Tuttosport: Milan face complicated negotiation to renew Leao – the reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

In addition to strengthening the squad with the right signings, AC Milan will also have to tackle the issue of Rafael Leao’s renewal this summer.

As reported this morning by Tuttosport (via MilanNews), the negotiations will be complicated despite the fact that Leao has already expressed his intention to remain with the Rossoneri. The issue between the winger and Sporting CP – his former club – means he must pay them half of the €19m fine after the unilateral termination of his contract.

This is where agent Jorge Mendes comes into play. He intends to help his client with the fine, but there is the possibility that he may look to recoup money on the commissions he earns from his clients, Leao included.

For this reason Leao’s requests have risen to €7m net per season plus commissions, and though Milan had also stepped forward to help Leao pay his debt, that offer was declined. The Rossoneri management know the importance of Leao within the team and want to keep him, but it will be necessary to understand if they are willing to make a sacrifice and break their salary ceiling.

Otherwise, if an agreement is not found, Milan could be forced to put the former Lille man on the market starting from next summer so as not to run the risk of losing him on a free transfer.

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  1. Next summer will be too late, we have plenty of (bad) experience like this.
    This summer should be either renew or sell. There might be a chance to sell in January especially if he has a good World Cup presence.
    He has the right not to accept the renewal offer of course but the club has the right to not to lose him for free.

    1. Here is the problem, the club doesn’t have the right to lose him for free, he has every right to refuse to join any club that is willing to pay a transfer fee for him, he can sit out his contract let it run down then move for free to any club and pick up an even bigger commission. They claim that he refused Milan’s help him pay this fine but he is happy to have his agent help pay his fine, this is worrying, he will now owe his agent, it’s like they already have some sort of plan to move on for free and get maximum commission. The transfer system is completely fked and needs to change to protect the club’s that spend transfer fees on players

        1. True, Leao could reject every offer from now until kingdom come, but he would be shooting himself in the foot. If the purpose of rejecting Milan’s contract offers now or next summer is so that he can go somewhere that pays him more, why would he refuse to move to such a club if they offered the right amount to Milan this summer? He’d be missing out on two seasons worth of 7m+ salary (probably even more at the right EPL club). It’s not guaranteed he’d make a commission (signing bonus) at any future point s there is no rule compelling a club to offer one and conversely a signing bonus isn’t precluded by being under contract at Milan, so he could ask for and get one if transferring this summer.

      1. Well, that’s the point. Now the club has more cards to play – and Leao more to lose. It’s 2 years at this age, he can’t easily afford to waste the coming 2 years.
        So if Milan plays hard ball he will have to move this summer. Next summer is the story would be quite different.

        1. Al, see my reply to 1MIKEJ. I think your initial comment is correct. If they can’t find an agreement this summer they should sell them, as the player’s power increases greatly with one year left, whether it’s because his value decreases or because he could simply choose not to renew (regardless of signing bonus/commission).

  2. Mendes will not drop his demands so there’s 3 scenarios:
    1) Milan offers the 7M€ but that’s not going to happen
    2) Milan will try to sell him next month
    3) Leao wants to stay and will change his agent but that’s not going to happen either.
    4) Milan will wait until the contract runs out and misses xx-xxx M€ once again.

    So… Milan will try to sell him.

    1. This is the logical deduction, yet somehow I think Milan will end up on the losing end of this unfortunately…

  3. Let him play until his contract runs out, its hrd to get a replacement instantly. Find another gem whilst his still in the team. We need a collection of gems. What good is capital gain whilst we can’t recoup, look what happened to barca when they lost neymar.

    1. I’d say keep him for next season but buy the replacement already. The replacement (Lang?) would have a year to learn the Serie A tricks and give Leao rest when needed. Milan could still get 20-40M€ for him next summer.

  4. milan face complicated negotiation to renew leao the reasons !!!!
    the same reasons hakan dolla_romma and kessie and romagnoli didn’t sign you can’t blame players every time this sh** happen putting a cap over salary is dumb idea because every players worth differently .

      1. Yes, of course. You cherry picked to find one example of that. How about 50 other clubs that are not in trouble and have higher wages than Milan? How is Real not in trouble, United? I can go on with almost any other club you can come up with. Mats Hummels has 10M per season at Dortmund, will they get in trouble? What a joke of a comment.

        1. Different leagues, different markets, different sponsorships, different tv-deal. Need I continue? FFS, not all countries/leagues are created equal.

          1. Yes sure, Dortmund just gave Sule 18M per year. If what you wrote had any sense they should have at least 600M in revenue, when in fact they are just over 300M. To get the best players you have to pay or you can be second or third forever. Dortmund is the perfect example. They can either get better players which 100% means higher wages or watch Bayern with the title every year.

          2. You replied with random stupidity, 0 arguments. Dortmund don’t have revenues to back up your claims. Got it? All that you mentioned goes into revenue, so if what you said maked sense their revenue would be so much higher so they can pay 2 central defenders 28M in wages per year. The thing is that you are an id**t that can’t even back up his own words with any facts. And that is at best.

          3. crorossonero: “you are an id**t that can’t even back up his own words with any facts”

            LOL. Facts and and sensible words are wasted on you. You ignore them so you could feel righteous and all-knowing. I’ve read your posts enough to know that I’d just be wasting my time.

          4. Again you replied with nothing bb. 0 facts or arguments. Your “Different leagues, different markets, different sponsorships, different tv-deal.” means nothing. It all goes into revenue and you can see the total revenue. They can be on different planets, doesn’t matter if they make the same amount of money. Milan has less revenue but not that much less to be this cheap. Every time there is a fact opposed to you you go to writing nonsense because you don’t really understand anything. You can read the posts, the point is to understand, not just read.

        2. Cro, they are in trouble, they just keep getting bailed out somehow. Barcelona was 1 BILLION in the red. Until a few weeks ago they couldn’t even register players. Madrid is like 700m in the red, Juve 500m, Inter more than that. They’re barely skating by. Friendly bankers maybe? Corruption at UEFA (probably)? Look at Bayern, the best run club in football. Yes, they can afford a 60-80m signing every now and then, but they don’t do one or two every summer like some other clubs AND they are always competitive. Why? Because they know when to let players go, i.e., they also have a salary cap even if it’s higher than ours at the moment. It’s why Lewandowski isn’t going to retire there unless he lowers his wage demands. Bayern have no problem seeing him walk, and they will be fine.

          1. Never Inter got so much debt, that’s bs, a good piece of that is already gone. They got like 95M losses this summer, we got 50. Don’t act like our situation is much much better, they still play in Europe unlike we a few years ago and have a much better transfer window than we got

          2. No they are not. Madrid debt comes from the stadium, they are one the best ran clubs on the planet probably, in all sports. Bayern is not even close to them. That is what Milan will also do in a few years, get a big loan to build a stadium. You don’t think Redbird will give their own money? 😀 If you do not even understand how things work, don’t try to explain to me. Lewandowski has 20M per season. 20M.

        3. “Mats Hummels has 10M per season at Dortmund, will they get in trouble?” Maybe that’s why they couldn’t keep Haaland? Who will take Hummels from them at 10m per year? So instead of extending Haaland and taking the release clause out they had to accept his loss.

          1. Nobody, they didn’t try to get rid of him. They pay him to play for them. And they couldn’t keep Haaland because he had a release clause and he wanted to leave, don’t make things up. 😀

  5. ” Dortmund just gave Sule 18M per year.”

    Dortmund didn’t have berlusconis, mirabellis and fassones to totally f* up the club’s finance for a decade. Consistency is the key. The Germans are known for that.

  6. Sule earns 8.8mil (+2.2mil in bonuses) in Dortmund after joining from Bayern for Free. It’s normal for a free agent to get a bit bigger sallary since the club is not paying a transfer fee. But it is true that Italian teams can’t pay as much as other big leagues since they don’t earn as much. However Milan should be able to pay 7mil for their best players. That’s how much they payed Ibrahimovic and he hardly even played this past season. However if they can’t renew Leao it’s best to sell now. They will probobly get 70-80mil at this stage for him.

    1. 10M + add ons. Maybe I missed the salary but still. How would you have the best players if you can’t pay less than what other clubs are offering?

  7. I think only 2 possibilities…
    1). Give him 7m, if we really need him.
    2). If they want more, just sell him now for 70m…n get another player with that money. Problem solved….

  8. Maldini has not failed us on his job/decision making. Even the issue concerning “DONNARUMA, CALHANOGLU, KESSIE AND ROMAGNELI” he made a wright decision. We shld trust him and allow him do his job. Plz lets not worry much for MALDINI on this transfer issue.

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