TMW: Milan alerted as Berardi will be allowed to leave – Sassuolo cut asking price by €10m

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have learned the asking price they would have to pay in order to land Domenico Berardi from Sassuolo, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of Gazzetta di Modena (via MilanNews) wrote that Berardi is among the options that are being considered by Milan to upgrade the right wing position, and the Italy international has asked to leave the club.

According to the latest from TMW, Berardi returned from winning the European Championships with Italy and asked the Neroverdi to facilitate a summer exit as he wants to try a new challenge. The winger considers his cycle in Emilia closed, and Sassuolo are willing to let him go if they can get €30m for him, having previously asked for €40m.

He would certainly offer more attacking firepower given he netted 17 goals and added 8 assists last season for Sassuolo, having just won the European Championships with Italy too.

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      1. Why do you believe they would want those players instead of cash even if it was paid over a duration time ? milan want 13 mil for those players combined to break even according to reports (conti 5 mil- castillejo 8 mil). Sassuolo usually do some shrewd business buying up players for development and neither of those players fit that bill. In the end theres also the players wages and age so i would be pretty damn impressed if we could facilitate such arrangement.

        1. Yes, I’m also perplexed by people constantly including Conti and Castillejo as makeweights in deals as if these players were some kind of in-demand asset. A bag of peanuts + Daniel Maldini! People are either dumb, or 15 years old and not mature enough to realize this isn’t FM or FIFA.

          1. Yeah its rather hillarious how much those players are hated by the milan fans but still they think other clubs just are waiting in line to strike a deal for them. I wouldnt even offer daniel maldini in any deal so that would also be a big no from me to add him in any sale as i want to see him develop and play within the club for years to come but yeah ive seen that expression as well 😀 FM is a great game series but nevertheless a a game series 😀

    1. Agree we shoulld at minimum try to see if its feasible to strike a deal a bit reminescent of what juventus got for locatelli maybe paying ten mil upfront to lessen the burden next year.

    2. But…we don’t have money to throw. Particularly given the fact we still need an AMC/trequartista, which is arguably a much more pressing need. At the moment we have Saelemaekers, Castillejo, and Florenzi who can all play RW, and only Brahim for AMC. Vlasic and Berardi are both valued at 30mm. The club has already spent 65mm this window (the most in Italy so far). Plus they still have to pay for Adli (10mm?) and something for Bakayoko (not sure he comes if Adli comes though, it may be one or the other). I just don’t see the club spending ~135mm this summer. So I think it’s one or the other and in that case Vlasic is the greater need.

      1. I would argue with Barardi Vlasic becomes less important. I think Barardi is tactically flexible enough to drift across the line and would pair really well with Diaz (as he can and tends to drift to the right). Plus with Barardi Milan could pivot to a 4-3-3 with Kessie and Bennacer flanking Tonali in MF and Ante/Leao Ibra/Olivier and Barardi up front. On paper I like the balance that a line up like that would bring but that’s all hypocritical. I agree Milan probably can’t offer 30 outright but if Sassuolo are open to a loan formula then it becomes much more feasible.

        1. Nelli, the 4-3-3 is all well and good, but of all the possible formations that could have been tried out by Pioli in the last 18 months, I don’t recall the 4-3-3. 4-2-3-1 (effectively a 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 when not in possession), the 4-4-2, and even 3-4-3/3-4-1-2 have been tried. It’s obvious that Pioli prefers two banks of 4 players or a bank of 4 and on of 5 in defense. If we were going to switch to the 4-3-3 there would have been no need to sign Brahim and continue this pursuit of another AMC in the first place. So it’s unlikely to happen. Thus I think Vlasic takes precedence over Berardi, as I said before, because we already have 3 players capable of playing RW, regardless of what their quality might be.

  1. Make it happen please. If we cant sell Conti Samu and Krunic, then we allow them see off their various contracts and leave us in peace.

    1. Sorry Cruzio, I misread your post. I thought you were another of those suggesting some kind of an exchange of the deadwood for Berardi…

  2. Please guys is Milan management seeing our comments? Because if they do, they should at least make us happy with this signing we really need him. I wish we had already got him.

    1. Haha, If Milan management really saw the comments often posted here, they would only offer other clubs exchange deals consisting of our rubbish players for their superstars and the club would find itself millions of euros in debt. I am glad they don’t see these comments nor are they stupid enough to listen to fans.

      1. Your post really shows you aren’t a good milanista. Why would you say such word. Many top teams listen to their fans and make their wish come true. I don’t know how in the world it is wrong for the fans to express their feelings to the club management.

        1. They might to some extend see what people writes but i gotta agree with Honest Truth as they shouldnt follow what we say because that would pretty much imply that they are incompetent in doing their job and frankly regardless of our views we isnt really close to the daily work at the club. Add to that some fans really are living in a bubble of fantasy in regard of shortsighted unrealistic transfers and sales so i deffently think he has a clear point in what he says.

        2. My comment was directed at your views so much as the fantasy world some fans live in as Martin alluded in his world. While fan views are worth considering, we do not have a complete picture nor the expertise required to make informed decisions.

          To also be clear, I have been a Milan fan longer than most of the people posting comments here have been alive. My loyalty to the club should not be in question based on my disagreement to some commenters. I just want people to understand that things are never as simple as it is in video games.

  3. Juve have just confirmed the sign of Locatelli, we shouldn’t be loosing out on players that can improve our team. If we’re to compete with this top teams in Europe, we need proven players like Berardi. please Maldini grant us this one wish please sign Berardi.

    1. Locatelli is also THRILLED to be joining Juventus. “A childhood dream come true”. So I’m not that sorry he’s gone, as he probably would have pulled a worse Donnarumma on us at some point. He was the one that pushed for a straight sale to Sassuolo. Yes, the kid is good and he came up through the youth academy, but alas it seems like he’s always been a Juventus fan at heart. Here’s hoping for a crunching tackle “hello” from Kessie in our next fixture.

  4. Berardi is an average player just like Samu and Alexis.

    There is nothing special about him to deserve 30 or 40Million in this current market.

    We can get Richarlison for 40million

  5. I’d rather have Ikone or Ziyech than Berardi IMO- but who cares we aren’t getting any of them unfortunately lol. I Don’t see us spending 30M on ANY player Berardi included. If we don’t sell Castillejo we cannot sign and nobody wants that trash. Same goes for Krunic and Conti. Our best best was fkn Illic lol and he’s staying. I think we will all be disappointed. Sign Yacine and probably Bakayoko (although we should sign Kamara instead) and that’s probably it until winter transfer window.

  6. Does anyone really think we are going to sign Berardi? Lol. We just asked Florenzi to pay 500k out of his own pocket to force the deal with Roma through…we don’t have any fkn money. This is a dream. Feel bad for Maldini and Massara. Do all the work but no $$ to buy.

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