Tuttosport: Milan frustrated as striker continues to reject every incoming offer

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have been left with some difficult situations to resolve in the remaining weeks of the summer window, and one of them concerns Divock Origi.

As Tuttosport (via MilanNews) report, it has been made obvious to Origi that he is no longer a part of Stefano Pioli’s plans moving forward despite the fact only a year has passed since he joined from Liverpool on a four-year deal.

He was left out of the tour of the USA and now he is training separately and not with the rest of the squad, further reinforcing that he is on the fringes.

However, the Belgian centre-forward is not making things easy for the club either, because he is rejecting all the offers that arrive through his entourage.

There have been suggestions he wants to remain and try redeem himself, so now Milan must either keep excluding Origi and hope an offer is accepted, or evaluate reintegrating him.

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  1. I’m all for origi staying. He’s not worse than the other targets we been linked 2.
    Origi > lukaku 4 example
    Who knows, maybe he does better in the second year:D
    Stranger things have happened

      1. Despite all 8 signings, if we don’t get a striker it is useless.

        If Orgi stats or goes, if CDK stays or goes etc

        We need a big name striker or the transfer market but is not complete, we don’t need defenders, maybe Dominguez in midfield but a striker is the most important position on the pitch!!!,

        And we need a bombe!!, I would say BETO but it has to be one of real worth.

        Until this happens the team will struggle no matter how good the midfield is, how good the defence preforms, how many players are taken on by Leao and Chuk.

        Only goals win games!!, So until that is addressed the €110m spend is just good on paper!

        We should have addressed the striker situation first and foremost.

        I say keep CDK as striker cover, loan Colombo, and get a real striker NOW

    1. putting aside attitude,when lukaku is focused he is world class which he showed in his first inter stint,and could be crucial for the scudetto. Origi’s reputation is built on one goal

  2. Freeze him out entirely. And if he stays, he definitely needs to be frozen out and not called up at all. This is about sending a message.

    Origi is like having a turtle in your team. You might as well start Origi+Krunic every single game.

    Dude can’t hit a barn door.

  3. If we all can remember last season, not so many players had long number of minutes played. Similar situation can be this year. If we keep Colombo, Origi will not have 1 minute on disposal.
    There is one more thing Milan can do to Origi – same like Roma did to Zaniolo.

  4. People blame maldini for not being able to sell players, well how is that going now for us, no fringe players are leaving for profit it only our key players the management can sell, even Chelsea is better at selling their trash

    1. It’s hard for the new management to sell those deadwood players bought by M&M because no one wants them, plus Maldini gave them big salaries which is a problem for any team to satisfy knowing that they are not good enough

    2. Do you know who bring all deadwood in ACM? Rebic,meite,pelegri,caldara,dest,florenzi,saladmaker,juniormessias,CDK,Origi,ballotoure,asterprank, vasques,mirante, even dry loan brahim 3 years ( imagine growing other club player 3 years ) . Last season we have many deadwood in bench because of who ? Because someone use 70% budget on trash player like CDK and hoping CDK carry the team by scoring 20 goals ? If he use that 50m euro budget wisely ,we would have good bench last season

    3. Milan has released a bunch of players that were here on loan, and sold Rebic. And Now Messias and Ballo-Toure are likely exiting. Messias has a medical tomorrow.

      So yeah, current management is already doing way better than Maldini. Cry.

  5. @elliotazurri, your boyfried Maldini bought Origi! Lol he created the problem in the first place lol. How can you buy a player who spent his whole career in hospital and bench and expect miracle to happen

    1. You clearly live in cave, origi was not bought we got him for free, stop playing fifa kid, try fm it has more knowledge you can get

  6. It’s hard for the new management to sell those deadwood players bought by M&M because no one wants them, plus Maldini gave them big salaries which is a problem for any team to satisfy knowing that they are not good enough

  7. For those crying over Tonali – he left because he wanted to leave and he left for money. He had a contract with Milan and Milan couldn’t have done a damn thing without Tonali’s approval. Just like Origi, Tonali could have rejected all offers and stayed.

  8. For those , bashing Redbird for their inability to sell players. You ask yourself who brougjt into Milan? Maldini was a problem, although he is gone, but he left a big mess behind him. The thing i cannot phantom is why did Maldini extend Ibra’s contract when he spent the previous season the bench. CDK is another mess created by hm.

    1. Ya M&M left a “big mess” behind🤔😂

      Thiaw Tomori Giroud Theo Mike Leao Benny Kalulu etc…Tonali – all a mess!!

      Easy to critique one market and ignore others to justify your biased thinking. We’re there misses? Of course! We’re their hits? Of course! That is the job. No Director or scouting department gets it all right it’s impossible.

      Everyone also conveniently forgets or fails to mention Moncada’s role in selecting players. Praise Moncada for the good ones and bash Maldini for the bad ones???? Hahahaha!

      Sound logic – for a fkn IDIOT

  9. I wonder if he could score if he played in the primavera.

    He’s not good enough for Milan, but how about against the youngsters?

    I bet he’d still not be the top scorer. I don’t even think he’s better than Colombo, and I don’t rate Colombo.

    Origi is only staying for the 4mil. No one will match that salary for a player of his caliber.

  10. Look let me just say this …sometimes I don’t think that you are real supporters of AC Milan …
    Give Olivier Giroud credit…He is still the best centre forward in Europe ..Yes he is ..His ability even at 37 years is amazing ..true he did not have a good game against Monza ,but in my opinion he has an injury which I hope for our sake is not serious..We need this man ..inside and around the 18 yard area he is a real predator,,he knows exactly where to be at the right time this is not luck ,but down to pure technical skill .
    He is so strong physically and holds up the ball so well .He will score lots of goals this season as will rafeol leao ..Who incidentally also did not have a good match against Monza ,but he is a superb player ,and when he starts to relax more goals will come again .
    We have a superb squad ,with the additions of Loftus cheek and pulisic etc etc …This is virtually a new team in will take time to gel together..why are so critical of Origi ,true he was a major flop ,,,but if he believes he can succeed then who knows ..perhaps he thinks he can settle in with this new squad ?
    That’s not the point .The point is we want players to believe in their own ability ..Giroud is one who certainly does ..stop criticising our team and our manager poili …We will come good and challenge for the scuddeto this season .Why not we won the scuddeto two seasons ago with the help of ,yes ,Olivier Giroud and Rafeol Leao ..last season we reached the semi final of the Champions leauge.
    We know have a better squad than then ..so why can’t
    we ! Start believing and not being to critical.

  11. Is it Origi’s fault or Pioli’s fault ? If a player is not embraced by Pioli, he is left on the bench. And you can’t assess a player if he only plays a few minutes here and there.

  12. scheisse man, geh einfach
    ich fahre dich mit meinem eigenen auto an den flughafen, du darfst es sogar haben wenn du gehst

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