Tuttosport: Milan not giving up on €30m striker and eye free transfer as Ibrahimovic replacement

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have not yet given up on their hopes of signing Andrea Belotti and are instead being patient in their approach, according to a report.

According to the latest from Tuttosport (via CalcioNews24), Belotti has reached a crossroads in his future given that his contract expires in June 2022 and there is nothing as of yet to suggest that he will renew.

Zenit St. Petersburg in Russia reached an agreement with Torino on the basis of a €30m fee, but Belotti rejected the idea of a switch there, though he has also rejected the contract offer from the Granata who proposed an extension until 2026 at €4m net per season.

Milan are thinking about signing him on a free transfer in June 2022 when his contract with Torino expires and when the Rossoneri will be called to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic. However, it is not excluded that the Rossoneri, who are still looking for a third striker, could test Torino with a bid late in the window.

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  1. Abanjo2003 says:

    Bring Messi on free transfer

    1. Patrik says:

      Messi earns 18m€ a year there is nothing free about Messi 😂

      1. Martin Bernhard says:

        his previous salary was 71 mil a year so defently not free

    2. ZXCVBN says:

      I was also going to say that🙃.
      He would transform Milan’s revenues drastically and will be more than worth his monster salary.
      Nut obviously we know this wont happen

    3. Martin Bernhard says:

      Defently would be great but messi has said numerous times before that he wouldnt join a different team in europe than barca of respect of the club so dont see him joining any other european club in his active career.

      1. Martin Bernhard says:

        Well i missed the news of yesterday that says he wont have his contract renewed but ill believe it when i see it, thats quite a surprise to be hondest so who knows what might happen but i doubt he will join us nevertheless as he seems unreachable. I would atleast love us to test the grounds but i doubt it is in any way feasible.

        1. Vero Rossonero says:

          He also may want to go to a club that will definitely compete for the league title and the CL. We’re not quite there yet. Even with Messi. Although, I think we might be able to win the scudetto. But certainly not the CL. Teams like Chelsea, PSG, City and Bayern would eat our lunch.

          1. Martin Bernhard says:

            Maybe you are right but i certainly doesnt see him in england or germany as i doesnt really think he would fit those leagues as well as the italian or for that matter spanish league. Not meant as a jibe towards you but Im not some fan boy of either c.ronaldo or messi but i do believe that c.ronaldo simply fits better in more leagues as his stature and physique propably makes it easier for him to addapt but on the other hand bayern is so dominating in the bundesliga that he propably could work there very well. If he joins an english team i see him getting a great ammount of injuries as he will get manhandled but that might just be me seeing it that way. Also if inter sell lukako whos to say that he couldnt endup there, didnt his grandfather or some family member play there back in the days ? In the end though if he joined us which i simply find far fetched due to salary and sign on fees id expect us to win the scudetto and going far into the cl knockout phase,

          2. Martin Bernhard says:

            completely misread the last part of you post, my bad but yeah those teams are far ahead of us.

          3. Vero Rossonero says:

            Martin, yes better written would have been “Although, I think WITH HIM we might be able to win the scudetto, but certainly not the CL.”

            I will add that I feel as though we’d be able to make up a lot of his salary from commercial opportunities that would arise, but like I said his motivating factors will be primarily winning trophies. News is already filtering that his move to PSG is done. I wouldn’t be surprised if they already had some sort of agreement through back channels, as this would be less than 24 hours after talks with Barca broke down.

          4. Martin Bernhard says:

            What you wrote was perfectly fine and understandable but i was out partying yesterday so was propablly a bit drowsy while reading it the first time 😀

            Yeah saw that as well and its certainly not unlikely that they did some dealing already. I also saw a snippet of guardiola that whent like this : Pep Guardiola confirms Man City are not gonna sign Leo Messi: “We spent on Jack Grealish and he will wear number 10 because we convinced about him… and thought Leo would stay. Now Messi is NOT in our plans”,
            That one gotta hurt 😀

            We might have had a chance if the deal was like what juve did with ronaldo as they to my knowledge had investors in over and let him keep his image rights etc. but still messi earns far more than ronaldo and his previous contract was like a 4 year contract worth over 550 some mil euros before taxes. Absolutely insane ammount and one that in my opinion shows we should have salary caps, sign on caps for both players and agents,

            Anyways i think its a weak move of messi because he will pretty much be guaranteed to win the league on a yearly basis as its even more unfair than la liga and cl is certainly also something that is clearly within reach on a yearly basis with the players they have accumolated.

  2. Patrik says:

    Messi earns 18m€ a year there is nothing free about Messi 😂

  3. Dreamer says:

    Messi lol 😂

    One day we will have another Van Basten !

    I’m deluded

  4. Nelli says:

    Belotti on a free would be a steal. At worse a very good number 2 striker.

  5. caleb says:

    by the time we make a move assuming that we gonna get him for free, some other club will take him for cheap, and then we will end up with players like Leao, Krunic, Samu… Not all the clubs are like us to lose players for nothing on a free transfer as we did with Hakan and Gigo

    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      Frankly if his contract are run down to expire i would be more surprised to see him join another team than milan as the player is an ac milan fan since childhood. Add to that he is a man of integrity in the vein of tonali so i think hge will join us either in january but more likely next summer.

  6. Savicevic says:

    Belotti, as Tonali, is a player of character. We should try give him the chance to wear the shirt.

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