TMW: Milan made an inquiry but Atalanta starlet’s price tag has already soared

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan recently expressed their interest in the Atalanta centre-back Giorgio Scalvini. However, it looks like it’s already too late for the Rossoneri as an auction likely will take place, a report claims. 

Scalvini has played eight games from start in the league this season and has impressed at the back for Atalanta. Given that he’s just 19 years old, Milan are following his situation with great interest but it might be too late already.

According to TuttoMercatoWeb, Milan did indeed enquire about the centre-back but given the recent success, an action starting at around €30m is now likely. That is too much for the Rossoneri, bar any large sales and investments.

Scalvini isn’t just in the sights of the big Italian clubs, but also big clubs from abroad and that makes the competition very fierce. Given that they already have Fikayo Tomori and Pierre Kalulu, it would be foolish by Milan to spend €30m+ on another centre-back.

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  1. “This is too much” Maybe if we didn’t spend $15 this year on Dest, Origi and Bakayoko’s wages we would have some more money in the bank!

    1. Interesting name, especially when you are criticizing the foolishly spent money on Bakayoko, Origi and Dest.
      That’s Paolo Maldini foolishly spending money. Origi and Bakayoko were signed prior to RedBird even being in the picture.
      Dest was panicked signing.
      You can also add the 3 mil a year he is paying the great Florenzi who has had more surgeries than any actual contributions for Milan

      1. Agreed Poli. We are too scared to criticize Maldini for his foolish decisions just because he was a club legend. MaldiniOut as well!

        1. Not me.
          I’ve been saying it for a while.
          Maldini needs to be moved up give him some position like a vice president, be part of the running the club but Milan should hire a an actual competent sporting director or just promote Moncada who is behind the signings of all those young players that are actually contributing to the team success

        2. Both of you are a disgrace to this club if you arel fans of the club but i sincerely doubt either of you are actual milan fans.

          No mlan fan in their right frame of mind would bash maldini continuously after what he has done for the club both as a player and now as a sport director as poli does and your name redbirdandmaldiniout says it all.

          Be gone trolls.

          1. right.
            Sure Paolo has not had it easy but the things he has done w the Club have been nothing less than excellent. With the budget and Salary ceiling Inter and Juve have we would’ve easily taken Europe by it’s horns and gone deep in UCL as well. Quarters minimum.

          2. I agree abanjo2003 the work maldini has done with us is nothing less than exellent and he could certainly do even better with improved finances. In regard of cl i do believe if we can win our fixtures against tottenham we could very well end up with a pretty favourable draw for the next round as well so im rather optimistic in regard of our european journey already this season, Tottenham is propably small 60/40 favourites though,

        3. RedBird hasn’t even had a transfer window as yet. And Maldini is working with the financial parameters he’s been given. He’s literally squeezing every ounce of his legendary status as much as he can in order to keep players at the club because clearly he’s not been given the reigns to up the wage budget. You don’t like the signings of Theo, Maignan, Tomori, Kalulu, Tonali, Giroud? It goes both ways.

          1. One of the main reasons why Maldini doesn’t have a bigger budget is because he is incapable of selling players. A huge flaw as a sporting director. Most SD’s, especially those who work at a club that is not rich, get their transfer money thru sales, not just hand outs from the owners.
            If someone told you that Milan SD, named Joe Schmo lost 4 of Milan’s best players , worth combined north of 100 mil, for free, you’d would want that SD fired immediately . But because it’s Maldini, let’s pretend that didn’t happen.
            What player is at Milan because of Maldini legendary status besides Theo?
            Tomori? Milan paid 30 mil, not 3 mil, for Tomori after Maldini got turned down by Simakan, Kabak, Todibo, Christensen, Anderson, etc. He could have had Simakan for half that money BTW
            Kalulu? That’s thanks to Moncada
            Maignan? Maldini isn’t scouting GKs, plus he paid 15 mil for a player entering the last year of his contract after he lost Gigio(60-70-80 mil) for nothing.
            Tonali? Everyone is well aware of how Tonali end up at Milan, except the ones who like to lie to themselves and believe in fairy tales.
            Giroud? He is at Milan because he was a fan of the club, wanted to play in Italy, and Milan was the only team providing a starting spot.
            What player that another team wanted has Maldini persuaded to sign with Milan or resign and stay with the club, with the exception of Theo?
            Being a legendary player means nothing if you suck in negotiating, thinking 2 steps ahead, reading the room/situation, even manipulating players, agents, other directors. Being a director requires a diferent set of skills, salesman skills. Most of the best SD’s either were marginal players or never even played football

          2. @IKWYDLS

            You can’t be rational with these ignorants and brainless fans. What they want is quick solution and big result without even thinking Maldini works is very limited because Milan doesn’t have a lot of money.

  2. No, it wouldn’t be foolish at all. Scalvini is 6ft 4in and still growing. He’s excellent in the air, which is Tomori’s biggest weakness. While it would leave Milan short on funds for other areas, Scalvini would mean Milan are set in defence for a decade. He’s potentially a generational talent.

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