TMW: A breakdown of Milan’s wage bill and where the total ranks in Serie A

By Ben Dixon -

As expected, AC Milan have one of the highest wage budgets in Serie A, and a report has emerged about the breakdown of the wage budget and how it may change in the future. 

Recently, it was reported that Milan had the fourth-highest budget in the league, spending €86.4million per year, sitting behind AS Roma, Inter and Juventus.

Although only three places separate the Rossoneri and the Old Lady, there is a staggering €40m difference between them. If you were to take the difference between the fourth and first highest, looking down the table, you would get to 10th place, where Sassuolo ranks.

TMW have reported that the Diavolo’s wage expenditure is around €59.65m net per year, and the report shows how that figure may be affected in the next few years by expiring deals.

Leao €5m (2028)
Chukwueze €4m (2028)
Hernandez €4m (2026)
Loftus-Cheek €4m (2027)
Pulisic €4m (2027)
Bennacer €3.8m (2027)
Giroud €3.5m (2024)
Tomori €3.5m (2027)
Florenzi €3m (2025)
Maignan €2.8m (2026)
Jovic €2.5m (2024)
Caldara €2.2m (2024)
Calabria €2m (2025)
Kalulu €2m (2027)
Okafor €2m (2028)
Musah €2m (2028)
Reijnders €1.7m (2028)
Kjaer €1.5m (2024)
Pobega €1m (2027)
Sportiello €1m (2027)
Adli €0.8m (2026)
Gabbia €0.8m (2026)
F. Terracciano €0.8m (2028)
Thiaw €0.8m (2027)
Mirante €0.7m (2024)
Nava €0.25m (2027)

The most expensive player on the roster is Rafael Leao, who earns a net annual salary of €5m – this figure can rise to €7.5m through different clauses being activated. Behind him are Samuel Chukwueze, Christian Pulisic, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, and Theo Hernandez, who all earn €4m net.

The top five could shift massively in the next few months because Milan want to offer Theo Hernandez and Mike Maignan new contracts. Both are pivotal players for the club and are receiving interest from clubs abroad, so tying them to new deals would be ideal.

Furthermore, with the contracts of Olivier Giroud, Luka Jovic, Mattia Caldara, Simon Kjaer and Antonio Mirante not yet extended, there could be significantly more wage budget available for any summer investments.

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      1. Highest paid player last year has been employed again. Why is that🤔🤔🤔

        Origi bought for 0 mil. This bench warmer bought for 20 mil.

        1. Free agents don’t come for 0 mil. They come in with big signing bonus for the player and his agent.
          Oh and is it Furlani’s fault that he can’t find anyone stupid enough to sell to the trash that was bought last season?
          Plus, Chukwueze scoring the goal vs Newcastle made up for his transfer even if he doesn’t do anything else this season. Milan still has a chance to win a trophy and bring money in thru European competitions because of his goal. How many meaningful goals Origi scored? Now that’s where you answer with 0.

          1. “ Chukwueze scoring the goal vs Newcastle made up for his transfer even if he doesn’t do anything else this season”

            LOLOLOLOLO. That is the funniest and at the same time the most idiot*c statement I have heard to date. LMAO! Well rest assured friend he hasnt done anything else since so your good lol

          2. “Chukwueze scoring the goal vs Newcastle made up for his transfer even if he doesn’t do anything else this season.”

            That’s really a lame excuse for not having a proper counter argument here.

            You could just write in Big Lebowski’s style “Well you know, that’s like, your opinion man.” and it would be enough.

            But fact remains, Chuk is a 28 million, 4 million a season bust.

    1. Chuku made so much sense to get – a farily low transfer fee due to his ladt contract year for arguably a top 5 performing RW in the world last year. Everyone for years is and was calling Milan unidimensional w/ Theo and Rafa – and laughing at how crappy Saele and Junior were on the other side. Getting Chuk made All the sense in the world, with Pukisic’s injury worries. But it still didn’t work – it happens. Musah and an injury prone Okafor I think were much less understandable for the same joint price as Sesko or even David.

      1. “arguably a top 5 performing RW”
        Well you got the arguably part correct. We definitely arguing that lol 😂. He’s not close to top 5. Off the top of my head I’m guessing messi, Saka, Salah, Rodrygo, Gnabry. EASILY better than Chuk. Not saying more affordable, just better. In case you’re wondering Chuk is 16th best (goals/assists, acc transfermarkt) which is actually not bad at all. But dont dress it up like he’s top 5. Come on now.

  1. Caldara, what a bad deal. What a burden! Fortunately his contract is getting to its final period so thankfully we’ll be able to terminate this completely useless player.

    Chuckwueze is overpaid for what he’s been showing.

    Reijnders and Gabbia are underpaid, for what they’ve been able to accomplish. They contribute a lot, way more than other payers who make more than they make.

    I think Mike is paid the right amount for what he HASN’T been able to do. From one of the best goalies in the world, he has regressed to not even being one of the best in Serie A, this season. I don’t know why he declined so much, but he did. So he wants a renewal for a huge salary, and I say, sell him.

    Upgrading Theo’s salary and renewing him is a must, in my opinion.

    Hopefully of the 3 players who are most targeted by foreign teams, Mike, Rafa and Theo, we sell Mike and keep Rafa and Theo.

    1. Very well said. Mike had been built into a player with a with a great reputation but not so good performance. Now we can reap the benefits. Sometimes you have to let the polished diamonds go and invest it into som rough diamonds again.

    2. Nice analysis.

      Hoping we keep Rafa and Theo. Already good understanding there. Thinking Puli and Rafa ramp up next year switching sides across the front.

    1. Yep gross shows the true cost to the club. Net just shows the benefit to the player. It factors in growth decree as well and will show which players benefit from it

  2. What the club spends is the gross salary, not the net one. The net salary is what the player earns after paying the income tax.

  3. Leao makes a base of 5M and there are many fools on this chat that scream that he is lazy and we should sell – yet those same fools stay silent in a bust player like Chukuweze lol.

    1. Milan this summer spent the same amount on Leao as they did for Chukwueze. They had to pay another 20 mil on the top of the 30 they paid 4 years ago just so they can resign him.
      Since you are comparing those 2, based on how much each of them has played there isn’t much difference.
      Leao has played 2400 minutes while Chukwueze only 800 because Pioli doesn’t know how to properly rotate players. If Pioli gave as many chances to Chukwueze this season as he did to Leao who was stinking up the pitch for most of the season, Chukwueze numbers might be just as pitiful as Leao’s.
      Also, leao hasn’t done much since Chukwueze scored that goal vs. Newcastle either. That goal kept Milan in Europe after Leao choked and missed minutes earlier.
      Leao makes more money than 38 year old Giroud and Giroud is producing more just like Pulisic. Why don’t you do that comparison?
      The bar for leao is set so low, people are comparing him with bench players to make themselves feel better . Earlier in the week they compared his numbers with Mudryk and Doku, bench players, and Coman who has been out injured.

      1. I see your point but I don’t necessarly agree with the whole of it.
        Yes, had Chukwueze played as many minutes as Rafa, their goal contribution might have been similar, but that’s a “if”. So far, Chukwueze has shown nothing to justify the money put into him or the salary he earns. It’s not entierly his fault that he doesn’t play often or that when he starts it’s with players who never play together, but among the new forwards (him, Jovic and Okafor) he has the least amount of contribution and even Chaka Traoré has already scored more than him.
        Regarding Leao, if you want to blame Pioli on Chukwueze for failing to implement proper tactics, then you have to admit that many of Pioli’s strategies this year did hurt Leao’s contributions. A while this season is still poor by his standards, he did improve during the last games compared to earlier this season.

    2. The fact that you can easily call us “fools” says a lot about you. Refrain from your faul mouth conduct. Respect us Milan supporters.

      To respond to your opinion: why we “fools” or why I bash Leao when he is not performing is because he is a star player. 2ndly he has adapted to the league he has more than 4 years of experience in Serie A while Chukwueze has less than 12 months but with that being said it’s not an excuse for him also because Pulisic is doing alright in the same time frame.

      As I’ve said before, criticism will always be there I think we as Milan supporters will always positively criticize our own because we know what they are capable of, we would want what’s best for them. Of cause i wouldn’t want to compare him to other players because that would be unfair. But scudetto Leao vs current Leao are two different players. Someone said in this forum that maybe now he is more of a team player than he was before, probably that someone was right, i have noticed this season that he tracks back more often than before, now he is marked by 2/3 defenders. But nevertheless I want whats best for him. Even if he demands 9m a year he would have earned it as much as he earned his 7.5m he really did.

      Tell me, how do you feel when your player is on the front page of the papers or when he wins the “play of the week” segment? When international commentaries and pundits talk about your team, don’t you feel proud and praised?

      Once again, refrain from your words. If your opinion is valid, I’ll definitely applaud you. If it’s not, I’ll respect your opinion but won’t agree with it.

      We are on a common cause to support Milan, not hate each other. You can get your comments across without insulting or faul words

    3. “Leao makes a base of 5M and there are many fools on this chat that scream that he is lazy”

      So you’re trying to say that since he gets 5M€ he cannot be lazy? OK then.

      I don’t normally do this but this I will quote the site’s idiot to make point: LOLOLOLOLO.

  4. if you buy chuku and pulisic one will be bench warmer that was clear. If you have a chuku to the great time of saladmaker – then chuku is our super hero

  5. and if you pay mike what he wants you destroy the salary structure due to the fact he is a keeper. But please keep this theo – far our best

  6. Chukwueze: 28m & 4m wages for a player in his last year on contract was a bad deal. Aside from a few goals, he makes little impact, and when he does start, it does not produce any spark, in my opinion. That’s one of the reasons why Pulisic is overworked. Saelemekers did more than he did and was deemed surplus to requirements. if we got a good deal for the lad, I would sell, probably to England if possible. His performance in the games he has played so far might discourage any suitors from stepping up.

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