TMW: Why negotiations between Milan and Calabria have reached a ‘stalemate’

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and Davide Calabria have not made much progress in talks over a contract extension, a report claims, but there is not too much panic at the moment.

As TMW report, Calabria is the captain of Milan and he has been a part of the academy since he was a boy, but he has a contract expiring in 2025 which is the end of next season.

The talks between the parties, i.e. the player and the club, have intensified in recent weeks. At the moment, however, the situation appears to be in a ‘stalemate’.

Sources close to the situation suggest that Milan would like to extend Calabria’s contract until 2027 but maintain the current €2m net per season that he receives as a salary, while the full-back will obviously seek a pay rise.

While waiting to understand how things will evolve, it is possible that in the summer there will be negotiations for the role of right-back, with the potential that a player could arrive in that role to provide competition.

Recently, however, Calabria reiterated his love for the red and black shirt during an interview with Radio Serie A, and he hinted at the idea of staying for life.

“For me, Milan is everything, it has been my life up until now. I grew up in an AC Milan family, I went to the stadium with them before I even wore this shirt,” he said.

“My first time at San Siro was a Champions League match, I was six years old. It was an incredible Milan team, one of the best teams in the history of football. In my room I had a poster of Kakà with his classic celebration with his fingers raised towards the heaven.

“I also had some non-original shirts, because at the time I could only afford those, but I would say that over time I was able to recover.

“Would I sign for life with Milan? Why not, this shirt will always be part of me, people know who I am, the children know me and I will always represent Milan: continuing in this family would be a great honour for me.”

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  1. i think its only fair he gets a raise. i know people would put the heat on him (for no reason) but he plays well and works for the team

    1. I disagree. Milan must not be nostalgic over players because they come and go. Calabria is not performing at the top level and he will not get a call up to the Italian national team for the Euros.

      Therefore, Milan must consider RB as one of the areas we need to upgrade with young quality ready talents so we can begin to move players like Calabria and Florenzi out.

      Fiorentina RB Michael Kayode is a player we should sign this summer to start over Calabria.

      1. his performing seemed fine 2 me vs fiora. even in CL he did fine. Whats the issue? How is he not performing at top lvl?

      2. If you’re not nostalgic or sentimental about the players at the club then you’re not really a fan. You’re just a spectator.

        If players come and go, why don’t you – go?

        Go and support Fiorentina and then you can have instant gratification watching your favourite RB, Michael Kayode.

        Go on. There’s nothing keeping you at Milan.

        Without the players it’s just a brand name.

        Like Nike. You don’t have to wear Nike. You can buy Adidas, Asics, New Balance…there’s lots of brands out there.

        No need for loyalty.

        PS Calabria has consistently performed at the highest levels in Italy and Europe, winning duels against some of the best players in the world.

    2. I don’t believe Calabria’s performances have improved. He’s hit a plateau. Renew him? Sure. Why should his salary increase though?

      I’d look for an upgrade on the RW.

      1. Agreed. Renew him perhaps a slight modest raise or just flat BUT he should not be our starter nor captain. I like him he’s a warrior and a homegrown talent – but he’s extremely limited offensively and we need to upgrade the position. It’s time.

      2. Plateaued?

        What does this even mean, particularly in the context of a 27 year (not 37 year old)?

        I mean outside of computer games.

        We should renew him and give him a pay rise because he’s our captain. And we should support him because he’s our captain. And if we don’t support our captain then really what is the point?

  2. He’s our captain and he’s on one of the lowest salaries? It’s that’s just filthy from the management offering him same money. These clowns are mocking our captain who grew up red&black. It’s not about nostalgy although this Milan is far from what it used to represent. This is just straight disrespect.

  3. I like Calabria and I’d want him to stay. Despite all the criticism, I think he is a good player, though not a great player.

    A lot depends on what he requests. I agree that a slight raise would be reasonable, though if he asks for 4 mill a year, it would be hard to satisfy him. Plus, I don’t think this year has been his best.

    Ask yourself, if we sell Calabria, how much would a club offer?

    In transfermarkt, his value is 15mill same as Adli, yet he currently costs our club 3.7mill compared to 1.1mill for Adli.

    Pobega (another homegrown player) has a value of 12mill, but has half his salary.

    Maybe they are not fair examples, since Calabria plays a lot more, but then why his value is so low, why does Mancini and Spalleti ignore him? Mancini even got De Sciglio instead of Calabria. Spalleti got Bellanova, a player with a lot less experience than Calabria. Maybe we, as fans, have rose-tinted glasses when it comes to the Milan captain and product of our youth sector.

    1. Adli and Pobega being a few years younger helped their values. I am on the fence with Calabria. I was a big fan when he first started at 19, was looking so promising, but then didn’t grow much and now seems to be at his peak already when the squad on the other end have grown above his level. Naturally you treat a captain with a certain degree of respect but I want to be honest. I don’t understand why Milan are not signing stronger Italian players as would make a great mix and for the European list too, instead of having to be forced to keep Pobega and also having Calabria in an awkward position for the team, the player and fans.

      1. Pobega, Calabria and Gabbia are home grown and go in another list compared to other Italian players (Florenzi, Sportiello). Having players from youth team is important as an example and despite his deficiencies, Calabria almost never was the weakest player when he played.
        At the end of the day, I wouldn’t mind even if we give 3 mill to him, but
        -a- I don’t know if that’s enough for him
        -b- I also understand the view of management that don’t want to throw money.
        I also consider it very unlikely that Calabria won’t renew, I just don’t think that it needs to be dragged this much

        1. Thanks for clarifying to me the two different lists.

          Yeah I doubt Calabria s ego or any one in his shoes as captain would find extending with the same 2mil contract fun.

        2. @Bob

          Yes that club trained list is an important criteria, given we have so few squad members that qualify for this it’s important to retain those that are eligible. Calabria as captain, well maybe he’s not a guaranteed first choice but for that UEFA list he’s worth renewing.

          We need 5 on the list and 2bh I consider Pobega while eligible, to be deadweight, as opposed to Calabria who is at least worthy of a squad rotation place.

          Next season if we promote Simic (to be Kjaer replacement) then we’ll have Simic/Calabria/Gabbia/Pobega/Colombo potentially as the 5, its not strong but it will have to do. It was very useful to have that traitor Doll$rumma, maybe we can bring him back if Maignan leaves 😛

    2. He’s the captain. He should be the highest paid player at the club and fans should be demanding that out of respect for the captain.

      If we don’t respect the captain, then really what are we doing here?

      It’s all meaningless.

      How do you go from singing his name to being indifferent about his departure?

      This is what makes modern football so utterly pointless. What is the point of being a fan of a club where you are completely indifferent to the players – the players that represent the club, that are the very people you watch week in/week out.

      Surely it would be easier if everyone just watched Man City or Real Madrid or whoever. Once the Saudi clubs become the All Stars League – just go and watch them.

      It’s all empty.
      And transfrmarkt and values are meaningless. You can’t put a value on your captain. And it doesn’t actually matter what other teams might never sign him. Gary Neville’s value

  4. Calabria literally requested for nothing when he extended his last contract.
    It’s really funny how they want him to extend with his current wages.

    Davide Calabria is the most loyal player in AC Milan and has been for years.

    If the most loyal player in the team can be treated this way what about others.

    1. It’s easy to be loyal when you are at the biggest club you can be at. Calabria is only playing as a starter because he is Italian and homegrown. He is Captain not because if his talent or leadership skills, but because he has played the most games for Milan after being there always. AC Milan right now is Calabria’s golden ticket. No other top club would ever give him more than what Milan is offering him. So, if he ever leaves Milan it will be for a level or two under – Where his talent also is more fitting. Fiorentina, Lazio, Roma etc. I’ll be more impressed with Theo or Leao if they stay, since there will always be huge clubs with better offers for them every year.

      1. You know Milan has tried a few rb over the years. Last one was dest if you remember that far?

        Calabria owned them all. Dalot would’ve probably took his spot if he’d stayed but united didn’t want to sell. Every other rb never really challenged Calabria for rb. Why?

        Maybe, just maybe because he is good. Idk I’m just brainstorming.

        Are there better rb out there? Yes! Can Milan afford them and does Milan need to seek them out? Nah

      2. You must be a clown for saying all these about calabria.

        Who are the good RB out there? Can Milan get them? The answer is no even if they can they pay them? No is still the answer.

        Watch Theo leave because of this ur ill mentality because at it stands Milan can’t pay Theo and when Tomori current wages expires can they also pay him? The answer is no.

        Let them keep being stingy and selfish, all of our stars will eventually leave with no proper replacement.

  5. Look at some of the disgusting comments. It’s sad how Calabria got this disrespectful treatment from some fans :/

  6. Calabria is a good player but if we want the team to improve, the club should buy someone even stronger. Geertruida from Feyennord with contract expiring in 2025 would be the right person.

  7. His UEFA status for registering players is extremely important. If we get too many foreigners or not enough home grown senior members we will have to register a lot of youngsters.

    He may not be the best but he’s decent and he plays his heart out for our colors.

    1. Knowing you must register some homegrown players ,I think they should generally get better ones. Even likes of Torino have better Italian players then Milan. I remember having to register Caldara because there would otherwise be an empty spot. I mean how did they allow that to happen.


    “Would I sign for life with Milan? Why not, this shirt will always be part of me, people know who I am, the children know me and I will always represent Milan: continuing in this family would be a great honour for me.”

    Sounds like a stalemate, Yup ! (read sarcasmn)

      1. Engineered exit…

        If they can push Calabria out then we can sign a new RB every transfer window for the next 10 years.

        Can you imagine the amount of funny money that could generate?

  9. 10usd of ground beef perform better than calabria… Controls better, defends better. And wpuld at least scare the opposition. SELL THE GUY…

  10. Actually his performance often drops after coming back from injuries. The sad thing is he gets injured when he gets back to a relatively above average form and everything restarts.

    He definitely deserves a raise.

    1. All players drop their performance after having a long injury. Look at Bennacer or Kjaer who still not at their top form.

  11. If he wants to extend at his current wage, cool, if he wants more, tell him to bring an offer from another club that will pay him more, and the transfer will be arranged.
    Should be at best a bench player.
    Milan needs an upgrade at the RB position. Calabria and Florenzi can kick rocks

  12. Calabria is one of the Problems of th3 team he Accupies and he does nothing, he is to be send out from the team if we want to win cups.
    He false Right back
    He does not defend,he does not attack,he does not pass,and he is not influemcial captain
    He does not even talk the referee when foals accuur.

  13. Fans don’t understand something called tactics. Calabria instructions aren’t the same as Theos so he stays more at the back to give more freedom for Theo to push forward. Calabria has to defend most of the time and he is good at 1 vs 1 situation. He hasn’t been at his best form but for me the season we won the scudetto he was the best RB in Serie A. We do need another RB for stronger competition but Calabria should stay.

  14. Our captain is such a good player he’s not a part of Italy’s team. He’s by far the worst long term captain Milan had in the last 40 years.
    I don’t expect him to have Theo’s offensive contribution, but to be a decent defender, and he’s not.

    1. Really? Based on what is he our worst captain? Please elaborate. But don’t say in terms of football skills or talent. I’m interested on your take about his character, which is a crucial feature of a capatain and you seem to know a lot about it.

  15. Small salary bump is ok, at least as a token of respect.

    1. Least we can do is give him the same as Florenzi (3M) wo is his backup.
    2. Even if it’s “only” Calabria, let’s not make the same mistake again and let go of a player who is entering his prime. He’d go to a Lazio and play better than ever, and then people will wonder why he was’t playing like thtat for Milan…
    3. We are still short on home grown players, and as far as those are concerned, you’re not gonna find much better than Davide.

  16. It is fair if he have same salary with florenzi 3m euro nett. Disrespect if his salary below florenzi . I dont think he will insist asking 4m euro nett , just negotiating and calabria will not play hardball with management, it is his home and he already in ACM from youth. Sell him only give money 10-15m euro and buy replacement like Frimpong or hakimi need big money transfer, in my opinion better keep him and renew him with 3m euro nett salary . Jimenez enough for third choice RB incase both calab or flo absence . ACM need all in budget for striker number 9 and DMF not RB in summer

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