Tuttosport: Maldini and Massara left ‘astonished’ by Kessie – PSG, Liverpool and Man Utd hover

By Oliver Fisher -

The Milan management have been left stunned by the way Franck Kessie is handling negotiations over his renewal, according to a report.

According to Tuttosport (via Il Milanista), Kessie had declared that he would have solved the problem once he returned to Italy after the Olympics, but now he is refusing Milan’s latest offer which is a five-year renewal that starts at €5m net per season and goes up to €6.5m by the end.

A stalemate appears to have developed and this has attracted the attention of several clubs as the Ivorian is courted by PSG as well as Manchester United and Liverpool. The paper adds that Kessie’s behaviour has left ‘both Maldini and Massara astonished’.

Also according to Tuttosport, contacts with his agent George Atangana are continuous but he wants a guaranteed €6.5-7m net per season for his client. This is a very rich contract and Milan do not seem willing to give up for now.

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  1. Samora says:

    Sell the #betrayer once and for all…

    …I don’t even want to see him wear our colours anymore!

    Goddamned #traitor!!

  2. Bo says:

    He’s not even our best midfielder at the moment. Tonali has shown his real class this season. And he looks better than Kessie. Sell him in January

    1. Dapo Joseph says:

      If we are being honest Kessie is our best midfielder

      1. Shal says:

        And now compare to Milinkovic-Savic’s 3.5 mill salary.

      2. Radu says:

        Have you watched the Liverpool and Juventus games? Either he doesn’t care or he is out of form but Tonali is ahead of him to start the season. He can be one of our best midfielder if he plays like last year but he has nor shown that at all this season. Right now he isn’t even worth the 5 he is offered let alone 7 like he wants.

      3. Afrikana says:

        Nibo. No be the kessie wey I see for recent games. Tonalli and a fit Benaccer with Adli in the middle and we are good to go. Mafo omo iya mi. Mowa pelu e

  3. D says:

    He’s actually worth it, and some. Pay the man his money!

    1. Lumi says:

      He’s definitely not. Watch him in champions league this season and you’ll see Milan needs more

    2. Milan forever says:

      Currently Kessie is not the player from last season.He’s mind is obviously somewhere else.

  4. Rajesh Sah says:

    Hoping that they followed Kessie in the Liverpool game. He doesn’t deserve a pay raise to even 4.5 – 5M. Maybe 4M for his level and display is optimum at this point.

  5. Baresi6 says:

    Sell him at a profit, we are AC Milan no one is bigger than the club. Good player but arrivederci Franck

  6. Tomato says:

    Bench him or put him with u21. Get rid of this shit just like Donna. We are Milan.

  7. tonidookie says:

    this goes like circle again,we are being patient with him when he is shitty since his arrival,i can remember he always move forward mindlessly,,to our hope, he can grow one day,and he actually grow,so his greed .

  8. Patinho says:

    Well, sad to see. Would’ve loved to see him become a next Seedorf. Can’t wish him anything bad. But from the Liverpool game alone, you could see that the Premier League would not suit him. I hope he changes his mind, otherwise Milan should focus on the development of Tonali and Bennacer.

    1. Lumi says:

      He’ll be the next seedorf when Juve win the CL :)))

  9. Shal says:

    Lol. The guy shat his pants against Liverpool. Played same trash football as he used to do before Zlatan came to ACM. So, I guess there is no el Presidente magic anymore. Doesn’t worth extension. Just use heavily until his contract ends then let him go or sell this winter for any money.

    1. Kokis says:

      Seedorf is laughing with your comment. Seedorf was one the best midfielder in football history. Dont dare compare this overestimated player with seedorf

  10. Habu says:

    Seedorf is too better than this f*** don’t dear compear them.

  11. lutfi says:

    Milan and all Milan staffs and fans just got shitted by Frank Cashie.


    Get players that wants to play, Please

  12. DP says:

    Agents get into kids’ heads. He plays well when he’s happy. I hope he signs, and everybody puts the negotiations in the rear view mirror. To say he’s not quality, is silly.

  13. Toni says:

    First of all Kessie is just an average midfielder he might developed lurrle playing with Milan but let’s be frank here Milan seems to have a big problem managing his players, that whether from technical to dealing with player agents. Losing players for free shows mismanagement from Milan side but keeping or bringing crap players, whatever the cost, is a prove if Elliot is cheap very cheap investing organization

    Now back to mid tier management why do Daniel Malidini, another below average player getting playing time in CL game? It just show you how Pioli is ass kisser and unfirtuantly shows Malidini is not better either… It’s all about politics and playing with hardcore fans hearts. It’s enough

    1. Toni says:

      Pls forget my typo. I’m just mad seeing what’s happening in Milan

      1. Yashipuku says:

        I’m also so mad when I see Milan at the top and I remember the “good old days” few years ago when we were on 8th place.

  14. YK says:

    It seems the transfer saga has entered into kessie’s head,in the last two games, he has performed below expectation.

  15. Akosah says:

    I think it will be better if Milan will allow Frank to leave because everything shows he is not ready to play for the team .consider his game against Liverpool and Juvuntus everything show so let him go.Milan should not make the same mistakes like Dennaruma.The teeam should develop Banecer and Tonali…I think the game against Juventus the game change after Kesse was out from the game so please just sell him in January so he was not leave for free that will be stupid

  16. Olas says:

    Pls guys this guy has tried for Milan. If he didn’t played fine against Liverpool remember his just coming from injury. I don’t know who to compare kessie with in our midfield. If his not that good other clubs won’t looking for him, so pls lets appreciate him. We can’t afford to lose him now bcos bakayoko is prone to injurys. If he wants 6.5 pls maldini pay him he deserves it. At the moment no midfielder is better than kessie in Seria A? Forza Milan

  17. Ed says:

    Milan should just impose a policy of selling players who have one year left in the contract and refuse to sign before a certain deadline, say by mid July then sell him off ASAP before the season starts. Can use the proceeds to rebuild the team.

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