Tuttosport: Cardinale ‘offers an outstretched hand’ to Milan fans with Qatar speech

By Oliver Fisher -

Gerry Cardinale gave an interview on stage at the Qatar Economic Forum yesterday and as part of it he looked to reassure AC Milan fans regarding his vision for the club.

The last two home games have been very quiet at San Siro and seen a lot fewer flags and banners because the ultras are protesting. It is a period of uncertainty for the club, which has left supporters demanding answers.

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) has a section dedicated to his words during the segment with Bloomberg, in which he spoke about investments in the world of sport, football and, obviously, also the Rossoneri.

“The answer is that in these years as owners of Milan we have implemented exactly what we expected. But knowing the situation only in theory and experiencing it first hand makes a difference. I say this because our ‘partners’ in Milan are the fans and I take this very seriously,” he said.

Amid the recent protests about a perceived lack of clarity and ambition from the ownership by the fans, Cardinale seemed to offer an outstretched hand by reiterating how much he values them

“In America club owners don’t have this type of ‘partnership’, but in European football it is something that must be taken seriously. In Italian football you have to take it very seriously, and I do. There’s an opportunity here for us to professionalise how these things are handled.

“These are no longer pastimes for the rich, now institutional capital is attracted to these situations because these are multi-billion dollar entertainment activities for live events and balance is needed.”

The Milan fans were discouraged after seeing Inter win the Scudetto in the derby and about the choice of the new coach (as seen in the social media revolt against Julen Lopetegui), because they would like a more ambitious and successful club.

“The fans obviously always want to win. The irony in sports is that if you win every year you make the competition less interesting. The human element and its unpredictability is what makes these things so precious. But in any case it is obvious that we always start to win the championship , to get as far as possible in the tournament.”

The first part of the sentence caused a lot of discussion among Milan fans on social media. But, according to the founder of RedBird, it is necessary to ‘find a balance between the short-term goal of winning every year and the long-term goal of sustainability’.

“These things shouldn’t just lead to a profit, but should instead increase cash flow, which is a good thing. Reinvest cash flow to improve the team and win. It’s a virtuous circle, no different from what happens in any other company,” he said.

Cardinale then further underlined the emotional aspect of the fans and the difference with those who have to manage a club/company.

“Here every now and then emotion takes over and it is here that the best thing we can do to manage this resource for the Italy and for the fans, is to make sure we prepare it for long-term success. Then it is obvious that we want to win every year.

“Here’s the interesting thing. We have never been majority shareholders of such a large sporting reality before. We’ve circled around them, like with the Yankees or Cowboys, but that’s part of the learning process.”

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  1. This greedy imbecile still thinks all Milan supporters are muppets incapable of thinking straight to realise what is happening to this club,throwing empty words maybe maybe some fools will buy it

    1. Doesn’t matter what you buy or don’t buy. He’s running the show. All you have to decide is whether to stick around to see where this thing goes…

      …or to check out altogether.

  2. Yeah we got it Jerry, “running a football club is like running a widget factory”. Nobody contests sustainability, tremendous efforts were made during Elliott’s tenure. People complain because there is no plan besides merch and stadium. Our best recruit last summer, Pulisic, was arguably bought for commercial purpose and we’re lucky enough that he’s no longer injury-prone and became a leader. Most of the other recruits are guys who maybe one day might become good players. This team is built poorly around the Scudetto core of players. I’m not even sure top coaches are interested in a job where you can’t expect good recruiting and just sht up.

    The Yankees, the Cowboys… This is not American sports. No closed league. No draft. No tanking. Please build your stuff fast and leave.

  3. “Here every now and then emotion takes over…” No kidding – the whining is endless. It’s like listening to a bunch of bored housewives.

    1. Yeah because football, and especially 7-time UCL winner A.C. Milan, should be as fun and exhilarating as filling a tax form. That’s your problem if you have as much emotions as a toaster.

        1. Hahaha man I was expecting that last argument you have these days, the Jerry a$$ sniffers. That paranoid xenophobia is especially funny considering how many people spit on Italy or Arabs. I don’t see any animosity toward Pulisic or Musah, it’s just the greedy billionaire giving life lessons in economic magazines despite running a circus. Or maybe in your school in the morning you also pledge allegiance to Jerry?

          1. Damn I forgot that other argument of Jerry a$$ sniffers these days, “complaining”. Thanks for the reminder. You’re this meme of the dog in flames saying this is fine haha

          2. To your comment below,

            In your posts to this thread you’ve offered no constructive and objective criticism to Cardinale’s ownership.

            What do you have an actual problem with?
            What “circus”? Milan being tight lipped about it’s transfer plan? Milan punting Pioli after a disappointing season? Milan not becoming a super power in one summer?

            Where is your actual issue?

            Are you having a problem with American Ownership? Elliott? RedBird? Did you want InvestCorp? Had anyone else stepped up to buy Milan that you were hoping for?

            SO far you ARE only complaining without an ounce of any objective input. Yet when someone call you out on exactly that, then it becomes “Jerry a$$ sniffers” and toasters and tax returns…

  4. This is NOT a company. This is a lot people’s belief for the life. That is the BIG difference.

    You are running for business, for profit. We, Milan fan, are hoping for winning, not hoping for making money for you!

  5. Gerry isn’t doing himself any favours here saying things effectively like we’ve never don’t this before or that he’s surprised at what running a big club might entail. The interview itself is fine in a business setting and in that forum. But he also has to realize he is the owner of a large prestigious club and his audience will never be compartmentalized ever again.

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