Tuttosport: Buongiorno now, Anselmino for the future – Milan’s centre-back strategy

By Oliver Fisher -

While there is a lot of talk about the striker signing that AC Milan will make this summer, the management also know that they must invest in the defence too.

As reported by Tuttosport (via MilanNews) this mroning, a new name seems to have appeared on the list of targets: Aaron Anselmino, a central defender born in 2005 who plays for Boca Juniors, gifted with a great physique and close to being called up to the Argentine national team.

Anselmino is one of the most interesting gems of Argentine football, but he is clearly a profile for the future given that we are talking about an 18-year-old who still has limited top flight experience for the moment.

However, Milan have also accustomed us to signings of this kind and therefore he is a name to keep an eye on with great attention. Anselmino would not be a starter, but Geoffrey Moncada likes the teenager and is tempted by his €20m release clause.

In the summer, however, Milan will also need a more ‘ready’ centre-back and the dream continues to be Alessandro Buongiorno of Torino. The Rossoneri tried in January for the Granata captain, but received a refusal from Urbano Cairo.

In the coming months they will certainly make a new attempt, aware however that the requests from the Piedmontese club will be high, so the other options are: Maxence Lacroix (Wolfsburg), Lilian Brassier (Brest), Jakub Kiwior (Arsenal), Tosin Adarabioyo (Fulham) and Lloyd Kelly (Bournemouth).

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  1. “In the summer, however, Milan will also need a more ‘ready’ centre-back”

    Maxence Lacroix (Wolfsburg), Lilian Brassier (Brest), Jakub Kiwior (Arsenal), Tosin Adarabioyo (Fulham) and Lloyd Kelly (Bournemouth).

    Again after foreign trash players which are far from ready. They haven’t learned anything from last summer.

    Buy domestic!

    1. Buying Italian is great, but the prices will be much higher. Are you advocating that Milan spend 40m on an Italian defender when they can get an equivalent player from England/France for half that price???

      Your other complaint was about foreign trash, and you specifically mention players from Germany, England and France.

      Looking at CDs:
      Tomori is from England
      Thiaw is from Germany
      Kalulu is from France (as well as Theo)
      Kjaer is from Sweden.
      Gabbia is Italian.

      despite being nearly all “foreign trash” in your eyes – all of them turned out to be pretty incredible players.

      Example: ManU is interested in Atalanta’s Scavini. Largely considered to be an excellent Italian defender for the future. The price they put on him, 40m. How much did Tomori cost us again? Would you rather have a 20m Tomori or a 40m Scavini?

      1. I’m not talking about Italians only but to buy in Serie A if they want “ready” players. We see how our season went having most of foreign players who did not speak or understand Italian and needed to settle into environment and league. Oh, and I don’t really rate Buongiorno that high.

        Looking at our CB’s:

        Tomori was a loan with option that turned out great and was bought out – low risk deal from the start as he could be sent back;
        Thiaw and Kalulu were low cost and as such low risk buys. They have potential but are still too reckless and lose concentration easily. But as said, they still present profit since they were low cost buys;
        Kjaer was a ready player since he was familiar with the league;
        Gabbia fits homegrown quotes. He was never a bad defender but he took a big step in his development being on loan;
        Duarte and Pellegrini were waste of money although they cost together only like 10 million.

        So if they talk about buying a ready player and especially a defender who must take immediate responsability, then yes, buy domestic whether it’s Italian or non Italian player.

        Those listed in the articles from foreign leagues are average at most players, hence my remark of foreign trash.

    2. Kiwior shouldn’t be in this group, as he has Serie A experience and was performing well enough in Serie A to catch Arsenal’s eye.

  2. Italian teams usually put high prices on their good defenders, so you’ll either pay a lot of money for a good Serie A defender, pay less money for a player that is doing so-so in Serie A and hope that his performance can improve or buy a so-so player from PL. The players in PL usually have better physical skills but might need to be trained tactically. Also if these players improve it would be much easier to sell them back to a PL club for a profit.

    And profit is the real end goal…

  3. Try offer 20m euro + Colombo or Pobega for Bungo. Dont buy argentine anymore . ACM great with brazilian player not argentine

    1. Indeed, or how about Colombo AND Pobega. Nothing stops us from using both to lower the price. And Torino has expressed interest in both in the past.

  4. So they were so amazed by the previous Argentinian CB they’ve decided to get another one, eh? That’s just… F*ng great! How about using Simic instead of wasting 15-20M€ on someone who probably doesn’t even speak a word Italian and doesn’t know the league?

    1. Simic and many other Primavera players will play in the U23’s when that gets off the ground and rolling. They will be brought into the first eventually I hope. THere’s a lot of talent there.

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