Tuttosport: Milan considering targets other than James Rodriguez – the reason

By Oliver Fisher -

Contrary to recent speculation, it appears as though AC Milan do not consider James Rodriguez as a concrete target for the playmaker role.

Colombian journalist Diego Rueda reported that the Rossoneri have even been offered the chance to sign the 29-year-old from Everton, presumably by his agent Jorge Mendes who the club met with.

Then, Vito De Palma of ESPN claimed that he had been told by sources that Milan ‘are very close to closing’ a deal for Rodriguez. He adds that there is talk of an €18m net salary over three years for the player, but the real numbers ‘are the hardest thing to figure out’.

As reported in today’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan), Milan are currently thinking of other players and not the Colombian talent. The reasons are purely economic, because the player’s salary is currently too high for the management to consider a decisive attempt to try and sign him.

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  1. Of course because Milan must now remain consistent with his stupidity with Doonnarumma and Colhanoglu. Giving 6 million to Rodriguez would be a shame because Colhanoglu asked for 5 million.
    Now, Maldini, swallow what you said because as long as ELIOT leads Milan, you will no longer be able to pay any big players. Borrow players who have no place in their clubs. But that will not satisfy the fans because attacks on the club due to poor management of players

  2. Honestly speaking, I see no reason why Milan are now fully biars, their foculty of thinking is very poor. Hakan is a good player and he try to stays in Milan but management are not recognizing his effort and decided to leave. I see no his fault at all. The mgt should stay away from this unwanted attitute. 🆗 let see James performance for 6m.

  3. Milan is failing to recognise that the modern world of football is now more of investment….spending more to gain more rather than stupid borrowing

  4. We are becoming an embarrassment. Clubs like Leeds, Leipzig, Atalanta, Broussia Monegnblach, are all ahead of us. Unthinkable just 5 years ago. What have we become. No to Rodriguez. Do we really need a 30 year old with a history of injury who does track back? And we are going to pay him 6M when we wouldn’t pay Hakan 5M and then lost him for free?? Where is the logic? Makes no business sense. We are mad because we cannot get Giroud for free? Lol. Well, Chelsea is smart and we are not. They extended him even tho he is surplus. Why? Because they would rather get something for him than nothing. Lol. It’s fkn simple business. You think perhaps we could have done the same with Donnaruma and Hakan?? We gave up 80-100M. Why? To prove a point? Well now what? If we were going to give Donnaruma 8M a season for 5 years and Hakan 4M for 5 years – then then we better invest that 60M and buy some real players like Ikone for RW and Stabizer for ACM and Kamara for DM and CB…But wait, I mistakenly am assuming these players will want to come to a club that may not pay them their fair value and may instead nickel and dime them (Kessie??) so they will choose greener pastures ($$) in England, Germany or Spain…so instead we have to hear this BS about going after players like Illic lol. And not even to buy Illic for peanuts but we are thinking of swapping Poegba for him????? Have you lost your mind Milan!?!? Elliot clearly is not interested in spending money. That’s fine. Then put the club up for sale. End this madness.

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