Tonali charged by FA for alleged breaches of betting rules with further ban possible

By Oliver Fisher -

Sandro Tonali is in further hot water as it has been announced that he has been charged with misconduct in relation to the Football Association’s Betting Rules.

It was confirmed last September that Tonali’s lawyers had accepted a ten-month ban on playing for their client after a plea bargain, in addition to which will be eight months of treatment his gambling addiction.

As has previously been reported, Tonali placed bets on Milan, which increased the length of the ban even if his co-operation helped massively.

Milan, as has been made clear before, were not aware of Tonali’s gambling addiction and were not expecting any contact from Newcastle over the case.

The midfielder has thus been serving his ban and preparing to return in the summer, but now something else has come to light.

In a statement on their official website, Newcastle conveyed the news regarding the latest charge that Tonali is facing.

“Newcastle United acknowledges a misconduct charge received by Sandro Tonali in respect of alleged breaches of FA Betting Rules.

“Sandro continues to fully comply with relevant investigations and he retains the club’s full support. Due to this ongoing process, Sandro and Newcastle United are unable to offer further comment at this time.”

Tonali is alleged to have breached FA rule E8 50 times by betting on matches between August 12, 2023 and October 12, 2023.

According to The Sun, he has been serving the ban given to him by Italian authorities since October but he now faces a longer spell on the sidelines after the FA’s charge.

The FA have been investigating alleged betting breaches made by Tonali since he signed for the Magpies on matches between August and October.


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  1. Damn, this fool was betting on games even in the EPL after getting his salary quadrupled.
    Giorgio Furlani should be given the award executive of the year for this highway robbery he did in the Tonali sale. 64 million. And there are some that still complain about the sale.
    As the ex Roma director Pinto said recently : “Directors must
    make sure if we lose on
    a player in a sporting
    sense, we don’t lose
    twice economically
    Hopefully, with this current management, Milan won’t be losing twice on players, as they did in the past.

      1. Trash foreign players that are vastly better than Tonali and giving us the results… yeah your view really matters. Not.

      2. Trash foreigners? Who?

        Pulisic? No way.
        RLC? No way.
        Reijnders? He is a starter for Netherland too. No.
        Romero? Free with high potential. Jury still out.
        Musah? Young, high potential and starter for USA.
        Okafor? Bought as sub. And cheap. Still contribute.

        The only currently bad ones are Chukwueze and Pellegrino. But Chukwueze was great at Villareal, and Pellegrino wasn’t mean to be immediate starter, both of them need to be assessed next season.

        If you can’t see that maybe it’s you that have trash judgement?

    1. No way man. If we’d kept Tonali and only made one signing we’d be in first place by like 5 points right now. Saladmaker and Messias would surely have 9 goals and 6 assists between them. s/

    2. Wow what an attitude.

      If you’ve got no loyalty what is the point of supporting a football club?

      Loyalty is the essence of being a fan.

      Otherwise you’re just a spectator.

      1. Who am I supposed to be loyal to? The people that I addressed in my comment are not at Milan anymore. You do realize that, Mr. fan?

        1. Well the player would be still at the club had we not sold him.

          He was central to our Scudetto win, and for that we should always be grateful or else there’s no point to the Scudetto win.

          1. Changing the tune, are you Mr. FAN?
            “If you’ve got no loyalty what is the point of supporting a football club?”
            What does that have to do with me not giving 2 sh!ts about Tonali, a Newcastle player?
            Is Tonali a club or am I suppose to be loyal to Newcastle?
            Which one is it.
            Kind of hard to keep up with all that senseless BS you constantly write.
            You like to live in the past, It’s very well established. Some of us live in the present and look forward, not backwards.

        2. What present?

          People are constantly planning for when the manager can be sacked or players sold and new players bought.

          Giving more credit to players who have never won anything for the club than players who actually delivered.

          The thing about the past is that it actually gives a club a purpose. Otherwise you’re just a spectator.

      2. The player leave and the club remain here, so he is supporting the club but you said no loyalty? So which bigger the club or the players?

        1. What exactly is the ‘club’ given the revolving door nature of its personnel?

          I presume the history of the club has some relevance and Tonali is part of that history given he helped us win the Scudetto.

          It’s all tied up. You can’t have one without the other.

          No Tonali. No Scudetto. No memories. No point.

          It’s a spectator sport. And why not go spectate something more fun?

          1. Agree with you on this one.
            Tonali was a key part of the first Scudetto in 10 years and it wasn’t his choice to be sold. He should be respected for his contribution.

            I hope he can get his career back on track. It would be awesome if we could loan him back after his ban.

  2. Come on FA, Tonali’s been punished enough, if, said offences happened before his ban, it’s harsh to add more pain to his misery, yes, by all means fine him, but, to add another ban would be career damaging.

        1. This is the real joke of it all. Look at Ivan Toney; he serves a lengthy ban for betting infractions only to return to playing for a team who has a betting firm as their primary shirt sponsor. Absolute farce.

        2. Totally agree with you there. The hypocrisy of prosecuting players for gambling whist simultaneously weaving gambling into the fabric of the game.
          I find it infuriating.

  3. I assume the FA will conclude on similar ban in terms of time and it will be retroactively applied together with the Italian one.

    It is the same offense in the same period – no one would reasonably assume that he moved to England and his gambling issues magically disappeared.

    If he managed to clear his head and works hard with the team in their trainings, he can actually increase his potential. Not many people get the ‘chance’ to be perfectly healthy in the peak of their age and focus entirely on improvement of their abilities. He will lack some game time, but that is easier to deal with.

  4. Is this in addition to his current ban? As in further breaches ?? I’m guessing this is the FA ruling not his current ban he’s serving from the FIGC. Why they didn’t just combine the entire thing? FA took so long (unless as I mentioned it’s for something else, he did mention he only betted on Milan and Brescia) 🤷‍♂️. Hope he gets the helps he needs

  5. The guy has a gambling addiction and some of you ought have a look in the mirror at yourself and ask why your being P&%£ks
    Like any addiction drugs alcohol etc you can be easily swayed by the surroundings the people you knock around with etc it’s hard to break a habit
    Yes Sandro can probably afford it he probably isn’t skint ……..but he has a problem one that needs help and support
    Give the guy a break ….hes a human being and above all a milanista (who some of you allegedly support)so show some respect and support
    Forza Milan
    Forza Sandro 💪💪💪

    1. Honestly? Support?

      And no its not the same. The compulsion is similar but alcho&drugs fûck up your health and leave you an empty husk just living of your addiction until it kills you. Gambling won’t kill him. Can make him broke but it won’t kill him.

      Respect needs to earned, he lost all he earned. And then some. I’ve met plenty Milanista that are cúnts, just because someone likes the same club as i do doesn’t makes us insta buddies.. not saying Sandro is a cúnt but him being a Milanista means nothing here. It’s kinda the opposite. Him being a Milanista and doing this shît throws a bad light on the club and on football

  6. Meanwhile all the leagues and clubs just keep seeking that gambling revenue. Totally normalising the association of gambling and sport.
    It’s so hypocritical from sport governing bodies to ban players while simultaneously saturating the sport in gambling.

  7. The good thing about Adli is that he’s not a gambling risk because his decision making is so slow by the time he’s got around to deciding who to bet on the game’s already finished.

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