Tuttosport: Milan left picking between talented young duo for CB position

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan know that they want to sign a centre-back between now and the end of the window but they are currently split between two profiles, a report claims.

The name that Tuttosport (via MilanNews) indicates as favourite this morning is Konstantinos Koulierakis of PAOK Thessaloniki. Despite his very young age (19) he has been a starter for the Greek club since the 2022-23 campaign, in which he played 31 games.

He started off strong again this year with two appearances in the two matches played by PAOK in the Conference League qualifiers. The asking price is €10m which Milan want to try and lower.

The other name being evaluated is Marco Pellegrino who is two years older than the Greek, but with no European experience. The Club Atletico Platense defender is of Italian origins and also has an EU passport as a result.

In his case the valuation is €8m and the Rossoneri have to monitor the competition, because Sampdoria have already made an offer of €3.5m plus a 20% future resale clause.

The president of Platense – Sebastian Ordonez – will soon be in Italy to negotiate directly.

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  1. Started off strong? Well, I saw him yesterday play against Hajduk Split in the Conference League qualifiers, and I must say that I was not convinced. Actually, he was amongst the worst players on the pitch…But of course, that was just mye impression from one game.

    1. Interesting that you saw him yesterday play in the conference league vs Hajduk, when they are actually playing the game today

      1. Someone must be lying in here about a player they have never seen, just to make it look like the management is making bad choices

        1. It was not him you saw playing badly yesterday. The game between PAOK and Hadjuk Split is today at 13:30pm EST. You guys have to stop and give the real fans a chance to see a player in action before they can make any judgement

        1. He must be a hard core fan who would go out of his way to watch a replay of a conference league game in the middle of the summer just to scout a player Milan is interested in.

          1. He could have simply watched the game yesterday to get a feel of the player. I don’t understand the tear down. PAOK played the first leg last week 🤦‍♂️. There was a game which seems you yourself is unaware of based on your first comment, which indicates more ignorance on your end than on Anmimax. And you got others to follow u being misinformed and proceeded to harp on dude.

            People watch back games all the time, myself included.. especially when we were linked with players . Eg Kamada and Ndcka I watched the German Cup, entire game so I can at least be informed when commenting here instead of empty thoughts or being misinformed

          2. @IKWYDLS
            Watching a replay of a whole game because you heard Milan is interested in a player just so you can seem more informed when you comment in here.
            That’s sad bro.

          3. What’s wrong with watching a game in the offseason? There’s loads of time now before the season starts. Better that than ppl in these comments talking about players they’ve never seen except on YT highlights. Easier to say something intelligent like Kamada can play on the wings or Nkdcka as left back.
            You just deflecting. Just say u didn’t realize the first leg played and call it a day lol. Don’t let the ego get the best of u.

          4. @IKWYDLS
            It gets sadder and sadder with every new comment you post.
            NeitherI have time, don’t I care, nor I get paid to go watch a replay of a game where a player Milan is interested in played. Not highlight but a whole game. Ha ha ha. Isn’t there anything better you could do with your time?
            Imagine if that glorified babysitter watched old games from players that his world class leader scout recommended to him. Milan wouldn’t have missed on so many great talents.🤪

          5. Levels I guess. To each his own. You can do whatever you want in your spare time. Watch games, don’t watch games, smoke crack, don’t smoke crack. I don’t call anyone sad for it. I’m a coach (not anything major) so it appeals to me..maybe it wouldn’t appeal to you. But like I said to each their own. Besides I said animax “could”, meaning it’s possible that it is not the case. He’ll have to answer you directly.

            Deflecting once more. Again, you got caught out not realizing Hadjuk and PAOK already played a game, then proceeded to double down on ppl watching whole games to deflect from the idea that u thought u knew better when in truth you didn’t….and now we’re here 🙂✌️

          6. @IKWYDLS
            OK Coach 👍.
            Milan is about to sign Marco Pellegrino.
            Don’t make me distract while you are watching a whole game replay of his last game for Platense.
            Man went from saying he watches whole game replays of matches where a player Milan is interested in plays, to watching them because he is a coach.
            Also, you assume @Anaximander meant the first game. His wording says otherwise.
            “I saw him yesterday play against Hajduk Split in the Conference League qualifiers,”
            Doesn’t say I watched his last game vs Hajduk.
            “Saw him yesterday play”
            🤥 Coach

          7. Didn’t catch the whole babysitter thing until I realized who you were. It’s just pure tear down and put down. Gazidis said he appreciated Maldini and you interpreted that as him being a glorified babysitter. Its almost talking to Giancarlo. What goes into ppls brains is quite incredible but I hv no say control.over that.
            “Man went from saying he watches whole game replays of matches where a player Milan is interested in plays, to watching them because he is a coach.” Look at that right there. Pure drivel. Those two aren’t mutually exclusive smh. 🤦‍♂️ Also I simply love football. Watched Pool v Chelsea yesterday. I guess that was sad.
            Btw, I ain’t talking about Animax I’m talking about you. The best you could do was put down ppl. U ain’t worth the time. Again I already said I don’t know what game he watched, u have to ask him but the fact is YOU didn’t know they played a two legged tie with one game already played when you said “when they are actually playing THE game today”. And the accused him of not knowing which is quite ironic. So you both could have no clue when the games were. But again ego and vile. Same thing here because I said I was a coach on purpose because I knew you’d try to put that down too. And you did condescendingly. Fell right into that trap. It’s just in your nature

        2. He said yesterday. That shows he has never seen him play but has to make a biased comment anyway just to try to show how Milan is after mediocre players. Nice try!

      1. He said the game was played yesterday, he didn’t say he watch a replay or highlights of a game that played a long ago.

        Don’t try to find excuses for a lying statement of someone whom you don’t even know the intentions

  2. Perhaps he is a talent for the future that’s fine – but are we really glowing to rely on this 19 yr old kid w/ zero experience in the league or for a big club be a primary backup at CB NOW?? We all know Kajer will likely not stay healthy for a whole season, Thiaw may regress (based on what happened with Tomori in his second season), Tomori isn’t that consistent and Kalulu may need to be used at RB (hopefully) given Florenzi and Calabria are often injured and offer nothing offensively and Sales will be sold. So our backups to Tomori and Thiaw are Kajer and potentially this kid?? We should have just kept Gabbia if that was the case and I’m not a Gabbia fan – but at least he has experience playing in the league and with our team. Hard to see right now how this makes sense to help us this season IF this is the only CB we sign unless we also sign a RB – which seems extremely unlikely after we made the mistake and let Singo move to Monaco for a reasonable fee. Again, another risk/gamble by Georgio & Moncada – boom or bust scenario. which I don’t think (the risk) it is needed. Strange

  3. Did anyone watch him today against Hadjuk Split? If he keeps this form, he would be a beast. At just 19 he has a good composure and calmness.
    Whoever was watching the game should notice he has a great future

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