Tuttosport: Alarm bells ring as Milan teammates accuse Rebic of poor attitude

By Isak Möller -

Ante Rebic has had a very tough season so far, filled with injuries and poor performances. And the bad news keeps on coming as his teammates are disappointed with his attitude in training, a report claims. 

The Croatian winger has had more injuries than goals this season and there has been speculation about his future with Milan. Although he will be available tomorrow against Lazio, the feeling isn’t exactly positive.

At half-time of Inter-Milan, he complained about a knee injury and was subsequently not subbed on. The tests the day after, however, revealed absolutely no issues and that was the first alarm bell.

According to Tuttosport, as cited by our colleagues at SempreMilan.it, it doesn’t end there as Rebic’s teammates have accused him of poor attitude in training. They believe that the No.12 isn’t fully focused on the big goal, which is winning the Scudetto this season. It remains to be seen how this saga will end.

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      1. We can easily get 20-25mil for him. When he wants to play he is world class. If he has to go i would offer him to Fiorentina who needs a LW and would take their RW Gonzalez in return, win win situation for all. Fiorentina has Icone on the RW as well.

  1. Hope its fake news, cause his been instrumental last season. Maybe his suffering some mental breakdown frustation of injuries and losing his first spot to leao. Such a gem of talent never fully polished

    1. I personally like him, but know that he has attitude problems that’s why doesn’t play for Croatia. But Leao is kind of lazy and uninterested, not motivated for some games. So it’s necessary a total rebuild infront (Striker, LW, AMC/FC, RW).
      According to me we are best suited for 3-5-2 right now. Just stop using right winger. Infront are (Rebic/Ibra or Leao/Giroud or Leao/Giroud or Rebic/Ibra) and also Theo will have more freedom.

    2. I would also be frustrated if a guy that uninterested in playing as Leao is in front of me. I just hope he is sold while he is a talent and we get someone that wants to work hard and fulfill their talent.

      1. What sad and pathetic comments from those who claim Leao is “lazy” and “uninterested”. Your comments are lazy IMO and you obviously don’t understand the game and the amount of extra work Leao must do to cover for Theo.Where would we be without Leao? He is being asked to do everything – has no CAM feeding him, plays with no RW and has old strikers who cannot run for an entire game. Sad sad sad. One has to wonder if your comments are rooted in something other than the way he plays. Let’s also not forget he’s still a kid and needs another season or two with a true RW, CAM and striker to lessen the load. Then we will see what his worth is. Put him on a team like Liverpool or PSG and he will score 30 no doubt IMO. Maldini knows what he’s doing.

  2. A good coach trains the player to be successful in his playing system/strategy. A GREAT coach tailors his system to the players strengths. Put Rebic or Tonali at the 10 not Kessie,Franck is better further back at the midfield. Maignan would be a better 10 than Kessie, (exageration) Rebic played the 10 at Eintracht. Think outside the box,like your job depended on it.

  3. Wait wait, we area talking about attitued and you have Leao in front of him. I’ve never seen a worse attitude then Leaos at Milan. Pogba style, great talent but isn’t there 100%.

    1. Then you should open your eyes more.. Lately I can agree Leao plays a fatigued but that’s just because Rebic is not there mentality and physically. Man, you so underestimate Leao’s value this season, he is one of the reasons wz can still dream of Scudetto. But let’s compare shall we:

      Rebic duels won/lost 41/81
      Leao duels won/lost 159/155
      Rebic 19 recovered balls and 2 interceptions in 755min played
      Leao 81 recovered balls and 12 interceptions in 2179min played
      Rebic fouls made/was fouled 16/9 😅
      Leao fouls made/was fouled 22/40

      You do the math, could give you more stats, all will be in favour of Leao

      1. Well if Leao lost 155 duels and won 159 he dosent look very good either. Preatty much he just keeps on trying more since he has way more playing time. But any way its obvious that Leao belongs in the starting line up, but so does Rebic as well. Lets not forget that Rebic is the most creative attacker that we got and he assistess more than any one else from open play in this team. Leao and Rebic can play together since they are both versitale players, so thats not a problem really. The problem is how can Diaz or Salamakers keep on being starters without doing anything and Rebic not. I saw more from Rebic in 10min(He practicly assisted Messias goal) the last time he played then those two playing game after game as starters.

        1. Impossible for Pioli to rely on Rebic playing 90min, not with this fitness level. What other choice does Pioli have using him as a joker. And even then Rebic has fatigue problems. If he would be fit, Pioli would use him more often, no doubt! Its not like Pioli has a personal problem with Rebic. Btw, Pioli’s goal was top 4, not winning the title, and that goal looks already sealed. So no reason to doubt our manager I would say.

          1. I dont know if fitness is really the problem. Usualy Rebic runs like a horse, he never had a problem to go for 90min in the past, even with high pace. Stamina is something that he always had. He was injured a couple of months ago but by now he should be back to full fitness. Yes i know our goal was 4place, but why not go for the tittle when we acttualy heave the chance for it, it wouldn’t make sense to just settle for top 4 when we are so close to the tittle now. Playing Rebic over Sala/Diaz would have prob got us a couple more points in the last couple of games acording to me. Simply because Rebic creates chances, and thats what we lacked mostly in the attack when we draw with Bologna and Torino.

  4. Well nothing special in this news. In his previous club’ ,he already have high temper/emotional. Banned by croatian nationality team . We Will lucky if can sell rebic 10-15m euro because his injury and bad attitude

  5. He was pretty good. Could assist several times but partners didn’t make it. Unfortunately, Pioli kept him benched for too long. He is probably over-burnt.

  6. Rebic should be played in RW. No harm trying as our RW is sometimes non existent in the match. He may turn out to be a Suso

    1. Totally agree. He can play RW and be MUCH more effective than Saele or Messias. There is no doubt about it. Pioli should start him and hopefully that will make him happier and he’ll feel more like he’s a very important part of the team (like he was past few years helping Milan become a top 4 / Champions League team once again). Pioli needs to manage people’s egos/feelings and honestly Rebic has earned more respect after all he did for the club the past few years (while Messias and Saele have been terrible).

  7. It’s a shame — he was our most creative producer of goals in previous two seasons (many goals and many assists). I’m sure he’s been very frustrated not getting minutes and I agree that while Leao has at times been our best and most creative player (much earlier in the season), he has looked very poor the past month or more. Maybe he’s tired from all the minutes and so that is why he looks lazy or uninterested sometimes; but either way, Pioli (who I do generally support very much) needed to try to get more minutes on the pitch for Rebic. I know Rebic has had some injuries; but when he got back to at least partial fitness, he should’ve brought him on in 60-65th minute or at least 75th minute… but instead Pioli would put him on in the 85th minute. How can he affect the game and get back into the swing of things like that?

  8. As for the Croatian national team, Rebic was a HUGE part of their success in the 2018 World Cup run to the finals versus France playing really well both as RW and LW (interchanging with Perisic often mid-match). But his “banning” or downfall from the team came from a strange event in the Euro 2020 Round of 16 match vs Spain where he went to the sideline to change his boots. Not sure what the issue was w/ his shoes; but while he was doing that and Croatia was down to 10 men, Spain scored and Modric was very angry with him and blamed him. When Modric speaks, Croatians listen and so that was that for Rebic. It’s strange and personally I think Croatia national team leadership is stupid for not forgiving him and letting him back onto the team because his is very talented.

  9. I’ll.take this news with a pinch of salt. Some years back, a certain E92 was rumored to also have a poor attitude and even on drugs. He was quickly sidelined and shipped out. He rejected a huge pay rise to stay at Milan even though a Russian club and even man city offered to double his wages.
    He plays for Roma now.
    The reporters who carry such news ought to shut up. Ain’t they the same guys who peddle stories such as dollaruma wanting to return and us signing lukaku?

  10. Rebic pressed well and caused the turnover to lead to the winning goal today. He generally made a positive impact. he came in and played CAM. then when Krunic came in, he played RW. then when Saele came in he went to LW. he has played center forward for us many times. He is so versatile — we need to find him more minutes.

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