Tuttosport: Ball in Milan’s court as Conte offers himself – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s final objective of the season has been ticked off as they secured second place in the Serie A table thanks to Juventus drawing against Salernitana, and now they can focus fully on the future.

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via MilanNews) writes that the last two matches against Torino and Salernitana will have a bit of a ‘friendly’ feel for Milan given they cannot move up or down in the table, but everyone at the club wants to say goodbye to Stefano Pioli in the best possible way.

An acceleration should come in the next few days regarding the new head coach and the hottest name is still that of Sergo Conceiçao, who should terminate his contract with Porto at the end of the season, while the alternatives are Paulo Fonseca, Mark van Bommel and Marcelo Gallardo.

The Rossoneri leadership really like Thiago Motta, who led Bologna to the Champions League, but he seems destined to go to Juventus to take Max Allegri’s place while staying cannot be ruled out either.

The dream of Milan fans – in the eyes of the paper – has always been Antonio Conte, who in turn has made it known that he is very much available to evaluate a proposal from Milan.

Milan have always denied contact with the former Inter and Juventus boss as he is not seen as a coach that fits what they are looking for, but things ‘can change very quickly’ especially with Conte reaching out to them to make it clear he is up for the challenge.

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  1. What baffles me most is that the Board didn’t even contact and offer the job to Motta and yet, they kept saying they really want him…

    He already rejected to renew his contract with Bologna.

    Dumbfak Juve fans are protesting against Motta and asking the club to keep Max Allegri lol.

    Also they owe around 20 million to Cristiano and the court If I am not mistaken. In case they sack Max, they owe him 15 million too.

    So Motta operation is quite unlikely for them.

    1. Dude, it’s juve ultras who protesting to keep Allegri…90% of the club want him gone, if he doesn’t win the Coppa Italia, he’s as good as gone…but it doesn’t even matter coz Juve management have a gentleman’s agreement with Motta, they just haven’t announced anything so the squad sticks with Max to for the remainder of the games, they know full well that if max hasn’t done anything in three seasons, what’s he going to do in his last one? And if they don’t act now one of the hottest coaches in the market will be gone…so it will do more harm than good to let him leave next year… Plus they can amortize the payments so they don’t pay all of it at once…so go cry over there

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for correction.
        May I ask what is the relationship between Max and Ultras? How come those ultras are still backing Max?

        Earlier, Cassano was saying that Max Allegri has journalist friends who were writing good articles about him to save his job…
        I am just curious: could it be the case that Max has ‘friends’ among Ultra leaders or is he paying some sh*t to them in exchange to support?

        I don’t it may not make any sense but it looks ridiculous that ultras are behind him

    2. Literally, and I mean literally, no one from the board has said anything about any coach, not the named Pioli.
      The articles you read every day about potential players coming or going, or coaches coming or going, do not come from the board, but media speculations.
      Matter fact, no one from the board have even said that they are firing Pioli and looking for a new coach. Every time they talk, they say Pioli is their coach.

      1. He doesn’t understand that what he reads in the articles is pure speculation. He takes it as Gospel and blows Holy Smoke out of his @$s.

  2. Watch this space if Pioli wins the last 2 games in similar fashion as this past weekend. We will have him for another season with this unpredictable management. They are biding their time with this delayed coaching thing, there is a method to this madness..

  3. Get ready milan if they get conte on his side. Big spend money for mercato and heavy training for the players. Thats the way winning mentality.. haha..

  4. Same answer as before…Hell No!

    Conte sure has a lot of friends in the media. Keep pushing him even though nobody wants him. Stop already.

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