TMW: Milan continuing to work on Simic’s renewal amid Premier League interest

By Ben Dixon -

Jan-Carlo Simic has been somewhat revolutionary this year after debuting for the senior side during the defensive injury crisis. Now, AC Milan are working to confirm his future with the club, given Premier League clubs are interested.

The injury crisis harmed Milan’s season, making any success difficult, given the results that ensued with several absences. One positive of the crisis was that Simic was given a chance to play senior football, and he greatly impressed, even scoring on his debut.

Chances in the senior team since have been limited, but he has still been progressing with the Primavera side, and following the Rossoneri’s entry into the Youth League final, Simic took it upon himself to offer his teammates some inspiration about the upcoming final, ensuring that his team remained focused and motivated.

As a result of his rise, several Premier League clubs are interested in him, per reports from TMW (via MilanNews). However, the Diavolo are also working to renew his contract and feel optimistic that the youngster will extend his deal with the club.

With Milan still working on the prospect of an Under-23 team, it is unknown what the path forward for Simic looks like. However, he has already proved he has the quality to progress within the game, and he has shown signs of his leadership skills, which will only make the Rossoneri excited for his future.

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  1. PSG is playing with 2 guys under 18, Zaire-Emery and Mayulu. Barcelona is playing with Yamal and Cubarsi. Guardiola is giving important play time to Lewis and Bobb. Why the heck Milan does not give more play time to this guy? When he played he did well. Even if he makes mistakes, they will not be bigger than those made by Milan’s other defenders. I think he has what is needed to evolve into a top defender. He needs to play regularly to mature though.

    1. Because there’s less pressure on youngsters in France than there is in Italy. Moncada already addressed it.

      Simic will play in the U23 before he joins the senior side unfortunately.

      Although with the right coach…

      1. I think it is primarily due to the coach. There is pressure everywhere, and expectations at Milan are nowhere as much as at MC or Bayern Munich who are regularly making use of young, inexperienced players. Milan needs staff and a coach who can build confidence in young players and help them sustain the pressure while maturing through playing in the Serie A. It is a mainly coach issue. And a club mentality issue as well.

        1. Yes but most Italian coaches especially at bigger clubs hesitate. Then we wonder why the league is overrun with foreigners and Italian youth isn’t developing fast enough.

        2. They won’t play their own team youth players to develop with first but can splash millions youty players abroad. And sell their own youth players for peanuts.

          Is that not stupid of the management.

        3. Yep, look at Juve. Allegri has never been shy at playing youngsters, he also did that at Milan. Barteshagi and Simic are better options than Kjaer or idiotic experiments like the headless chicken Musah at right back.

    2. PSG and M.City are top clubs and can afford to play youngsters in more domestic games, even if they make a mistake they won’t lose points. Also they usually pay a lot more to get the very top youngsters, so Zaire-Emery is not the same as Zeroli, Simic or Bartesaghi. Zaire-Emery has played for France NT and I don’t see many (any?) others French 18 year olds able to do so.

      Mayulu has played only 170 minutes in Ligue 1, and it was in the last 4-5 games after PSG secured the win (e.g. played the last 20 min against Montpellier when the result was 5-2 for PSG). Simic by comparison has played 142 min in Serie A in a lot tighter games with a lot more pressure on the line.

      1. Sorry why are Milan youth players so inferior to players from abroad?

        Is it something in the water?

        Has a football mad country of 60m people with four world cups suddenly forgotten how to play football?

        How are you even rating these youth players since you’ve barely seem them play?

        Are you just going with the judgment of a club that has less than 1% success rate in converting youth players to first team players?

        A club whose former youth team players are playing for our direct rivals?

        I was watching Cutrone’s goals for Milan on YouTube recently and really does defy any logic why we sold him.

        I know he’s not exactly set the world on fire since he left but since mental attributes make up the bulk of the difference between the best and the rest, Milan basically giving up on him at a crucial point of his career didn’t exactly help him reach his potential.

        Look at Gabbia, nobody seriously thinks he’s good enough even though he’s been our best CB for months.

        There’s just this assumption that anyone signed is better. Because we spent money they MUST be worth it. Like expensive perfume or wine.

          1. When did I say he was my idol?

            He’s the manager of my football team.

            And as I’ve said before it’s not Pioli.

            Pioli is not responsible for Darmian playing for Inter. The people who signed the 20 or so full backs in the last 10 years are.

            And it was Maldini of all people who sold Cutrone and crowded out his own son including with the pointless signing of Hauge.

            It’s a systematic problem across Italian football of which the fact that Serie A clubs:

            – engage in the most transfer activity of the top 5 leagues;

            – have the biggest squads;

            – don’t (or can’t because of the above) give youth players a chance.

            Fans clamouring for more doesn’t exactly help either.

          2. “When did I say he was my idol?”
            When you called us all “bad fans” these recent months for criticising Pioli and showing our frustration with his selection and tactics.

          3. I never called you bad fan, but I did criticise people for the constant criticisms of the manager much of which went way past constructive.

            Then there were the people (not you) that actually revelled in defeats. It shouldn’t be controversial to say they’re not fans (good or bad).

  2. That Kjaer starts ahead of Simic is inexcusable. Thiaw has been poor in the second half of the season but he plays because he’s German.

  3. In his debut, dude saved a clear goal, scored one himself then got benched into oblivion for some reason by a bald fraudulent fck. And now management are trying to everything so he never gets a chance by bringing another CB for some reason.

    Tell me again.. why should he renew for peanuts for us when EPL Clubs are interested with offers that feel kingly compared to our empty bag of peanut?

    1. And you’ve evidence EPL clubs have offered more? No, you don’t. If an EPL club comes in for him, chances are because he’ll play.

  4. The fact that even until now, this boy’s contract has not been extended, shows how competent those in the management of this club are. A bunch of idiots

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