Transfermarkt: Milan have just one player in Serie A top 20 for yearly cost

By Oliver Fisher -

Transfermarkt have provided a top 20 ranking of Serie A players in terms of how much they cost their respective clubs per season, and there is only one AC Milan player present.

Milan have become known since their change of ownership to Elliott Management back in 2018 and subsequent sale to RedBird Capital for limiting the amount they spend on players.

The managements have pursued a strategy of sustainable spending by not overpaying in terms of transfer fees and trying to keep a sensible cap when it comes to wages too.

This is reflected in the ranking of Serie A players by yearly cost, which adds together the amortisation of their transfer fee for that year (total cost of fee divided by number of years on contract) plus the gross salary that they will receive.

Milan’s only representative is down in 17th place and it is Rafael Leao with an annual cost to the club of €12.1m, which factors in the renewal that he signed last May at €7m net inclusive of bonuses.

By comparison, Juventus have six players in the ranking – two of them over €23m per year – and Inter have six too. Roma have three, Napoli have three and Atalanta have one.

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  1. Another proof that just because a player cost a lot or has a high salary doesn’t mean that he is a good or productive player.
    Maybe 5 of the 17 players on that list are actually worth the money, the rest are overpaid trash, especially Juventus’. Alex Sandro, Kean, Chiesa, Vlahovic 🤣.
    Juventus paid 37 for Kean, 60 for Chiesa, 85 m for Vlahovic.
    Napoli 2nd and 3rd most costly players are bench warmers . Napoli paid 30 mil for each of them. Even Chukwueze has been more productive than those 2.

    1. Chuk is at 10-11mill per year, I don’t think he’s done more than Raspadori…in fact considering the total contribution this year, I don’t think that he’s better than Raspadori who has double the amount of goals and assists this year.

      Lindstrom is a failed transfer but it’s the entire Napoli team that is underperforming (from Osimhen and Kvara to Di Lorenzo, Lobotka and Anguissa)

      1. Samuel Chukwueze – 4 million net (6.32 gross)

        Even though Lindstøm is a fairly big talented guy he is surprisingly high paid 😀 but as Z said a lot of those players are overpaid, Id love to see chiesa and vlahovic in milan but those numbers are rather crazy and i again tend to agree with the assesment that maybe 30% of those players actually deserves those sort of salaries.

    2. What are the other proofs? Inter is first in Serie A because they have top players, and you pay top salaries to top players, that’s a fact. Same for every other top club in Europe.

      If we continue that policy of letting players leave for free because we don’t want to pay them or selling them because they ask for too much, we’ll always stagnate. Juventus has a bad season but don’t expect them to s*ck every year.

  2. Inter appreciates their players more than Milan.

    Look at Calhanoglu earning more that Milan’s highest paid.

    Funny and interesting at the same time, why won’t these Milan players want to leave for free?

    Milan is stingy at the same time selfish, that’s why some morons here want any player that demands for a high salary to be sold.

    You want a player to be sold because he requested for what he deserves.

    1. “You want a player to be sold because he requested for what he deserves.

      Well… Milan was going bankrupt before Elliott fixed the finances. Where is Inter going with their 800-900M€ debts? Oh, I can’t wait to find out… It won’t be pretty – that’s for sure.

  3. I sometimes wonder who comes up with these stats, graphs and charts.
    Obviously, they have way too much time on their hands…….

    1. They are on 30mill transfer packages, if Raspadori has a 4 mill salary after tax, his yearly cost pre-tax is 14 mill

      Lindstrom looks wrong … to make sense, he should have the salary much higher, about 5.5-6 mill salary which I don’t think is correct.

      1. Really? from 4 to 14, It’s that much? Interesting 🤔 I always thought it was double but the tax brackets work in a different way I suppose.

  4. It was a known thing that Inter and Juve had higher salaries (iirc this year it’s about 30 mill more per year ). What is not fully known is how much each player gets in additional bonuses, signing bonuses, etc.

    E.g. even if we don’t consider signing bonuses… a lot of sources say that Leao with easy bonuses goes to 7.5 mill a year after taxes, if you add the 20 mill we paid extra, it gets a lot higher than 12mill a year… more like 15+ mill a year

    That’s without taking into account the fact that the new contract and the additional 20 mill (aka 75+ mill), only added 4 additional years to his contract, since his original one was up to 2024 which means that for each of the 4 new years, we’re paying 18+ million for him…. in other words, if we had bought him on a free and gave him a 4 year contract of 9 mill a year (prior years with the tax benefit it would have been even higher, about 12 mill after tax salary)

  5. Nice to see how well we’re doing at managing costs realistically and also good to see something that actually calculates costs of football players accurately, and not the usual rubbish of “£70m transfer budget” in the press (which means nothing because it all comes down to the annual budget and spend per player).

  6. I must commend the management for spending wisely. Juventus with all the big signings are presently in 3rd position. Let’s not forget the fact that they did not participate in European competition. They might have been in the same position as Napoli if they participate in Europe.

    Inter Milan high wages is not the main reason for the present success. It is because of continuity. Most of the players have been playing together for more than two season.

    If AC Milan can keep the present players and add just one or two quality players at every transfer window, we will become not just Italian champion, we will be top contender for champions league title.

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