Tuttosport: Belotti dreams as Milan ponder free transfer to ensure depth

By Isak Möller -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will miss the first half of the upcoming season and Marko Lazetic should be sent out on loan. Therefore, in addition to Divock Origi, one more striker could arrive and Andrea Belotti hopes it will be him. 

The Torino striker has decided to leave the club at the end of the month, as per Tuttosport (via SempreMilan), and there is no longer any hope for a renewal. The likes of Fiorentina and Monaco are very interested but Belotti is waiting for Milan.

Although Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara seemingly aren’t that keen, a move cannot be ruled out due to Ibrahimovic’s recovery and Lazetic’s likely loan. Gianluca Scamacca was linked with the club this morning, for example, but he might be too expensive.

Belotti is a financially more reasonable operation for Milan as he would arrive on a free transfer, and not with an outrageous wage demand either. In short, we will have to wait and see but for now, the option remains alive (as evidenced by Belotti’s wait).

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  1. get him. Ibra won’t be there. basically what we have is a 35 yo Giroud and a bench warmer from Liverpool who is not certainly a starter material.

    Not saying Belotti is starter material but we have about 45/50 games a season everything included. best we have options at our disposal

    1. Origi not starter material?? LOL. I think Origi will prove you dead wrong. Belotti as 3rd option on a free would be great – but no need to bash Origi in order to praise Belotti.

        1. Definitely not bashing. But let’s talk Numbers. While Belotti has been a consistent goal machine in serie A the last 7 seasons, Origi has yet to score double digits in a season. Sheer Numbers, Milan should have focusens on Belotti.

          1. Yeah, sheer numbers. They have similar goal per minute ratio in their career. Numbers don’t lie, Belotti is crap as well.

        1. He just might. The difference is he didn’t play a lot as a starter while Belotti did. They have similar goal per minute ratio. So how is Origi bad and Belotti good? 😀 Geniuses hahahahaha

          1. you say goals per minute because you know that Origi is so crap he never started for a team for years now

            nice try trying to deflect the discussion, you should be a politician

    1. Yes. He belongs at Milan. I will take Belotti with love for the club over most other similar options.

      You see how the passion for the club was a big part of the scudetto with our players.

      Beiing a lifelong fan must be a big plus

  2. Alright folks, here we go again. Just renew captain, free signing belotti as ST, dybala as RW. LAST but not LEAST gather all funds to Kaka’s heir in CDK. That’s all, folks..

  3. I don’t just I understand this management and there plans..belloti know the in and out of this League,I won’t be surprise if origi doesn’t perform cause

    1. Yeah cause Tomori was just a backup at a big English club and he sucks right? Please can you all get a clue? The management actually has people who know what the hell they are doing scouting players, not you children rating them from FIFA.
      As a free option Origi is a far better choice than Belotti. Belotti is at best a medium fish in a tiny pond, while Origi was the classic little fish in a big one. Whenever given a chance he has proved himself on the big stage where Belotti has failed time and again.

      1. Well said @WCSG. Let’s be honest a back up at Liverpool is a starter in Italy easy. Tomori, Tammy Abraham, Chris Smaling, etc…Italy cannot compare to EPL.. The same ppl on here bashing Origi are the same ppl who said Leo was “lazy” and “uninterested” and we should sell him for 40M LMAO! Be patient. Origi will shine for us IMO and when he does hope all support him with the same fury as you are now bashing him.

  4. Ibra will be gone till January with the injury, but then he will need 2-3 months to get back in playing form. So practicly he will miss whole season. We only have Giroud and Origi. And since Origi has not been a starter material in his previous clubs, he might not turn out as good as people expect him to be, so in the end you are stuck with 36y Giroud as the only option again. Belotti is needed and is the best option at the moment since he is free. The motivation to play for his boyhood club may even make him hit top form again, who knows. Then we will have a top striker for free.

  5. This transfer targets are getting cheaper and cheaper!If we continue like this in this transfer window we are gonna end the summer like we did in january wen we started with several targets and ended with one radom player like lazetic!

  6. I would be disapointed if we doesnt sign belotti but as the management already has proven that they know what they are doing by bringing us the scudetto ill support whoever might join us but i do nevertheless fear if we doesnt sign him we will regret the day so hopefully he will in fact join ac milan this summer as im confident that he would be a great success.
    Regardless of this article i must admit that im currently resigned to the fact that it propably wont happen,

      1. shut the f up kaka as i have allways been VERY CLEAR that i wanted him to join us and never have i swayed from that view one single time BUT i just doubt we will sign him now and there lies the difference. Not sure where you see me playing on both sides when you clearly have a problem reading and comprehending what i wrote so guess whos the fool here ? YOU

  7. If the ita-eng game is any indication.. serious teams should stay away from Scamacca.

    No wonder Inter doesn’t want Scamacca anymore and Maldini is now considering Belotti instead of Scamacca. He is really really pathetic on his off days. 40 Mil? No Effing way. 15 would be overprice imo.

    Raspadori tho.. is a different story.

    With Giroud and Origi, Belotti makes sense. Free, knows Serie a, loves Milan, hard worker.. everything we really need.

    At the current state, ALL we need is theo and leao’s deputy.. CAM and a RW. We literally have just perfect players in every position considering Renato deal is confirmed and we renew Romagnoli.

  8. No doubt it ‘d be a pity not to close such a glove-fit operation.
    Skip the boyhood fan aspect (not to be overestimated at the same time) Belotti is a good player on his prime and will only provide good service especially at the part of the pitch where experience counts a lot.
    We do trust Maldini & Co, yet next year will be even tougher to win the scudetto (I feel this one came a bit earlier than expected and to our great surprise/ joy). If ACM during this summer be both bold and wise by bringing also some established quality players alongside some promising talents then we may witness the start of an era of great success.
    I only hope it happens no matter if Il Gallo joins or not. One must admit it is rather enjoyable to follow the transfer market during the last few years as the team moves towards the right direction to regain its former status as a top European club.

  9. We should get him since he is free. And spend the money on a good
    CAM a RW and a CB.
    Giroud / Origi / Belotti is more than enough for the CF position.

  10. I don’t know why the management are waiting for other target when we have a chance to sign a boyhood milan fan who is ready to play with all his heart for the club, TONALI is a good example, but maldini doesn’t learn from this,I only want BELOTTI,no scammaca & others…Forza milan..

    1. He can play with all his hearth, he doesn’t have the skill. That is why he is still at Torino at 28, not because he is world class.

  11. Why would we not do this?? He’s not old, consistently scores double digits, loves this club and always plays with heart and grit, and he’s a free transfer. Tbh, this is a no-brainer.

    If we aren’t going big on a top striker this year then 100% get both Belotti and Origi. With Giroud and Zlatan this will be enough depth and quality for this year, then we should use those funds we saved for a truly top class RW and AM.

  12. I truly believe Belotti will join Milan.

    I think it’s a done deal. 20-30 million value for free…

    But also a life long fan of the club… Priceless


  13. Is it a cause so milan can not 50milion player everytime there we be looking for chipper players an free transfer what kind of team is this are they not ashamed of at least close eyes an spend money on quality players you we see the gain’am seek am tired of this rubbish team.

  14. He’s Milan fans.
    I respect that fact.

    But I’m not sure this player suit in Pioli plan.

    How do I know?

    I just know it.

    1. Giroud scored 44 goals for France, Origi cant even beat Batshuayi to start for Belgium

      stop comparing apples to oranges

  15. Twin strike force is needed in Europe. Ibra can be a amf when he returns to spread the play, hit in the loose balls.
    Get Belotti

  16. The only reason why we should maybe get him is because he is free. He has under 1 goal per 2 matches ratio and isn’t a Milan quality player. He was good for 2 seasons in his life, that is the past.

  17. Praising Belloti and lashing Origi. We forgetting where they play from. Belloti might not even have the kind of playing time origi has if he was playing in Liverpool one of the best team in the world at the moment.
    I still don’t understand how vast belloti is cos I saw him play in euro 2020 and he couldn’t even make first team and his play is so sluggish

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