Tuttosport: Milan must pay around €25m for Brazilian midfield target

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan will need to fork out around €25m for Brazilian midfielder Andre Trindade this summer if they want to sign him from Fluminense.

As reported by Tuttosport (via Milan News), the Rossoneri are keeping a close eye on Andre as an option for the midfield, given he could be the right profile of player to add more stability to the team and offer more protection to the back line.

A handful of names have been linked with this role, namely Youssouf Fofana and Adrien Rabiot. Andre would perhaps be the riskier option given he has not played in Europe but he is younger at 22 years old and is very highly rated.

By one count, Andre has won the ball back more than anyone else in world football recently with 406 tackles, meaning he could be the perfect fit.

A fee of around €25m also makes him a very attractive proposition from an economic standpoint, as he could be worth much more than that in the future if he were to hit the ground running at Milan.

Andre was heavily linked with Liverpool last season but they opted for other midfield targets and it was something of a surprise to see him stay in Brazil for another year.

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  1. I just don’t know who is the decision maker in the management. Our scouting team did suggest a few excellent players in the past, but they didn’t sign them right away which is a problem (they just keep wasting time instead of negotiating for the player).. For example.. Kolo Muani, Calafiori, J Alvarez, Enzo Fernandez etc.. those are few of them which I remember..
    Now if they’re suggesting this guy and if he’s really good, then we should go for him instead of wasting time.

    1. Each young player with at least some potential cost nowadays 20mil+. Do you expect Milan to sign every player they scouted and seen something in them? Then they’ll probably have to sign at least 20 players each season and spend 500mil EUR…

      With this guy it’s also not that easy, as he is Brazilian and played only in Brazil. Looking historically there is not really a stable chance he will end up like a top-player. There were many like him, from the top of my head in Milan Gustavo Gomez, in Juve Kaio Jorge, in Inter Gabriel Barbosa. All of them were stars in Brazil but ended up being flops in Italy. It’s more convincing to sign up someone with actual experience in Serie A, or at least in good European league.

      1. What about players like Enzo and Caicedo? Bought for 8m and 28m from South American clubs and then went on to be sold for triple digit fees. There’s real value for the money if we move early. 25m is peanuts and can easily be double or tripled if he maintains those performances in Italy.

        1. Not that I’m a scout but the small amount I’ve seen, this guy looks really good as a natural DM. He’s small but mighty (think of Kante) and even though he’s currently injured, he usually plays a lot of games every year.

          I’d prefer Wieffer as I’ve seen more of him but Andre would be a good alternative. And while any transfer from another continent can be a risk, this could turn into an Enzo-like deal so the reward is potentially high.

          Compared to some of the trash we get linked with, this one is pretty solid 👌

      2. The point is Milan had the chance to buy them but they opted to buy mediocre player with few millions difference.
        Enzo was giving Milan the first option and delay Benfica advance with 12 mills transfer fee. They don’t buy quality, they buy quantity. And the quantity ended up being deadwoods, and hinders the next transfer because they are hard resale.

        1. Yeah everyone is a genius after player turned out to be a top or flop. How do you know which one is mediocre and which not before?

          We could be having the exact same conversation about ones that turned to be flops, like mentioned above. Maybe Milan should have pushed and pay more for “quality” like Kaio Jorge and outnumber Juventus with 40mil EUR offer, and he would turn to be a flop as well here, but also an overpriced one. You just don’t know, so I really don’t get how you can criticise management (doesn’t matter if Red bird, Maldini or Elliot or even Galliani) based on that.

      3. i don’t know why people are negative minded. so that’s how kaka, Pato, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, robinho, Alves, Rodrigo, Marcelo and the likes flopped without European experience and how Maguire is now the best center back in the world cos he’s an an European player

    2. They have tight budget in the past and long chain if command. Even if Moncada agree, it had to be agreed by Maldini, even if Maldini also agree, it had to be agreed by Furlani, even if Furlani also agree, it had to be agreed by Cardinale.

    3. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. Hindsight is always perfect. Even with some of the examples you listed, it’s only because of the size of the fees some clubs paid that’s the reason we look back with big regret. But those fees might not be the fee we would have gotten for the players. Eg. Kolo Muani was only bought because he has a breakout season in Eintracht. It didn’t mean he would have done the same at Milan. He probably wouldn’t have gotten as much time with other forwards ahead of him. And then PSG overpaid and how is that working out for them? His goal tally is low. Same for Enzo. Currently isn’t exactly crazy brilliant but Chelsea overpaid for him. And he as well would probably not have gotten as much game time with us as he did with Benfica. Calafiori as ppl pointed out in other articles, would he have gotten as much game time with us as with Bologna? Imo he did his career ahuge favour by choosing Bologna.
      Is is that you’d want the player for their quality or the idea of missing out on a huge sale because other clubs paid silly money?
      We even have our own gems from scouting work done…Kalulu is now 30m+ from a 500k coup. Thiaw the same but at 10m. We tend to forget these.

      1. Dang really? I thought he hadn’t made a decision yet. Though it’s a shame that mid tier PL sides can outbid a UCL team from Serie A in transfer fee and/or wages

  2. Everybody’s talkin like a Pro Football Manager, but management have prioritized works to do, so they opt to buy as low as possible then convert other resources to other field that’s why world class players is like on the next level we try to get. We might get random, great player or we might get young player to be developed again.

  3. Milan’s sweet spot is in that 20-25mil range. The question is whether Andre is better than Weiffer. 22 w/o European experience VS 24 with…

    Can we get both…?

    1. Not sure we can spend 40-50 million on two DMs. Not sure we will. Andre and Hojbjerg might be a better duo, because Hojbjerg is bound to leave for a lot less and still has quite a bit of European and International experience.

  4. I think for this one 20 million seems better. Trinidad and Hojbjerg should be our two options. Good to have one with more experience.

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