Tuttosport: €80m the price set by Milan as star man continues to gather interest

By Oliver Fisher -

A year ago it was Sandro Tonali, but a report has claimed that the summer 2024 window could see Theo Hernandez ‘sacrificed’ by the AC Milan management.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) are reporting that Theo could be the big sale of the window for Milan, given that links with Bayern Munich have intensified in recent days and the stories have come from Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

Milan’s accounts are excellent and for this reason they don’t need to sell one of their top players, but if a truly indispensable offer were to arrive from Germany then the same thing could happen as a year ago with Tonali.

Obviously everything will depend on how much the Germans put on the plate because the management are asking for at least €80m to let Theo leave, given his status among the best in his position in the world.

We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks, without forgetting that there is a European Championship still to be played in which the Frenchman will be the protagonist with France, one of the favourites.

With the sale of a big name, the budget for the summer transfer market would significantly increase for the Rossoneri. For example, with the money they could get Joshua Zirkzee for the attack, Alessandro Buongiorno for the defence, plus a midfielder and a right-back, considering the budget already available.

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  1. I feel like all those articles around Theo “wanting to leave” are pushed forward by our management to justify his future “eventual” sale.
    I would be easier to justify selling Theo if it was him who wanted to leave rather than the management who wanted the money or didn’t want to renew to him.

    1. Realistically, it needs both parties to want it to happen – he’s absolutely at his peak now, it would make perfect sense for him to want to maximise that in terms of earnings and titles. Sad, because you’d like to see more players become a legend at a club, rather than moving to be ‘one of many’ at the biggest few clubs, but that’s the way it is these days.

      The market force is Madrid being in dire need of a left-back and Manchester City having a spot there too. Alphonso Davies and Theo are the two biggest names likely to be available.

      Of all players that might be worth allowing to leave on a free, Theo is top of my list – he’s a big difference maker and can mean us finishing in a higher league position or qualifying for an extra round in Europe.

      But if he does leave, where will be looking? Someone like Kiwior would mean a big tactical shift and explain the hunt for a right back to add mobility. Players like Mykolenko, Ait-Nouri, Udogie…. would any of them be available at a reasonable price? Lucas Piton out of Brazil?

      There’s not many obvious but available players unless we’re looking at older players like Digne, Mendy or Reguilon. So the management will have to have a succession plan if they are to sell Theo, but I have my fears.

  2. There is no smoke without a fire. There might be interest and he will be a starter there. But honestly, I can’t imagine why one would want to go to Bayern. It’s an end of an era, with an unproven coach coming from a relegated side.

    The weather is bad, the food is bad…. the fans and stadium are great. The club is a top club like ours but it’s not in the state his brother knew.

    1. ” I can’t imagine why one would want to go to Bayern. ” They’ve been a very well run club for a very very very long time. Before our banter, during and after. They’ve been in many semis and finals the last 10 years in the UCL. 8 semi/finals in the last 15 years…we only have one and a seminar that ,,🤷‍♂️. Why wouldn’t stars go there. Just like at Real and City. You get a much better chance at trophies

    2. The likelyhood of Bayern coming back to at least be able to win the Bundesliga is much higher than ours winning even Coppa Italia. Also with Bayern you’re almost always guarantee to play in quarter finals of UCL and even semis provided you don’t stumble into Real or City too soon. Even an out of shape Bayern is still a top club in Europe with I think no more than 5 clubs being able to consistently pass it.
      Also he will be playing with the likes of Neuer, Kane, Muller, Kimmich,…

    3. “Few other clubs unite the desire to win so strongly with the ability to win. Onwards, ever onwards. We demand top performance – from our players, from our staff, and from ourselves.”
      From the Bayern’s official website.

      “In sport, you can’t buy championships. I would obviously like to win the Scudetto and the Champions League every year, but if we did it would be contrary to our job. Our job is to get a return on this investment and if every year the same people win it wouldn’t work, right? It would make the evaluation completely dilutive. (…) Of course, we all want to win, but if you look at it through the purely non-emotional lens of an investor, the goal is to consistently perform.”
      From Jerry.

      Now if I’m a world class player wanting to compete for trophies and to be paid accordingly, I know where I’m going.

    4. Even with unproven coach niko kovac ,they can still win bundesliga. They win 11 bundesliga in row before harry kane coming this season. Every years they atleast play at quarterfinal CL not like italian club that need lucky drawing to reach one time final CL in last 7 years. If you want lifting champion league better go to club like manc city ,Real madrid,bayern muenchen

  3. Curva and fans want statement from the management showing their ambitions to take us to next level.

    Here’s their statement.

    1. Let’s see what the tifosi will say. The club’s social accounts are already stormed. This management is inviting actual top clubs at the lucullan feast and Jerry is turning the club into Macy’s and Disneyland. Questo stronzo ha la faccio come il culo…

  4. All these managers and the owners pick the one that we like the least and has the least potential. Now with the players they want to sell theo, the last guy we want to see sold. Are they doing this crap to make us angry? I have no doubt he’s going to get sold this summer. He went from saying he wants to stay and renew to all of a sudden open to leaving so clearly the management told him that they’re going to put him on the market this summer with a plan ice tag already slapped on him. Getting more and more angry every day here.

  5. Theo was always gonna warrant Leao money next renewal window. He’s arguably the best in his world in his position.

    He’s at prime age for mega money move. PLayers’ careers are finite. If he has any ambitions to play at a super club, now would probably be best for him.

    As a Milanista, I would like for management to renew him for another window, then offload him if he is open the move. Doubt he stays at Milan the rest of his career.

  6. What the hell is going on with this club??? Cmon! Just renew Theo and get the striker and DM and lets win something already MF

  7. Want to see a real statement of ambition?

    Inter managed to agree new contracts with both Martinez and Barella. Martinez will reportedly earn 9 millions + bonuses.

    They’re telling us, we don’t have to sell because our accounts are funky fresh. But they will anyway cause money speaks louder than words.

    Anyway don’t let this distract you from the fact that Theo is the actual bad guy here cause he wants more than they can (are willing to) give him. That’s straight blackmailing right there. Bad Theo. Bad.

    And Calabria wants to (reportedly) double his current 2 million wage? One of the lowest salaries among our players for our captain? That’s outrageous. Bad Calabria. Bad.

    1. And yet people will write here that Serie A can’t keep its best players because it can’t compete financially with other leagues and that Inter is doomed with their debt. Getting humiliated by Inter is like a second nature for that management.

    2. Inter are ambitious team even though they are in debt they decided to not sell their best players because they are ambitious and think to win they are not this bankers

  8. Theo is leaving. It will happen. Milan is in disarray and he can double his salary. Also, with Maldini gone, only Leao remains to try to keep him.

    The unfortunate part, we’ll use the money to sign some cheap guys, like Reijnders who added nothing to our team this year.

    Pioli start 2024 season: let’s put Reijnders in AM
    result: he can’t shoot

    Pioli early 2024 season: Ok, let’s move him to DM
    result: he can’t defend or win the ball back

    Pioli: Ok, let’s move him to CM and hope for the best.
    result: he can’t pass vertically. He can’t attack half spaces. He literally is the king of the backpass. When he manages to make a lateral pass, people treat him like a baby who made his first poopie.

    Because. MONEYBALL Moncada.

  9. Yeah, he’ll use the money to sign some cheap guys, like Reijnders, Theo, Bennacer, Pulisic, and Maignan before they came to Milan.

  10. F**K your budget, if you need to sacrifice the heart & sould of this decade of Milan, a player who should end his career in Milan!
    And “a truly indispensable offer” is 80 mil?! Do you know what would’ve been “a truly indispensable offer” if the tables were turned?! 150 at least!
    MILAN MUST NEVER SELL THEO! Better sell Maignan, if you really have to do that s**t, but not the heart & sould to this squad! Give him a new deal & let Bayern satisfy with Zinchenko, for whom Arsenal will also ask a similar price as the 80 mil. Milan is ready to sell Theo!
    I’M 30+ yrs fan of Milan,and this would be the most poisonous arrow in my heart,if it really happens!

  11. Milan don’t have enough money to keep their star with new contract, but its ok, bussiness is stll bussiness. Milan have a lot of – recruiting like De katelaere, Paqueta, Andre Silva, Piatek, so much lost money, Milan have to build Milan playing Philosopy n playing system from U-16 U-19 U-23 n academy senior Team must have same role too. If Milan lost his star Milan can use youth player being senior team n it will much easy to adaptation in senior team, n n also give Milan a lot of money

  12. If milan sell theo this summer then i am afraid that it will be forza inter for me from now on. Cannot take this from milan management any more. Have had enough.

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