Tuttosport: Next 48 hours vital for Milan’s Zirkzee pursuit as Man Utd press

By Ben Dixon -

In the run-up to the opening of the mercato, one name has been the focus for AC Milan – Joshua Zirkzee. However, in recent weeks, a move has stalled somewhat, and a report suggests the Rossoneri now have 48 hours to sort a deal. 

It feels like Milan have been linked with every name and profile under the sun to replace Olivier Giroud, from a technical tall striker like Benjamin Sesko to powerhouses like Romelu Lukaku. However, the profile of Zirkzee has been preferred for months.

The mercato is never an easy sea to surf, though, especially in the modern day, when prices are so high, and the Rossoneri have been a victim of the money in football. From the player to the club, the Dutchman should join Milan, given he wants the move.

Nevertheless, his agent, Kia Joorabchian, will not allow a move to happen unless the Diavolo pay €15 million in commissions for the deal. Understandably, they are not prepared to do so, so the track has gone cold.

With the mercato now open, Tuttosport (via Milan News) stated there are now 48 hours to get the deal defrosted. Manchester United are pressing for him, which puts pressure on a deal anyway, but Milan cannot be hassled into a deal, and if nothing changes shortly, they may walk away.

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  1. Let United have him and take Hoijland…::United’s issue is they have wingers who want to score which nullifies Hoijland as he needs service…we have wingers who assist which will only be good for him. Conversely Zirkzee will drop allowing Rashford and Garnacho to run into space

    1. Is that the same Hojlund that ManUtd paid 75 mil for last summer?
      What would it cost to “take” Hojlund and what makes you think that Hojlund is even available for the taking?
      If Milan can’t take Hojlund then they should go and take Haaland.

      1. The same Man Utd who let Pogba go for free and then resigned him for 90m….yeah that Man Utd…

        I would imagine Hoijland could be had for 40-50m, prem clubs don’t care about losing money on transfers. Take Chelsea and Lukaku…Bruno is their number 10 I don’t see them selling him, Zirkzee suits two wingers who want to attack the box and score…Hoijland doesn’t. It could be good for both clubs…they recoup the money from the sale to sign Zirkzee.

        regarding your usual, but altogether tiresome sarcasm I shall just ignore it. Perhaps there’s some statistics you can go and masturbate over….

        1. What are you even talking about?
          So, because they made a mistake 10 years ago and allow a young pogba who wasn’t even playing fo the 1st team, to leave for free, that they are going to do the same with a player who had a very good season after they bought him for 75 mil?
          They will sell him to you for half his price because according to you they don’t care about losing money on transfers?
          Even the most delusional fan wouldn’t write something like this.
          In your delusional fantasy world do you think Milan can sign Haaland for 25 mil? I mean man city doesn’t care about losing money? They can also sign Zirkzee for 40 mil since Pep likes false 9s.
          Come back to reality and try to make some sense in your next comment.

          1. Not sure if you’re aware of the concept of a forum…it is a place where thoughts and ideas can be exchanged. Why do you feel the need To always come into his forum and be a d!ck to people? I mean I’ve noticed it pretty much every time you post to a number of people. Perhaps there’s something lacking in your life but the overwhelming majority of people who post here share ideas and respect one a others thoughts.

            The thought process here is simple, Milan can’t compete for the top strikers against prem clubs due to their financial power. Now one would expect that if United are going for Zirkzee then they see him as their starting striker. I don’t see why Zirkzee would even consider the United move if he was to sit in the bench….or
            Do you think he’ll sit on the bench just so Kia can pocket 15m??!! Of course we don’t know the facts…on the basis given we can’t compete for the strikers who are desirable, the smart move would be to look at strikers who haven’t worked out at clubs. Hoijland hasn’t. Not because he’s a bad player, he’s very good I think, but as is often the case the system doesn’t suit himself. Now all I am suggesting on this forum where one shares ideas and thoughts, is that perhaps there is a deal to be had whereby Zirkzee goes to United and Hoijlamd could come back to Serie A. Never at one point said it was certainty, it was an idea.

            Haaland isn’t even a comparison because he is playing in a system that gets the best from him, plus he is proven at the highest level, Hoijland is yet to be.

            Regarding Pogba, the main reason he left was Raiola, Ferguson hated him. Everyone knew the potential of Pogba, just as you can see the potential of Yamal now, and you could see the potential of Haaland and Mbappe. The world isn’t black and white. The Pogba move caused a big stir in the prem when it happened.

            Not really sure why you’re so angry all the time…..

    1. hahahahaha you’re killin me man. it’s sad but true. We’ll see another article in 48hrs saying, we have an agreement with the player but commission and fees are holding it back, and how we have a list of alternatives —enter 10 names—(essentially, nothing new)

  2. This will be a good transfer because hoijlund is so bad and Joshua Zirkzee will be the man for the goals next season

    1. Lol, I highly doubt it he will be that great. The guy can’t even make the starting 11 or come on a sub for his national team. If he was this fantastic as his agent tries to make him he would play.

      If he goes to united he is more likely to end up like Scammaca and Hoijlund because of the EPL defenders play. He is not worth the insane amount his agent is demanding so he can go to United and ruin his career if he can’t stand up to his agent.

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