Tops and flops as Maignan rescues Milan with penalty save against Real Madrid

By Isak Möller -

Milan took on Real Madrid earlier this evening and the clash finished 0-0, as Mike Maignan saved a penalty in the first half. It perhaps wasn’t the most entertaining affair, but it was enough to name the tops and flops. 


Mike Maignan: It’s a fairly obvious pick, given that he rescued Milan this evening with a nice penalty save. He had one incident at the start of the game that was a bit shaky, but after that he was in control.

He made the saves that were needed and, as said, guessed the right way on Gareth Bale’s penalty to keep the scores level. It’s exactly the start you want him to get, as replacing Gigio Donnarumma was never going to be easy.

Theo Hernandez: Unlike the other friendlies, we got to see the ‘real’ Theo this evening as he was very good on his left flank. He gave his teammates support in the attacking phase and also stood up well when he had to defend.

He hit the post in the first half with a smart effort, which had the goalkeeper beaten. Hopefully, he can continue on this path as stopping the Frenchman is more or less impossible on days like this one.

Sandro Tonali: The youngster looked a lot more composed in the holding midfield role this time out, truly dictating the Rossoneri’s play from start to finish. He was more effective with the ball and didn’t lose it as much, which is a good sign.

There is still some room for improvement but we are starting to see the Tonali that took everyone by storm at Brescia. And our honourable mention for the day is Alexis Saelemaekers, who looked lively for the first time in a while today.


Rade Krunic: The Bosnian played alongside Tonali in the midfield tandem and we all know that he isn’t as good in that position. He had several misplaced passes and he also found himself high up the pitch often, leaving Tonali more vulnerable.

He was a bit better in the second half, one must admit, but in a game where no one was terrible he certainly qualifies as a flop. It remains to be seen if he will stay at the club for the upcoming season as well.

Rafael Leao: It has been said so many times about this man, but his end product is incredibly frustrating. He was really good in the build-up today and often beat his man, but the final touch was horrible at times.

Had he succeeded with his passes today, he would have had one assist at least. Therefore, it’s frustrating but necessary to name him as one of the flops for the Rossoneri this time out.

Olivier Giroud: It might be a bit harsh to name the striker as a flop, and I would agree, so bear with me. Given how the game panned out, you would expect Giroud to drop down a bit more and thus get involved.

However, this didn’t happen and besides a few nice flicks on the counters, we have nothing else positive to report from the Frenchman. It’s not a disaster by any means, but still worth noting.

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  1. I totally agree with your content, leao is frustrating and Giroud did isolate himself unlike ibra who often goes deep to help and buildup the play also I saw isco’s game he can actually intensify Milan’s movement, he looked good, again for me RW is needed, alexis was decent but for teams like real you need someone to beat the defence more often and has some trickery up his sleeve again illcic is intelligent player and have high key pass rate which would help.

  2. We miss the man with the goal. This is a fact. With that said, we could only hope that with Ilicic (the most likely RW) and the ‘surprise’ no. 10 to come, the team will significantly improve.

    1. Because he is not a mid-back. No idea why to keep using him there. I still remember he playing as Kessie’s sub on European League clashes.

  3. How can you have Tonali as tops? He does nothing every game. He has been a huge disappointment since joining Milan but the Italian media still trying to hype up their “golden boy”.
    And can we please get a right winger in here and replace Calhanoglu?

  4. i was a bit shock when the penalty was given to bale,but unfortunately Maignan guess the right way for the shot..seeing krunic and leo playing badly.Giroud still need room for score sheet as i still believe in him and Tonali…Forza Milan

    1. Sei nero e la tua opinione non ha importanza, cosa sai del calcio e degli sport bianchi, chi sei tu per insultare i bianchi?

  5. Offload Krunic and Castillejo, and event Leao, please.

    Without Kessie, Bennacer, and high quality players in AM and RW, Milan cannot attach very well. Milan still need two additional players for high class starting eleven. Vlasic and Ziyech please, Maldini.

  6. Wonderful news Maldini is very happy with Krunic and Leao who along with Tonali and Maignan were the best on the field today against Real M. It was a wonderful time in Klagenfurt and the 30 of us who arrived in Austria enjoyed the match. Forza Ultras Milan

  7. Well, when Kessie and Bennacer back our defense will be complete. Our defense is one of the best in Europe. But we have nothing to attack with. Just like really nothing to go for goals. Actually AC Milan look like a tank without cannon. Without good attacking mids we gonna stuck in 0-0 draws just like we used to do with Gattuso’s management.

  8. @Sempremilan, You Guys Are So Biased and Delusional.. How Dare you mention Tonali, Salaemakers, as Tops? Did you see how Bale Got Passed Tonali So Easily for the Penalty? Or Did Saleamalers Complete any of his pass the whole game? krunic & Castilejo, shouldn’t even be allowed into the city of Milan talk less MILANELLO.
    Brahim Díaz Was Aweful, except for the final 10 mins. Rebic Looked Drunked When He Came On, And We Couldn’t create a single good Cross For Giroud. Leao Started Poorly, But Was Still Our Best Player After Magic Mike. But Here On Sempre Milan You Always Crusify Him And Always Praises Tonali Even When you Knows he’s Completely Shit. he Lacks Character, Doesn’t Drive Ball Forward, always look to pass backward every time even when there’s space forward. His Passes are Aweful. Be Sincere to yourselves and admit Maldini And Massara Are Clueless if they think we can Compete with this Squad… No Disrespect, But Sempre Milan Stop Being Bias.. #ForzaMilanSempre❤️🖤❤️🖤

  9. Tonali looked grown up today. Hopefully he stays on this trajectory bc if so we have a future world class player there. Same story with Leao and Krunic yet they still remain and Hauge is gone… makes no sense…

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