Tuttosport: Milan expected to sign ‘lenient’ settlement agreement with UEFA

By Isak Möller -

Thanks to their improvement both on and off the pitch, AC Milan will have a bigger say in their upcoming talks with UEFA regarding their financial situation. In fact, they are expected to get a more lenient agreement. 

Back in 2019, Milan agreed to be excluded from the Europa League to sign a settlement agreement with UEFA. The situation has since changed a lot and the Rossoneri are now in a very good position financially, thanks to the work of Elliott Management.

As highlighted by Tuttosport (via MilanLive), Milan made losses of €96m in 2020/21 and the losses for the 2021/22 season should be just €50m. Their improvement from what was a catastrophic situation is thus very evident.

This is something that UEFA cannot ignore, per the newspaper, and Milan are therefore expected to get a more lenient settlement agreement this time out. The sanctions are inevitable but the Rossoneri are clearly on the right path and that is indeed very good news.

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  1. FFP is something that is often overlooked when discussing the transfer market. The 100 million alleged budget would certainly raise a flag with UEFA given the current revenue generated. With the higher wages with completed/proposed renewals of current players along with the cost of loan options I am not surprised if the transfer budget is indeed 50 million. Although some clubs appear immune to FFP, unfortunately Milan is not one of them so financial restraint is a necessity no matter how much it stings.

    1. Milan is just to cheap or too dumb to bribe the right people. With a decent bribe budget, our transfer budget could be 78 Billion and no one would care.

      1. So you’d rather support a club that is shady and unethical but spends tons of money to win trophies? Go support PSG or City then. You are not a rossonero.

        1. “MilanNYC”. Do you even know the rules of football (soccer if you want)? You started supporting Milan only because of Berlusconi, if he didn’t exist you’d never hear about them probably. And he was definitely shady and unethical. So, your Milan is exactly that.

          1. AC Milan was shady AF, and was even caught a few times doing shady s*it. Granted we are far from Juve level since they are basically mafia, but we did have our moments and not just during Berlusconi era. No use pretending we didn’t.

            Lets face it, wherever there is big money involved, there is also shady s*it going on. Either accept that or start watching vaterpolo.

          1. ForzaMilan you are a liar. You supported Milan with Berlusconi or you 100% aren’t a fan, because he was the president for 30 years. 😀

        1. UEFA and FIFA are most corupted organization. You probably heard how Quatar got WC, almost in the midle of season in Europe? So, who cares. We are talking about billions in coruption. But, Milan is problem if spend few tens of millions more. Silvio did 20 years ago, the same what others Barca, MC, PSG… doing now. At that time, at least we had results and big joy. No star will come and play for 5M.

    2. They aren’t immune, they just have owners that have money and want to spend it. You can sponsor your own club with any money you want and nobody can say that it is not justified. Do you think Emirates shouldn’t fund City with that money, the club that wins the strongest competition on the planet and promotes them as winners? I can go on. Exactly why I wanted Arab owners, they have money and use the club to promote themselves and the bussines, not make money from it. Redbird is poor in terms of any other football owners.

  2. “If a club’s owner injects money into the club through a sponsorship deal with a company to which he is related (if the sponsor accounts for more than 30 percent of the club’s revenues), then UEFA’s competent bodies will investigate”.

    This is a grey area and not sure how it applies to the amended FFP that will replace the current system. Club generated revenue is the constant here and without increasing it significantly (without delving into the legitimacy of any owner-backed sponsorships as UEFA would need to investigate on a per-case basis) the transfer budget will continue to be limited due in part by FFP.

    1. But this is how you increase revenue. By being at the top, bringing in best players. You think we will sell Krunić shirts? Or that Leao can fetch as much as Messi? You think PSG lost money on signing Messi? LOL They have increased their revenue by spending money, getting their club to have some sort of reputation and got more fans for themselves like that.

      1. I don’t disagree. This process does take time though until the revenue reaches a point that it can sustain a larger transfer budget. Working within the current financial limitations is not only prudent but necessary. Upgrade one or two positions every season and focus on youth development is the way forward for nearly all clubs. This can certainly be done with a 50 million euro budget.

        1. But you think any other top player is like, yes I will join, I don’t care you have Messias on RW or no AMC? That doesn’t happen. Good players want a competitive team, in champions league, not when Juventus has a bad season or 2. They will be back this year. Why do you think Messi went to PSG, because he saw Mbappe and Neymar playing there, not anything else. It isn’t necessary, you can easily add 100M to the transfer fee if you want. The difference is that that is spending not taking it out. You will all see how right I was, but it will take 3-5 years. When prices of merchandise and everything is so much higer and they are focusing on selling the story to Americans that don’t know all the rules more than real fans.

  3. Man City were sanctioned by UEFA and have been spent less in recent years AND generate far more revenue because they play in the EPL. As for the moron complaining about Gazidis, he helped reduce the club’s debt. Go to school and study finance. We won the scudetto 2 years ahead of schedule with a poor squad. That shows where Serie A is right now.

    1. The debt that was reduced could have been reduced by any other accountant using the fees we would receive for the players we let on go for free because of his policy. Just think about that and all the work that he has done. Donnarumma, Kessie, Calhanoglu – that is at least 100M in fees total. Did you study enough to understand that?

  4. Still wEFA is crooked
    I thought those guys can stop
    Why they don’t punish PSG or city or United or newcasell
    What is wrong with them
    One day some one will slap them

    1. They spend money they earn. PSG built a world recognized brand by investing big, they have good income now. City as well now, they have managed to become the best in Premier League, they surely can spend more than Manchester United? Newcastle spent almost nothing yet.

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