Tuttosport: Furlani seeks agreement with Zirkzee’s agent to make Milan move happen

By Ben Dixon -

For the past few months, the topic of reports has been AC Milan’s interest in Joshua Zirkzee, but in recent days, a move has looked difficult to be finalised due to the requests of his agent. However, Giorgio Furlani is planning to seek an arrangement to bring the Dutchman to the club.

Milan’s biggest goal for the mercato is recruiting a new striker, and the favoured option is Bologna’s striker. Whilst other options have arisen for the Dutchman, the Rossoneri have led the race in recent times, but they have hit a roadblock.

It is certainly not the first obstacle they have faced. After all, it looked like a deal would not happen when Bayern Munich seemingly re-entered the equation. However, they took a back seat, and the Diavolo returned to the driving seat.

Now, however, the difficulty has risen. Milan can match the fee of the transfer, but the commission being demanded by Kia Joorabchian is putting the club in a difficult situation, and one they will not remain in if his agent does not alter his position.

Currently, Joorabchian is demanding €15 million for his client’s services, which the Rossoneri will not pay, which is why Furlani is in talks to lower the demand, according to reports from Tuttosport (via Milan News).

Ideally, the club would like to pay less than €10m, but if this is not possible, other options will be looked into, especially considering Paulo Fonseca is not sure about the Dutchman’s profile.

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      1. Gimenez is definitely NOT worth that much. i’d rather pay 55 for Zee, however inflated it is, than 60-65 for Gimenez. But that’s just me.

  1. Oh now, suddenly Fonseca is also not sure about Zirkzee lol. Kia is not going to lower his demands for 10 million. Never. Maximum we can squeeze is 12-13 million.

    What surprised me most is that why Milan board did not check his agent commission in winter to simplify such complications?

    We could have moved on and probably got a striker already instead of chasing after one guy and embarrassing ourselves like this

    1. “embarrassing ourselves like this” because we’re trying to negotiate an idiotic commission request down? How so?

    1. Broja showed promise and looked really good at Chelsea before he got injured. I guess that’s our calling card. Pick players with promise or that were really good but drop in value due to an injury or are injury prone and hope for the best.
      Worked well with Puli in year 1. Most of the time, it does not work very well.

      1. Normally I would agree it’s 50-50. before Pulis degradation in Chelsea he was cooking in Dortmund. Well for Broja I can’t say that and by the game he played against Italy I would say he’s not only average but surely below average .. Calafiori put him in his back pocket , sang him songs before going to sleep .

  2. I called Broja a few weeks ago, it’s so going to happen…..Dobvyk is linked to Atletico and City so if he has a strong Euros we have no chance. I don’t think we will have a good summer, we should have got out business done pre euros, we hoped for Zirkzee, Buongiorno and Fofana but it isn’t going to end like that…

    I wonder how much of this is a game from Redbird, hire a compliant coach and then get him to say he’s not sure on Zirkzee so thus negating blame on Redbird who never had any intention of signing him. Don’t get me wrong Kia can go f@ck himself, we shouldn’t be involved with allowing an agent to use a player to make himself rich…who represents whom?

    But the principle os the same with all the big names we are linked to, we won’t sign a Buongiorno or Zirkzee because under moneyball BS there will always she a slightly worse player for a lot less money free and that is the name of the game…they will use Ruben to justify Broja, a player who had injuries but at a new club will thrive..I don’t even hate Broja, he’s potentially good, blues not on my wish list but this is just the new crap Milan has been aligned to…

  3. Milan is just beating around…get Dobvyk already before arsenal signs him…he is worth less than zirkzee…and I am sure his agent won’t be this greedy !!

  4. How someone could let their future decided by someone else who’s supposed to represent their best interest is insane. In the other hand, Zirkzee is cost 55 in this case, whether you like it or not, like the journalist said, doesn’t matter ehre the money goes.

    1. Zirkzee has a deal with his agent to split the money…he doesn’t need his agent to sign a contract with Milan or for Milan to pay his buy out fee…he wants cash now…it would be misguided to only blame the agent, zirkzee is the decision maker at the end of the day…

  5. I am sick of milan, furlani, moncada, ibrahimovic, cardinale and the whole lot. Inter, juve and the others march on while milan just talk and bs all the time.

  6. Please report on anything else. Milan have known the request and continue to negotiate because they have a price they like him at and it’s not the one they are getting…They are talking to every striker who is available…why just report on this one. It makes it seem like management is focused on him and I don’t think they are…they are just doing due diligence…for all we know, his manager has promised him to arsenal. Or he only wants to play at Milan and is playing chicken to get himself paid more…the point is Milan does not get held hostage. Dragging this out like it’s a whole saga makes it seem like he’s the first choice striker and I’m guessing he isn’t but I like the misdirection…

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