and Bale come to mind. The best strategy would be to keep the same targets and bank the money for the future.

  14. I Will take the €175M, then Zirkzee operation is a must. LW we Will put Pulisic & RW we have Chukwueze, who hopefully in his best in 2nd season.

    Then buy RW wonderkids for depth like : Simone Pafundi ?

    And Jovic is good for STC backup, Camarda should be the 3rd choice for STC.

  15. Wtf are you folks babbling about? You say sell and get crack players like Kvara or Rodrygo for that money but forgot that such players will want more than “5 millions + bonuses to reach 7 millions cause salary cap” wage.

    Wake tf up.

  16. Im pretty sure this is going to happen,its smth I actually predicted and hoped.Sell his lazy ass and bring Chiesa that has work&team ethic and some real “gangsta” bomber.

  17. Maignan; Royal, Tomori, Calafiori, Theo; Reinders, Fofana; Chieza, Pulisic, Kvara; Zirkzee


    Royal-Calabrian, Tomori-Thiaw, Calafiori-Simic, Fofana-Benaccer, Theo-Jimenez, Reinders-Ruben, Chieza-Chukwueze, Pulisic-Adli, Kvara-OKAFOR, Zirkzee-Jovic

  18. I would love to sell Leao, Theo and Maignan. Thats generate a beautiful money man.. with the scouting expert like Moncada & co , milan can rebuild the squad with low budget salary. That is the milan tagline now: buy cheapest and sold the most.

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