Tuttosport: Further confirmations of Milan’s interest in Real Madrid defender

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan hold a genuine interest in Real Madrid defender Rafa Marin who is currently impressing whilst on loan at Alaves in the Spanish top flight. 

The interest was first reported by Milan News yesterday and further confirmation has arrived from Tuttosport.

The 2002-born defender is gettable for Milan given there is a very good relationship between Real Madrid and Milan.

Marin has made 30 appearances this season for Alaves which means he has a genuine full season of first-team experience under his belt. Of those 30 appearances, 25 have been from the start.

What is clear is that Marin is not the only central defender that Milan are keeping a close eye on coming into the summer transfer window.

The main target is Torino’s Alessandro Buongiorno who would be good enough to be a starter for Milan, whilst other targets include Stade Brest’s Lillian Brassier and Wolfsburg’s Maxence Lacroix.

It is not yet clear what sort of fee Real Madrid would demand for Marin, but his current market value is €5m on Transfermarkt.

He may not be a cheap purchase given his great season, but he would almost certainly be cheaper than Buingiorno who Torino president Urbano Cairo would like a hefty fee for.

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  1. What a joke.. ofc a random kid from spain would be a cheaper purchase than an established serie a defender…

    And again.. there are a handful of players that know the league and if they want a random cb just buy one from, oh idk, serie a?

    1. Isn’t that what Theo was essentially? A young RM kid on loans at different clubs?

      That’s the RedBird way. Find Sesko’s and Theo’s before they become what they are.

      Even the Sesko move at this point is too expensive.

      1. Nah..theo was a completely different animal. Real bought him from patetiko for 24M. He was far from a random kid. But ofc at the time they had Prime Marcelo. Patetiko had the other hernandez and Felipe luis. Theo was like 19. No chance.

        I’m all for young talents, but at some point enough is enough. Moderation, balance. Etc

          1. After watching RM v Bayern I was thinking about “experience”. It seems sort of obvious on the face that we could use more experience.

            Then I think … Leao, Theo, Calabria, Tomorri, Bennacer are all pretty experiwn d at this point. We are leaving behind Giroud, Kjaer who are very experienced.

            So Bellingham is 20 and Vini 23. They were leaders. Neither scored but Bellingham ham ran himself to ground playing defense. Vinin marauded the right prying open channels for team mates and ran his socks off.

            Neither are terribly experienced but both are leaders. They say oh we are down? Follow me .. climb on my shoulders … Giddy up ….

            We saw this and got excited in game where Puli and Giroud came off the bench and willed.us back into competition from a two goal deficit. We saw a flash from Theo saying he’d play CB in a crisis. But I honestly can’t point to many other such clear examples of leadership.

            So I’d suggest experience for sure we want but leadership is really what we _need_.

          2. “So I’d suggest experience for sure we want but leadership is really what we _need_.”

            The thing is… It’s far easier to spot the leaders amongst the older, more experienced players than with the 20-year-olds. You can buy 10 20-year-olds and perhaps none of them will come leaders. And with 10 30-year-olds you’d probably get like 7-8 leaders. At least if it were leaders you were looking for.

            And it seems the leaders we have next year is: Florenzi. MM16 will be sold. Theo doesn’t seem to play like a leader more than 5 matches per season, Calabria could be sold and with Kjaer & Giroud gone… Who are the leaders? Gabbia for sure. Tomori? Maybe but not likely. None of the midfielders for sure. Pulisic. Maybe? Leao? LOL 😀

  2. Great. Seems our new coach will again get random cheap players from abroad and expect them perform miracles from the get go. It’s as if this management wants to see Milan fail.

  3. Just because you don’t know the player doesn’t make him a random player. Milan obviously knows him and he is owned by Real Madrid. That alone makes him interesting to scout.

    In my opinion there’s not a lot of great defenders in today’s game.

    1. I don’t know a lot of players..hundreds of players.. yet i can spot a random player and a player player straight away. This guy is a random one.. at least a transfer, like Brassier, makes sense..he can contribute to the team.. this kid will need 2-3 years to settle in and start contributing. Also if he is owned by real, the fúck do they want to sell him for? You look at that CB line up, bucnh of grandads, they could use some young blood, yet they’re willing to sell their “talented” defender? Why?

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