Tuttosport: Juventus could overtake Milan in Berardi race amid €40m price tag

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are looking to bolster their squad with a right-winger ahead of the upcoming season. Domenico Berardi has been linked with the club quite a lot but his name seems to be fading. 

The Sassuolo captain is coming off the best season of his career with a staggering 15 goals and 17 assists in the league. At the age of 27, he’s ready for the leap to a bigger club as well and the Milan links make a lot of sense.

However, as reported by Tuttosport (via MilanNews), Milan could be overtaken by Juventus in the race. Sassuolo have made it known that they want €40m to let their star go and the Rossoneri think this is too much, hence the little progress made lately.

Juventus, on the other hand, seem more inclined to open negotiations with the Neroverdi and they have scheduled a summit. Milan are still monitoring the situation, it should be noted, as they have followed Berardi for over a year now.

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    1. Because they generate more revenue than us with this OWN stadium…

      For 40M they can have him – much better, younger, faster and dynamic players that can break the lines at that price than Berardi IMO

      1. Not because of stadium, their attendance was 37k.
        Own stadium means you have all the costs on you alone.

        Agnelli family is one of the richest in Italy

        1. There’s a huge diffence in OWNING the stadium and RENTING it,

          The only way to make a stadium make a decent profit is it to own it. That’s a fact. Milan pays a huge rent for the matches and can’t even charge for the tickets properly as the San Siro is basically breaking apart.

  1. 40 for him would be a bad business ,he isn’t a better upgrade of Messias ,they should go for a player with speed and skill like Leao

    1. So you’re saying a 15 goals 14 assist player isn’t a better upgrade to a 5 goal 2 assist player?

      I honestly want to know what some of u guys r smoking because I can’t get that high off of my own stuff. Send me details. Thanks in advance

      1. Some people are so delusional. So Messias with 5+2 is better than Berardi who scores 15+14? OK, sure…. Yeah… Definitely…

      1. If you play in mediocre team and are their main attacking asset yeah you gonna score a lot

        Different in a big club.
        If we get somebody as average as berardi its clear we dont aim for CL

  2. I doubt juve is interested in berradi as they already have chiesa and will have to fork up 40 mil euros this summer to fully buy him after a 2 year loan so i doubt this is in their plans that is unless they would want to play one of them centrally. In regard of berradi who i undoubtedly wants to join milan as our right wing i would still much rather be interested in getting de ketelaere for the cam role if we are talking about a 40 mil fee to unluck such transfers. Add to the before mentioned then juve will also have to pay a sizable sum for locatelli and potentially morata as well,

  3. He’s literally the perfect compliment to Leao on the opposite wing. He’s nowhere near as fast but he is a better passer, long shooter, and better at link up play, but leao has incredible explosiveness that you can’t stop when he’s on. Legitimately a perfect compliment to bring balance. Plus he’s proven year after year in Serie A and a captain/leader on the field… only issue is that 40m is too much. 25. Yes please.

    1. Lukaku was also proven haha

      Berardi showed his level in NT.
      Nothing special.

      You guys got excited over Paivre and Hauge. Milan should aim to sign CL level players, not EL.

      1. you guys…. not sure who that includes but personally i never was hyped by either of those players but i would say you guys who keeps professing that milan only should buy players with cl experience are completely ignoring the fact that we have had loads of players from smaller clubs never with the experience of europe before joining us.
        according to you guys we should never have bought players like donadoni,s.rossi, panucci, simone and so on. The argument is not only as full of holes like a swiss cheese but its actually also kinda disrecpectfull to the players who previously arrived from “small” clubs and did magnificently in the past.

    1. Just because they have debt doesn’t mean anything. They have the $$ because they generate more revenue than us – especially by owning their own stadium. Every club in the world has debt practically (along with almost every business) – doesn’t matter as it’s all about REVENUE. As long as you can pay the interest on your loans you are fine. Just look at Barca. They are 1.3BILLION in debt but yet still bought players. How?? They generate hundreds of millions of dollars more than we do -in revenue – so they can still buy. It’s crazy but that’s how it works. Debt means nothing unfortunately until you cannot pay back your loans. Until then they just borrow and keep on using other peoples money to finance operations.

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