TMW: Atalanta show interest in Belgian midfielder but Milan have a condition

By Euan Burns -

Serie A side Atalanta have shown a serious interest in signing Charles De Ketelaere from AC Milan but there is a reason why a deal could be tough, a report claims. 

As has been reported by TMW (via Milan News), La Dea would like to give De Ketelaere a chance to impress in Serie A away from Milan.

The main hitch is that Milan have decided they do not want to lose control of the Belgian midfielder entirely but they are willing to tackle next season without him.

That means they must organise a loan deal in which there is an option for Atalanta to buy De Ketelaere but not an obligation.

It remains to be seen whether Atalanta would be willing to aid his development before seeing him go back to Milan, but other offers from Europe could soon arrive for De Ketelaere.

He joined Milan last summer from Club Brugge but had a poor first season in Italy.

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  1. Just be glad to get rid of him, rarely was there such a massive fail. It is far better to recover most of our investment with a sale even on the offchance of him becoming a 50m player at Atalanta.

    1. Like we did with Paqueta and Locatelli?
      I say give him a chance. In the beginning I saw his true qualities. He has a better potential than Diaz and Diaz wasn’t that great first season yet we kept him 3 season.

      1. They are not that great to be honest and were both showing more than CDK, especially Locatelli (who also forced his way out)

    2. Cdk is a great talent. Remember leao . And other disastrous right wingers. Especially when they started in serie A. Leao was one of the worst . But showed talent and they keep him in the field after four years he is sth now.and also Adöi is great but simply he doesnt like him . He needs to play especially in a big team

  2. He doesn’t seem a player fit for Pioli’s system unfortunately but there’s no guarantee Pioli will be here next season. This said, loan with option would be for the best, he needs playing time away from this pressure. Who knows maybe Milan can even draw a deal with counterparts from Atalanta if they decide to keep him.

  3. Just let him go. You have to know when to cut your losses. He doesn’t fit into this system. Maybe he’ll do better somewhere else but that doesn’t mean he would’ve done so here.

      1. Yes, Pioli is not the most flexible manager, but he has gotten good results, overachieving with the squads he has been given. I’m not for changing the system to suit some unproven kid who doesn’t even look like he wants to be there. Time to move on.

        1. You think Pioli is a good coach based on the results, then you have no idea whar happened. Pioli have a very good squat. If he doesnt use someone he simply doesn’t know what to do . Pioli is a coach that he can simply destroy his team vs lowest ranking team in the table. And he never blame himself and always criticised the players. Next season we will see clearly. I hope we will reach for the champions league

          1. You are delusional. We won the scudetto with probably the 4th best squad in the league. Then after losing starter after starter he still made it to the semi-finals of Champions League with a team with no depth at any position. Inter has a much better squad. Juventus has a better squad. Napoli has a better squad. So yeah, his results have been good considering that.

  4. More to sell: Ballo Toure, Caldara, De Ketelaere, Origi, Rebic, Messias.
    Young send on loan.

    Problem is bringing adequate replacement. Even we can see that except Messias, all players left to be sold are unuseful.

  5. “The main hitch is that Milan have decided they do not want to lose control of the Belgian midfielder entirely but they are willing to tackle next season without him.

    That means they must organise a loan deal in which there is an option for Atalanta to buy De Ketelaere but not an obligation.”

    Their logic is incorrect.

    Giving Atalanta option to buy = Milan lose control over CdK

    I Milan do not want to lose control, they won’t give option to buy, I guess this is the obstacle as Atalanta do not want dry loan.

      1. Obligation to buy means Atalanta must buy him at the end of the season or after reaching certain milestone.

        Option to buy means Atalanta has right to buy for certain fee which Milan can no longer refuse as it has been agreed during the initial loan.

          1. “Option to buy” for Milan means “we’ll haggle the h*ll out of the already negotiated price after the loan is over”. 🙂

  6. Another hilarious thing about the (very serious) “business” of football is how clubs subsidise their direct competitors by loaning or offloading (endless) failed a signings who then perform better for the competitors.

    It’s an all round winning strategy.

    The club has lost millions – MILLIONS – on a failed transfer, the direct competitor acquires the same asset for cheap, and then gets a competitive advantage when said failure suddenly turns out to be the very capable player that everyone thought they were.

    It’s another example of why football is not about “business” but corruption and egos.

  7. Ok , swap him with scalvini . Give atalanta 10% resale value for scalvini or add 5m euro if atalanta want . With this you can get hot prospect italian defender and can sell kalulu . CDK cannot growing under 4231 formation , it is time to move on from CDK

  8. atalanta is smart, they ‘re know how to utilize CdK.the boy is smart, has good vision and technically excellent especially on the ball, and also good goal scrore too.
    their football suits him better, because they’re palying attacking and direct football, but little emphaize to high press (because their style is 1v1 all over the pitch).
    His problems at milan was he lost all his confidence after slow and sluggish start, and doesn’t suit pioli’s 4231

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