Tuttosport: Elliott give green light for Milan to buy €10-15m Santos striker – reflections underway

By Oliver Fisher -

The Milan management have received the green light from Elliott Management to sign Kaio Jorge from Santos, according to a report.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) writes that while the negotiations for Olivier Giroud are continuing, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are also still looking for another younger striker to be included in the squad next season and Kaio Jorge is the latest name, a 19-year-old Brazilian striker on whom Juventus and Napoli have also set their sights.

Jorge’s contract expiring in six months and he has decided not to renew, so he could be bought for between €10m and €15m. It is an operation that would fit perfectly within the parameters of Elliott, who have therefore given their green light to the deal.

The Rossoneri scouts have given positive reports on the teenager and therefore Milan will remain at the window, but after Tomori’s signing there is only one of the two slots for non-EU players. Jorge also falls into this category, so a decision must be made on whether to use the final spot on the Santos starlet.

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  1. Martin Bernhard says:

    “The Rossoneri scouts have given positive reports on the teenager and therefore Milan will remain at the window, but after Tomori’s signing there is only one of the two slots for non-EU players”

    This is factual incorrect as tomori has a dual passport, english and canadian ones. He has even played an international match for england.

    1. Oliver Fisher says:

      The United Kingdom are no longer in the EU.

      1. Martin Bernhard says:

        I get that but neither is switzerland and to my knowledge their players doesnt count as non european players either so i would be surprised if he actually would count as a non european player. Add to that then english teams shouldnt be able to participate in chamions league orn europa league anylonger either.

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          Norway and iceland isnt part of the european union either and im sure their players doesnt count as non eu players

        2. Oliver Fisher says:

          Switzerland are not a full EU member but are part of the Schengen agreement, meaning Swiss players are free to move and work around the EU. As for the UK they have fully withdrawn, so the information relayed by Tuttosport is correct. The Champions/Europa League argument is also not really relevant because there are plenty of teams from non-EU countries who can participate in those competitions – governed by UEFA with no pre-requisite to be an EU member.

          1. Martin Bernhard says:

            hmm Ok we can always learn and im open to it but how about norway and iceland then ?

          2. Martin Bernhard says:

            A small add on if english players count as non eu players what about english teams using eu players because if they can freely use them and we cant use theirs freely it will give them a further advantage which would seems to go against the principles set up in the cl tournament. Am i wrong here ?

          3. Oliver Fisher says:

            I believe all players now arriving to play in England from a foreign country now requires a work permit, which is usually easy to obtain.

          4. Martin Bernhard says:

            But Oliver for me the question would be can english teams play with more than 3 eu players because if they still can do that they are practically given an advantage as they should only be allowed to play with players from england + 3 foreign players and that including eu players. They cant have it both ways in my view.

          5. Oliver Fisher says:

            Yes they can play with more than 3 EU players as far as I know, something that it seems UEFA agreed to rather than the EU.

          6. Martin Bernhard says:

            Ok thanks for the clarification on the matter well then they are getting an advantage as they will have a bigger pool of players made available for them as an english team pretty much then could field a team consisting only of french players while a french team only can field 2 english ones from what i can see of. Not only far better advertisement deals for their league but now also a larger pool of players made available on match day Sigh.

        3. White_Power says:

          The Eu has nothing to do with a european competition which is based on geography…

          1. Martin Bernhard says:

            yeah that makes sense when you say it because with some of the countries participating like russia, turkey and serbia its clearly down to geography thanks for the clarification.

  2. Danielson says:

    Maldini don’t be lazy hurry up and bring this boy to us please

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