TMW: Moncada to remain despite PSG contact but powers will change

By Ben Dixon -

Geoffrey Moncada is currently the chief scout and technical director at AC Milan. However, a recent report has stated that there has been interest in him from another European heavyweight and that his role with the Rossoneri has changed in recent months.

TMW journalist Marco Conterio posted on his X account that Geoffrey Moncada has recently been looked at by PSG Sporting Director Luis Campos for a role with the Parisian club – given the two have worked together previously at Monaco. Nevertheless, Moncada will remain at the club, although his role is slightly altering.

Since Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrived at the club, there have been question marks about how far his power stretches and what departments he is a focal point of, and in Conterio’s post, he has detailed that everything would go through the Swede.

In a recent interview, Gerry Cardinale revealed that the former striker is, effectively, his vessel, given Cardinale is not stationed in Italy. Therefore, having someone like Zlatan to provide feedback on the current situations at the club and authorise signings is a massive positive.

The upcoming summer is expected to be heavily busy for the Rossoneri because there are plans to invest heavily in a central defender and a new striker, so having someone with the experience of Ibra to approve and evaluate potential signings will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. This would be a mistake if true.
    The players should be picked by the people who are great talent evaluators not by ex players. Zlatan should have an input but he should not be the one who has the final say. Just because you were a great player doesn’t mean that by default you can spot a top talent.
    Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever, and he was the worst talent evaluator ever. Even though he was picking high in the draft every year, he never picked a top player, and his team was one of the worst in the last 15 years.
    Most talent evaluators were never players, or they were marginal players.
    How did Roback turn out? He was signed thanks to Zlatan’s expert recommendation.

    1. Our midfield used to be:
      Kessie, Tonali, Bennie and Krunic – very solid

      After Moncada’s moneyballin we now have:
      Bennie, Reijnders, Adli and Musah

      you somehow think that Moncada is a “great talent evaluator” but none of the recent signings show that. We basically raided Chelsea for experience and France for cheapo signings. You don’t need to be an expert to understand why he did those things.

      My guess is, he’ll botch the forward signing too. We’ll end up with Davids or some cheapo from france who he will hail as the next world class forward, only to see him leave in 3 years when he scores 4 goals a season – and then, onto the next moneyball purchase.

      He signed Reijnders to be the starting AM. That failed. So they moved him to DM. That failed too, hence Adli and Musah playing more.

      He signed Chukwueze to be the rotation RW. He has 1 goal and 2 assists in Serie A.

      He signed Musah to be all arounder. He’s played 34 games for Milan. 0 goals, 1 assist.

      He signed Terracciano who has helped Milan’s opponents more than he’s helped Milan – and we needed another defender too.

      Yes, RLC & Pulisic have been doing well but were both under evaluation by Maldini beforehand, so not sure Moneyball man gets the credit here.

      I disagree with every single statement you made. Stunningly inaccurate.

      Maldini signed most of the solid players which make Milan’s core, intending to help Milan reach CL level. Theo, Leao, Tonali, etc.. all Maldini. Maldini calls, you answer.

      None of them would have come to Milan if Moncada were still in charge. Even Tonali and his transfer saga were all thanks to Maldini.

      Overall, Moncada has dropped Milan’s overall talent level significantly. You could argue it was for more depth, but is that even true? I say no.

      1. Maldini calls you answer. Ha ha ha.
        You talk about great midfield before Moncada, but Kessie was lost before Moncada was in charge and not replaced by Maldini. Did he not pick up Maldini’s call or what? How about when he called Hakan, Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Bonaventura?
        Bennacer is still here, so was Krunic before Pioli ostracized him after considering him undisputed starter.
        Reijnders was never signed to be a starting AM, he was signed to be a mezzala because Pioli thought that he is capable of coaching any other system besides 4231, he Is not. Reijnders is one of the players with the most minutes in the team. Adli plays more because Bennacer is ass, not because Reijnders has failed.
        Musah and Chukwueze don’t play and produce more because Pioli is awful in rotating players, not because they were bad signings.
        Tonali is banned from football.
        Also how has Moncada dropped the overall talent when Milan is better than last season and has more points in serie A up to this point than they had in the scudetto season, when the “world class midfield” of Kessie, Tonali, Bennacer, Krunic and Maldini were there? 68 points after 31 games in 23/24, 67 points after 31 games in 21/22. BTW during the scudetto season Milan was in only 1 competition after December, they are still in 2 competitions this season.
        You can disagree all you want, the facts don’t cease to exist, but keep making up stuff.

    2. I see your argument, but I do think that coaches should be involved in the players’ selection and I do not think Pioli is great at doing that either. That is why Milan needs a coach with a stronger character and more confident personality who knows more what he needs. Best coaches tend to choose what players fit better in their tactics and game style

  2. No, there’s no one out there more talented in “buy low, sell high” talent seeker that Moncada. Milan is now his own talent showroom. We don’t need another who’ll get us trophy worthy players. Been there, done that. 4th is just fine for us, thank you👍

  3. Acmilan should go and buy expensive players let’s break bank at least for one day spend £200 millions on players in all the department like defender attacking midfield wingers and striker enough of this embarrassment look at against Roma Geroud was just frausterating No goal at all let’s start playing Okafor from start and leao deserve 90 mins he is too important since Geroud is preparing for la Galaxy

    1. Yes, let’s spend 200M at least for one day on new players and get banned from Europe again while reversing all our progress from the last few years, and get repossessed by Elliott while we’re at it.

  4. MEEZ was quiet for a long time while Milan kept winning. I wonder how difficult it was for him to stay so quiet for so long? Bet it got lonely.

    First Milan loss, and who’s back with his usual BS? LMAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Credit to him though – he has evolved from screaming “moneyball Moncada!!!” to “Moncada’s moneyballin“ which has a nicer ring to it.

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