Tuttosport: English clubs show interest in De Ketelaere – the amount Milan would sell for

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could decide to cut their losses and sell Charles De Ketelaere this summer with some interest having already arrived, a report claims.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) recall this morning how it is less than a year ago since De Ketelaere landed in Italy after what felt like an endless negotiation, becoming the marquee signing for a Milan side that had just won the Scudetto.

However, the management have made it clear that he can leave the club after just one season, even if it will not be easy to find a team willing to offer the €28m needed to ensure a capital loss is not recorded.

The Belgian has admirers in the Premier League above all but also in Italy, given that in recent weeks there has been talk of possible interest from Atalanta, despite a season in which he failed to score a goal and registered just one assist.

Milan paid €32m to sign him from Club Brugge last summer and that means they need to sell for €28m to ensure they are not recording a loss. However, Premier League clubs have that kind of money and the Rossoneri will evaluate the offers that come in.

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  1. No identified team(s), no identified offer(s). Is this even news?

    Did Tuttosport editors just pulled something up their collecetive arses and probably just say, “This won’t be the worst rumour at all, let’s just go with it and if it’s turns out to be true then we can claim to be the first who reported it”.

    1. Wasn’t just a Maldini choice. Moncada and Furlani approved of a CDK move. This happens in football – and it’s like Gattuso once said, “sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe sh*t”

      1. Also, CdK would come earlier but Mr. Hotshot American dragged takeover throughout the summer and we had no budget due to it. But people tend to forget certain things as it suits them.

        1. Yeah like people can reason with AC Maldini fanboys

          Maldini isnt equal to Milan, get that through your thick heads

  2. ur an idiot, he still didnt settle in , and its very stupid to say maldini got sacked c0z of this, maldini was sacked coz cardinale doesn’t want to invest pure and simple, it doesn’t have to do with the signings or the project, and its a pretty idiotic sacking, team was doing well, project was great, we only needed funding , now we are rebuilding after a 3 year sucessful spell this is very idiotic, u cant rebuild every two years, milan was very succesful under maldini, on the field and balancing the books plus its the most money we got in profits under him stop acting like morons, shallow fans know nothing about football

    1. Nah attack needs a complete rebuild except for Giroud and Leao (and maybe Saele for depth).

      Midfield was also hit and miss. Despite many great things (like Defense, GK) there is a reason for that in Maldinis work as well.

      Maybe we could have done it without selling Tonali but that‘s far from a given.

      1. Well we earned 100+mil in cl if i remember correctly, then we played for a full stadium all season + we also improved some of our comercial deals and doubled them to over 30mil, There really should have been enough room to invest some cash this summer without selling tonali and the ownership still pocketing some cash.

        1. Even 50 millions (as reported that was the budget) would be enough to get the missing puzzle pieces without selling Tonali. But these cowboys want sensationalism. Everything must be flashy and with big headlines. So here we go another year zero for their big bang.

          1. Personally i would have been disappointed with 50 mil but 70 mil could also have gotten us somewhat further had we kept tonali as well. I don’t know what they want except paying their loans but i definitely doesn’t trust their judgment at this point.

          2. How, we would need to sign 6-8 players (1 ST, 2-3 wingers, 2 CAM, 1-2 CM) even with Tonali staying. At least for a proper rebuild of attack and improvement for midfield. No way that works with 50m, we will be spending 3 digits.

        2. Milan sold Tonali because Tonali asked to be sold after receiving an offer of up to 9 mil per year salary.
          And no, Milan couldn’t reject the transfer when the player is asking to leave.
          Just like at any other job. When someone offers your employee a quadruple raise in salary, the only way you can keep him is if you match that salary offer (or come close to it) or you going to have to let him go.
          No offense to Tonali, but he isn’t worth half that money in Italy right now

          1. Pretty much just speculation that he asked to be sold because those interviews and articles that has been posted recently has been somewhat contradicting and you wouldnt expect tonali to say he had no interest to join them. That would have caused an uproar in the club by both the ownership and fans,
            Tonali had a contract running untill 2026 so of course we could have kept him and tonali has previously proven to us that money isnt everything to him as he lowered his initially agreed upon salaries to facilitate the transfer to ac milan to begin with.

          2. @Ted, the deal got done in 24 hours. Newcastle had an agreement with Tonali first before they had an agreement with Milan.
            Did you hear any complaints from Tonali or his agent.
            Sempre Milan did a great interview last week with James Horncastle from the Atlhletic , go listen to it

          3. @Martin Bernhard
            Tonali could have rejected the move like Barella did. Or even better like Kaka did in ’09.
            If people remember Kaka was supposed to be the first 100 mil transfer. Berlusconi accepted the offer but Kaka refused the move because he didn’t want to go to rainy and gloomy Manchester no matter the money. Then 5 months later he moved to R Madrid for 35 mil less. Basically if you wanna sell me imma choose my next club.
            Tonali is going to Newcastle.
            If he didn’t want the move he could have pushed back, asked them to sell him to a better club, but not a peep fr Tonali.
            Also read his and his agent interviews.

          4. I do remember the case of city/kaka and im not saying tonali couldnt just have said he wouldnt want to leave but who knows what has happened behind the curtains. I dont blame him for leaving i blame the ownership for selling him and creating a bad enviroment in the recent month,
            I did also read the interviews as well but as i said it wouldnt help him or his new club to say that he would have preferred staying anyways maybe we will hear a different tune later in his career. I wish him all the best,

          5. They said it on Athletic and I heard it via Football Kush on YouTube. Tonali agreed terms with United before they even approached us. How is that the owners’ fault?

          6. @Martin Bernhard the club has to sell a player that asks to leave after receiving a substantial salary offer. If you force him to stay you have a disgruntled player in your squad. That would have caused a bad environment at the club not his sale.
            You either match the offer or you gotta sell him.
            And people need to stop saying that Tonali dont care about money . His salary was lowered by 400k for only 1 season. And that was because of his poor performance in the first year at Milan when he was on loan. After the year was over Milan renegotiated the transfer with both Brescia and Tonali. Brescia received around 10 mil less than the initial Milan buy option and Tonali received a lesser salary.
            You can’t compare 400k less for 1 season with 6.5 million more per season for 5 years.
            I am not bashing Tonali for going for the money, it was the right move

          7. Considering how much cash we earned last season, 100+mil in cl, playing for a full stadium all season + improving couple of our commercial deals to above 30 mil then i would say a solid ownership would have refused to sell him as we doesnt even get the full fee as some of it will go to brescia, Yeah im angry at the ownership but even if tonali accepted the deal i dont blame him as the club current sails down sh1t creek throwing our management under the bus just because of cardinales ego and stingyness.

          8. Money isnt everything, it doesnt matter sh1t to me unless im broke but sure maybe tonali doesnt view it that way but he has already earned a fair share of cash and would continue to do so had he stayed.
            I will agree though it could cause some issues keeping players who wants to be sold but contracts are both for the sake of players security but also for the clubs so players better act profesional if denied a sale.

        3. @martin bernhard you cannot use all income for transfer market , no italian club last season have pure budget 50m euro like AC Milan , all of them need to sell player before buying player , not even juve that have own stadium. This season we still have 50m euro budget + sale player but need so many position to cover , dont get it wrong i opposed tonali selling and prefer sell foreign player like tomori or theo but both of them cannot get high offer as fast as newcastle offer for tonali . All income go to pay salary all player + coach & his staff, pay rent stadium & employers worker in casa milan . AC Milan i think for now have healthy finance better than IM,napoli,lazio,roma,atalanta

          1. Our revenue in the last year hadnt it been 350 mil according to cardinale himself as his goal is to reach the 500 mil mark.
            Our salaries for the team is below 100 mil in the vicinity of 75 mil + we rent san siro for 8.5 mil a year, Obviously there are other costs as well but lets say it all comes up to 250 mil then there really should be room to use 70 mil without the tonali sale and the ownership would still be able to pocket 30 mil and the club is already debt free but cardinale isnt so he will have to pay up loans,
            I would rather have sold tomorri of the two you mentioned or even bennacer had he not been injured.
            I always appreciated elliot managements work in regard of improving the finances so its not that impose smart business but i think this has turned into a bad excuse as im not really asking for that much as i see it but i might be wrong.

  3. Send him out on loan if a of offer at least 28m doesn’t arrive, he has showed what he can do in the Europa League, let him regain his confidence and form, Leao wasn’t an instant success and neither was Tonali or Kessie or Bennacer, give him the time to develop. If we have up on everyone after one bad season none of those guys would’ve been here and we wouldn’t have lifted the Scudetto, don’t be like Porto who gave up on Thiago Silva, Man United who gave up on Diego Forlan, or us who gave up on both Locatelli and Bryan Cristante. Take it easy.

  4. Give the kid a chance with better players around him. After new year often when he played was with Origi, Messias, Rebic. Not a fair chance to redeem yourself

  5. I remember Leao and his first season, a lot of us wanted him out. They even considered selling him or at least send him on loan. I called him Niang 2.0 which was deserving at time. So I too think CdK should be given this whole season with complete pre seasons to show what he can do. I bet he would flourish in Atalanta and I don’t want that. The thing is, I don’t know if he suits Pioliball or if Pioli is capable of finding him a role in his set up

      1. How is he not even close to Leao in talent? CdK’s statistics from Brugge are wild comparing Leao’s from Lille or Sporting. And if players are brought, it is based on their talent which is shown through statistics in their previous club. So how was it that Leao of Lille was considered bigger talent than CdK of Brugge if comparing statistics from their respective roles?

        1. Belgium league is very weak unlike Portugese. Serie A flop Skov Olsen had good stats at Brügge as well.
          Apart from that also eye-test, Leao has just a better technical-motorical skillset, you can tell by the way he moves. CDK will never catch up on that, he could compensate in other areas but he doesn’t.

  6. I always thought the Chelsea board is ridiculous but the current Milan board is just next level of amateurism.
    Selling a player with such huge potential after 1 bad season
    Selling Tonali, sacking Maldini (literally the heart of Milan) and not signing Thuram or Kamada for free

    Joke of a club

    1. Heart of Milan lmao, Milan isnt a small club like your PSGs that it depends on the legacy of one player

      stop disrespecting the name AC Milan

      1. Writing, saying or thinking that Maldini isn’t the heart of Milan makes you basically a fool, NOT a Milanista.
        But in the recent years when Milan won the scudetto and now had success in the UCL, suddenly many stupid fans appeared who claim to be long term Milan fans. So I am basically not even suprised about your stupid statement.

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