Tuttosport: The clues pointing towards Pioli staying with Milan beyond this season

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli has found himself under immense pressure at times this season, but the Italian coach could be close to having his stay at the club extended beyond the end of this campaign. 

Milan endured a terrible spell in the lead-up to Christmas and it led to very serious suggestions that Pioli will be sacked, but as Tuttosport (via Pianeta Milan) have reported, there are hints that Pioli will get more than just this season to get Milan back on top.

Milan’s form in 2024 has been very good, having won every game other than the late draw at home to Bologna. Pioli is out of contract in June 2025 and it has seemed like a convenience for both parties if he were to walk away at the end of this season.

With the upturn in form, there is certainly no suggestion that he will be sacked before the season ends.

There have been public declarations from the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paolo Scaroni and Giorgio Furlani in recent weeks for Pioli. Also, prominent players like Olivier Giroud, Rafael Leao and Theo Hernandez have all done the same.

Pioli genuinely seems to have the backing of those at the club, both in the playing squad and higher up. If results continue in this manner, there seems little chance that Milan change coach for the 2024/25 season.

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  1. Ha ha 😂, OK 👍.
    This guy and that guy has expressed support of Pioli.
    What else they suppose to do when they have decided not to fire him before the end of the season? Go in the media and trash him?
    Also, if he stays past this summer( God help us), they will have to give him an extension. He isn’t going to stay and go into next season on an expiring contract and be a lame duck coach.
    The conditions are right this summer for both sides to go their separate ways.
    He got 5 years. How many coaches get that much time at one club?
    Coaches that had way more success than him, like sacchi and Capello didn’t stay that long, but Pioli should stay longer?
    Even Ancelotti’s reign shouldn’t have lasted more than 5 years. His last 2 years were dull too.

  2. nah just get Motta, he will be magic, 2 years of Serie A experience but doesn’t matter, twitter gave the guarentee that he will win 38 league games next season

    1. You mean like Xabi Alonso.
      Who also has 2 years of experience and this season has 26 wins out of 30 games, no losses. 90 goals scored only 20 given up. Just destroyed the mighty Bayern during the weekend where bayern only had 1 shot.
      Yeah you right, Milan should keep Pioli or sign some dinosaur coach instead. Shouldn’t go for a young coach because they can’t win all 38 games in a season.

  3. If Pioli stays and they sort out the injuries it’ll be interesting to see what he can do with a full squad. If he leaves I’ll get behind whoever comes on board (as long as it’s not someone ridiculous like Potter or Mourinho).

    1. “If Pioli stays and they sort out the injuries it’ll be interesting to see what he can do with a full squad.”
      I don’t think this injury crisis is gonna sort itself with Pioli on board, the reason is: Matteo Osti.
      Osti is the head of the physical preparation team, he came to our team with Pioli. Since his work pretty much started by summer 2020, you can pretty much say he certainly has a big role in this injury crisis.
      I’ve heard that the management wanted to let go of him, but Pioli protested. They are good friends and have been working together for more than a decade.
      So in short, as long as Pioli stays, Osti is probably gonna stay as well.

    2. Pioli’s issues aren’t just the injuries. He’s done remarkably well with how many of them he’s had to deal with to keep this team Top3.

      However his tactical limitations have been evident for some time. I would like an upgrade in the summer to take this team to the next level (and get more out of the current crop of players).

  4. Please let’s keep in mind that injury ravaged us in the first half of the season, prosecuting champions League with primera lads. I feel we should fortify our team in summer and see what next season brings. Forza Milan.

  5. Pioli is probably going to stay. The UCL spot seems pretty secured and the team seems to be stable since december.
    Red Bird doesn’t care about titles, only revenues. It wouldn’t make sense for them to sack an obedient coach, who seems to be able to finish in the top 4 each season with little money to go for a more daring coach who will start asking for more investment in order to bring titles. Also his wage is not very high, going for a big name coach bit a huge salary doesn’t make sense of them.

  6. In 4 full seasons under Pioli, Milan has finished 2nd, 1st, 4th, and this season likely 3rd or 2nd. Throw in a CL semi-final run for good measure. I get that there have been some frustrations and disappointments along the way, but when you zoom out, I’m not sure how much better you can really expect under the current economic reality.

    People who think that a coach like Motta is a sure thing to get this team to another level might be in for a rude awakening. Maybe he would do better, but it’s just as likely that he would probably do about the same.

    In my opinion Pioli has done a great job this season. He had a very challenging task of integrating several new young players into the squad which he has done successfully. He’s also managed to get fairly consistent results despite a pretty severe injury crisis. He clearly still has the locker room.

    1. Thank You for that.

      I am 100% behind this ^. These threads, more often than not, lack objectivity and while Pioli isn’t an Apex Coach, credit must be given to him for the work he has done.

      1. Yeah, I could possibly be persuaded that it’s time to move on, although there’s absolutely no guarantee that the next coach will do any better than Pioli has done, regardless of who that coach is.

        Even if they somehow got De Zerbi, he’s made his resume entirely by overachieving with lower budget squads. While that’s admirable, it’s a completely different challenge than what would be asked of him at Milan which would be to win trophies with a medium but not really high budget.

        They could easily do worse than what Pioli has accomplished.

        1. It’s true but at the same time if you want improvment you have to take risks sometimes.
          The let’s play it safe approach is only going to take someone so far.
          The inexperienced Zidane could have failed at Real Madrid.
          Guardiola with no background could have failed in 2009.
          Ancelotti, Sacchi, Capello had no titles prior to training us.
          Yes a new coach can do worse, but if you want better results than the current ones you have to take the risks sometimes.

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