Tuttosport: Kessie rejects latest €32.5m offer with Milan unlikely to raise – he could leave for free

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie is gearing up for a return to action, but in the background speculation about his AC Milan future continues to rumble on.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) writes how the situation is becoming more and more uneasy for fans and the management because Kessie’s renewal is slow in arriving, and the more the days pass the more the fear grows that another Donnarumma or Calhanoglu situation could occur.

The Ivorian midfielder seemed to put his future beyond doubt with his words while at the Olympics with the Ivory Coast, stating: “I’m proud to have chosen Milan and it’s not my intention to leave. In fact, I want to stay forever. When I get back from the Olympics I will fix everything. There will be no problems, I always keep my word. The club has always known that my will is to stay in the Rossoneri.”

These are words that, after several weeks, have not yet been followed up by a signature. The player has rejected the latest offer from Milan of a five-year extension at €6.5m net per season, which is therefore a total of €32.5m. It is unlikely that Milan will raise this bid, so the risk of losing another player for nothing definitely exists.

On Sunday against Lazio Kessie will return to the field after having missed the first two games of the season due to injury, and it will be very interesting to see how the fans react when his name is called.

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  1. R says:

    Kessie’s done nothing wrong here really, but Milan have really dropped the ball – the time for these negotiations was last year and the time to sell was the last window.

    They’re going to have to pray that he plays incredible this year and single-handedly pulls the club back into the UCL or wins a trophy, because otherwise this year (where he’ll miss 1-2 months for AFCON) is effectively a €30-50 loan deal.

    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      Assuming all these reports are correct ofcourse he has done something wrong by letting the club management and fans believe that there would be NO issues in him signing a new contract. By his apparent actions he could just as well have spat us all in the face because he had the management beeen aware that he would keep increasing his demands im pretty sure the club would have sold him in july or august. Therefore he is seeemingly costing us a lot of cash and he also played with our feelings and thereby pissing on the entire fan base. He might have beeen loved by us but i forseee a season where if he plays a lot will get whistled at from day one til he either leaves or renews.
      Final verdict still from me but from the reports of it he surely has kept us for fools. Im fully with the people that wants to bench him the entire season if he doesnt want to renew.,

      1. Juro says:

        Your only “kept as a fool” if you allow yourself to be. Management is naive. Period. We should have learned our lesson with the Donnaruma and Hakan debacles. But no, we did not and now find ourselves in the same situation with Kessie and Romagnoli. All that potential transfer $$ gone again. Imagine what kind of team we could have if we even got half the money from the transfers of Donnaruma, Hakan, Kessie, and Romagnoli……this is embarrassing and management’s fault and no way to run a business. Players who do not renew a year prior to contract ending should be sold period. It’s simple. As they say, “Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me”. Try and sell him in January for whatever we can get if possible and make sure we sign Kamara to replace him at all costs. Fkn sad

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          Seriously juro you cant deny its riddiculous that he said 1.5 month ago that he wants to stay foerever and that there wont be any issues renewing after returning from the olympics and then 1.5 month later its a huge issue demanding more and more holding us at ransom. Neither does it change the fact that its at minimum really bad behaviour to give both the club and fans hope and then take it away so easily after such a short time. Says a lot about ones personality to do that. Im fully with the idea of contracts should be sorted out far earlier but that doesnt mean that the management has its limitations from the ownership or that they have to juggle numbers to make ends meet.

        2. Martin Bernhard says:

          or that they have doesnt to juggle ….

    2. Opinion Varies says:

      Kessie has done everything wrong in this club, and he needs to get the f-ck out with his ungrateful, greedy attitude. What exactly do you mean when you say “pray” and “pull back the club”? Newsflash: The lad has been averagely bat crap. Ibra’s arrival in Milan boosted the level of most of the team’s players. Do you know who the name nocerino is? Of course, you should because, despite being average like Kessie, he was a superstar during his playing days with Ibra.

      1. ESSIEN INOBONG says:

        Bro that was one of my best midfielders during the resurging days of Milan. i personally hate the way some of this players take us for a fool, they come here as crab, then we augment their game and they walk away for free. Kessie must know that we are not a fvckin academy, we are AC MILAN….forza Milan.

        1. dal says:

          If you aint moiney bags PSG, Chelski, Arab Man City, Real Madrid or the Mancs it happens to ius all. They over pay players so all the whole world eventually targets the ££££££££££££s

    3. Forza Ibra says:

      You’re not making any sense. Kessie clearly IS WRONG here. NOT Milan.

      Milan couldn’t offered him new contract last year cause that year he plays quite bad for 19/20 season until Ibra arrived. And they don’t even know if Kessie gonna plays better for the rest of 20/21 season.

      And no, he’s NOT the one who single handedly pulled Milan back to UCL. That’s like saying Kjaer, Tomori, Ibra, Calabria, Benacer, Theo, Dollaruma, Rebic, Leao, Salemakers, Dalot, Hakan, Diaz and the coach Pioli didn’t gave any contribution lmao.

      This season Milan already won 2 games without Kessie. He’s not gonna be miss.

  2. Jon S says:

    Milan is silly to table a 5 year discussion. Just offer $16m for 2 years extension. Surely we can sell him for $30M later.

    1. abanjo2003 says:

      when we offer him 2 year extension he would want 20M

  3. Pokka says:

    If really kessie dont want extend, then pioli should give another player chance..bakayoko or tonali should be 1st eleven not kessie. Atleaset they will got experince. Relegated kessie to bench player,so we can see how professional he is

    1. micah97 says:

      I agree…Bench him if he doesn’t want to play…Play those that have a future with the club..

  4. Dominic says:


    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      Thats a questionable argument, hauge propably mainly was sold not because milan couldnt use him long term but for the fact that he wouldnt get a starting place unless rebic or leao was sold. Infact ståle solbakken the norwegian international coach made it pretty clear in an interview that if hauge wanted a regular spot in the national team he would have to play consistently so in the end im confident to say its a mix of the player wanting to be a starter and the fact that milan was in need for some cash for other operations overall improving the squad.

      1. Juro says:

        LOL. Cash that we won’t receive until next summer lol…..

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          Well seems like you like to twist and turn what i say in a great deal of my comments if you wanna exlude the fact that solbakken actually said hauge would need to be a starter but so what if we first get the money next year it still helps some deals and even some of those we made this year to be paid the next. simple facts.

    2. Vasio says:

      What about Calabria? He extended his contract without hesitation and in line with the economic situation of the club, the country, the real world!
      What about Tonali? He reduced his salary just to make the permanent transfer to AC Milan happen!
      What about Tiémoué? He did the same just to come to our team!

    3. Vero Rossonero says:


      1. Rosso Joburg says:

        Indeed. who needs a keeper when the ball is always in the other net.

  5. Ibrahim says:

    Allow him to leave in January

  6. Ibrahim says:

    Sale him in January so that we are going to lose him for free I don’t understand our players this days after you help him them to grow letter they battery you

  7. Samora says:

    Sell the “Betrayer” now!

  8. Rossoneri fan says:


    Never keep a player in Milan until his final season. Sell immediately.

    Always extend contracts with 2 years contract remaining. That will give room to sell or keep in peace.

    For me Kessie is an average player. We don’t need him

    1. Juro says:

      Exactly! You would have though we would have already learned that lesson from the Donnaruma and Hakan disasters Lol…..fkn shame

  9. Sodiq adewole milano says:

    I wonder why players are eager for money nowadays football, no passion for what they do, all what they care about is money, though kessie worth the amount of money his requestung for, but he should look at the club situation now due to pandemic, we can’t offer what we don’t have. I just pray he sign and be a man of his word when he they for Olympics….

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