Tuttosport: Milan’s summer budget revealed and how it may increase

By Ben Dixon -

Discussions at Milanello regarding the summer mercato will already be well underway, and today, a report has revealed how much AC Milan will be able to spend in the summer if no sales are made.

There are several areas in which Milan want to invest in the summer, most notably a striker and a central defender, given the issues in both. In defence, there is a desire to add quality reinforcement to ensure that a repeat of this season’s injury curse does not happen again, and in attack, a new striker is a must if the Rossoneri are to move forward.

However, the budget for these reinforcements and others must be used smartly. As of today, Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) have reported that the budget for the summer is in the region of €30-35 million – a similar figure to last summer’s base.

Last season, the Diavolo invested beyond this budget due to the sale of Sandro Tonali, and this summer, a similar event could occur, with several of Milan’s high-value players being targeted for moves away from the club.

However, due to existing clauses, their budget may rise, which would lessen the need to sell a star. Charles De Ketelaere looks likely to join Atalanta, which would €23m to the budget. Additionally, they would earn €16m from the clauses inserted into Alexis Saelemaekers’ and Rade Krunic’s respective deals.

As a result, if all three of these clauses are used, the budget would double to stand at around €70 million, which would greatly increase the Rossoneri’s market potential.

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  1. I’ve been talking about him a lot here, but Rayan Cherki will be available for around 15M this summer according to reports.
    I think it’s a much better option than Arda Guler on a “Brahin type loan”

    1. I really really rate the guy, he’s a future superstar in my eyes, despite having an off season.
      Dude’s only twenty, with around 100 games of top 5 league football already played.
      For such a talent 15M is a steal

      1. I agree, he is a future star, but the whole football world is very aware of it. His contract running out is not a big issue because he’s very sought after and there will be a bidding war.
        I wonder where did you get 15M from?
        I’d say he’s going for 40-50 (at least)

        1. He has fallen out of with their coach and doesn’t start anymore.
          I saw a report on OneFootball about 10M, and another one earlier on which said 25M.
          That’s probably the range, since his contract is expiring.
          I hope we’ll at least make an attempt

          1. Thanks. Even 25M would be a great deal for him. I don’t know why he’s having an off season, but that’s not a red flag for someone his age. He is still super talented player. Would love to have him at Milan.

  2. Acmilan should sign two solid attacking midfield and leao deputy that’s only what we need.our defensive midfield is ok no problem at all

    1. I don’t think we need two, RLC is doing a great job, but some matches just require a different profile.
      See my comment above about Rayan Cherki.

  3. Assuming we don’t sell none of the big three (Maignan, Theo, Leao) and renew them (arguably would be hard), we need just a solid striker (Sesko?) and extend Jovic contract. Gabbia would take Kjaer’s place. Not sure if Pellegrino would be defender 5 or if that would be Simic.

    Next year the whole team should be in a better sync and hopefully Musah and Chuk would contribute more

  4. We were never going to spend 60M on a striker. 50M maybe, but only if we have a big sale. So I think that ultimately, players like Sesko and Zirkzee are not coming. People need to temper their expectations. This summer will require out of the box thinking. Assuming the budget is what is outlined above, and none of our starters are sold, this is what I would do:

    Budget Remaining: 35M cash; 35M from CDK, Salad, Krunic); maybe another 10M from Colombo and Malini. Total 80M.

    1. Striker: Offer the balance of what Atalanta will owe us for CDK (23M) plus 10M for Scamacca. Reasoning: Scamacca is underrated, coming off a bad experience in the PL and injury. He is beginning to score again, but Atalanta have lots of forwards (including record signing Toure, now returning from injury) and it’s looking like they might miss out on Europe altogether. They will need to balance the books. Selling Koopmeiners will help, but they might need more. This is an opportunity for us.

    Budget Remaining: Total 47M.

    2. CB: Yes, we need one. Assuming it’s Buongiorno, then that’s 30M. If we’re thrifty (which in the case of not selling a star we perhaps ought to be) then we’d pick up one of those defenders we’ve been linked with on an expiring contract from the PL.

    Budget remaining if Buongiorno is bought at 30M: 17M; Budget remaining if free agent signing: 47M

    3. DM: If we still have 47M, then the options are wide open, and I don’t really know what’s out there in the 30M to 40M range for this position as we have really been linked with any such players (evidence management isn’t really considering a move here). So you’re guess is as good as mine. BUT, if we have signed Buongiorno and have about 17M left, I say go for Amrabat. He’s had a bad experience at Man U, the club that destroys players, he’ll have a year left on his contract, is jsut entering his prime and knows Serie A. He will be perfectly discounted, my guess is to about 20M, which will only require a little stretching to reach from the 17M remaining.

    Possible Milan 2024-25:

    GK1 Mike
    GK2 Sportiello
    GK3 Raveyre/Lapa?

    RB1 Calabria
    RB2 Kaululu
    RB3 Florenzi

    RCB1 Tomori
    RCB2 Thiaw
    RCB3 Simic

    LCB1 Buongiorno
    LCB2 Gabbia
    LCB3 Simic

    LB1 Theo
    LB2 Terraciano
    LB3 Florenzi

    LDM1 Amrabat
    LDM2 Adli
    LDM3 Pobega

    RDM1 Reijnders
    RDM2 Bennacer
    RDM3 Musah

    AMC1 RLC
    AMC2 Reijnders

    LW1 Leao
    LW2 Okafor

    RW1 Pulisic
    RW2 Chuk

    ST1 Scamacca
    ST2 Jovic
    ST3 Okafor

    Primavera wildcards: Camarda, Zeroli, Bertasaghi, Jimenez, Makengo, Lapa, Raveyre

    Total: 26 players, 83M max transfer spend, no starters sold.

    1. Some corrections:

      “If we still have 47M, then the options are wide open, and I don’t really know what’s out there in the 30M to 40M range for this position as we *haven’t* really been linked with any such players (evidence management isn’t really considering a move here).”

      “Total: 26 players, *60*M max *out -of-pocket* transfer spend *(so not including the 23M balance for CDK)*, no starters sold.”

    2. Also, if we do need a little more juice and want to reduce the total number of first teamers, we could sell Pobega for 8-10M, since that position will be deep in terms of sheer numbers notwithstanding the need for a better DM type. But this might create an issue with the European competition lists.

    3. I think you have done very well with a tight budget.
      Milan should hire you!

      I personally wouldn’t mind if the right money was offered, selling RLC and Chucky. We have youth players and loan players who can fill those gaps, plus could use the cash to bring in some young talent.

    4. That sir is a badass analysis. Thanks for putting in the thought!

      If we make the EL final we’d have another 15m. Does that change your striker thoughts?

      Looks like you assumed Pioli or similar coach. Any thoughts of we end up in a 433 or 352?

      1. Thanks for the compliments! An extra 15M, or any variation in the budget can lead to different variations in how and on who we spend. If we did have an extra 15M, Sesko might become more concrete vs. Scamacca, since we know he’s got a fixed base value of 50M (his release clause). Instead of essentially spending 33M on Scamacca, you’d take the money received from CDK (25M), plus the 10M originally earmarked for Scamacca, plus the extra 15M, for a total of 48M, add another 2M, and voila you have Sesko. Then the rest of the programme remains as I previously outlined it. Again, it also all depends on how much you’re spending in other areas.

        4-3-3? It doesn’t change my projection much, but then what happens to RLC? Do we sell him? If so, how much does he bring in? That will change the calculus, and assuming that striker and CB remain the same, it could mean we’d be able to afford a DM in the 40-50M range vs. the 20M Amrabat, but it’s difficult to see the club selling RLC this summer.

        3-5-2? This one would require a whole new long post, but safe to say I think this change is the least likely. We’d have to sell Leao, as well as Chukwueze. The former just doesn’t seem to perform well inside, and he also doesn’t want to play inside, although maybe one leads to the other. And so if Leao is sold, suddenly you have a lot more money to play with and the transfer targets are completely different. You’d still bring in a striker, in this case a Zirkzee or Sesko would be a lot more likely. Puli and Okafor would remain, as I think they’re very capable of playing in a supporting striker role. You’d bring in a new RB that is more similar to Theo in style than to Calabria/Kalulu, so more of a RWB, you’d bring in at least two CBs (or one since if in this case Kalulu is moved back into the CB group instead of being sold outright), and then we’d still get a DM, but probably one at a higher price point than Amrabat. In summary, this scenario would lead to a higher profile ST, and possibly DM (than Amrabat), at least one CB, and a RWB to balance out Theo.

    5. Overall I like the analysis, a few thoughts
      – I like Scamacca but I’m puzzled since it’s a big gamble… not sure if I want to give him the starter role since he’s not playing well (even Spalleti didn’t include him in the friendlies). Atalanta bought him a year ago for 25m and frankly I don’t think his value has improved in the last year. Having Jovic as backup makes me more wary (different story if backup was Giroud)
      – More of a nitpick but I doubt Buongiorno will come for 30 mill, though maybe he’ll come for even less if we include Colombo. That said he’s currently injured and before that, there were PL clubs eyeing him.
      – Amrabat is very solid, but I doubt our management will go for him if they don’t think they have a very good chance of winning Serie A since his salary is high. Also consider other PL teams and/or Italian teams if he’s in the market. Last I heard, there was a DM rumor of us interested in Walace of Udinese for 10 million. Not sure whether that would be good.

      Might be good if we can get a loan with option for Beto (ex Udinese now at Everton)… having a horrible season there but might be a good striker to have as a backup (NOT as a starter). The fan in me would want us to try and get Belotti, though I don’t know if he’d come for a backup role

      Ultimately, a lot will depend on how certain players perform the rest of the season and during pre-season next year before we invest (question marks Okafor, Jovic, Chukwueze, Adli, Thiaw, Terraciano, Gabbia)

      1. You may be right re the valuation of Scamacca, i.e., I’ve valued him too high, but this only increases the budget for DM and CB, and it doesn’t affect the idea that we need one good targeted signing in each department. I also hear you on his ability, but remember, we’re on a budget and there are only so many strikers who will be in budget AND effective, unless we get some 20 year old who hasn’t broken out yet, and then develop him, but if we’re being ambitious that will not due as we need production now (nevermind the chance he doesn’t develop).

        We shall see re Buongiorno. There are also other defenders.

        As to Amrabat’s salary, I think it has to come down, given the season he’s had. Same reason for interest in him from the PL fading a bit, to our advantage.

        I actually mentioned Walace in another article a little while back. I had no clue we’re actually linked. He would be a decent budget DM.

        As to your last para, not sure we can wait until pre-season to see where we need to invest. Our transfers should be completed as soon as possible precisely so that those new players can integrate during preseason.

    6. When you really look at it, it’s pretty much the same team as now…which isn’t a bad thing. Matter of fact it’s an extremely good thing. The guys are starting to gel after 8 months together …that’s how long it takes to get chemistry and it’s showing. Some FEW smart pieces are really all we need. I get swapping out a few players here and there but there shouldn’t be wholesale changes. Nice display of the list of player positions btw, I thoroughly enjoyed that part. And the analysis is realistic. I really don’t get these high priced players we’ve been linked with but it could be if we sell a top player

    7. Well, I think you tried in your own right, but I only agree on the Amrabat signing, I disagree with the rest.

      First of all, I will sell off Calabria for 10m, Krunic for 5m, and Florenzi, Origi, Ballo Toure for another 10m.

      This will raise the total budget to 105m.
      I will make only five purchases.

      1. CF – Sign Pavlidis – 30m
      2. DM – Amrabat – 20m
      3. RB – Jeremie Frimpong – 35m
      4. RB – Dodo (Fiorentina) – 15m
      5. LB – Theo deputy – 10m

      The squad:
      RB – Frimpong and Dodo
      LB – Theo and Deputy
      CB – Tomori, Thiaw, Kalulu, Gabbia. Out: Kjear and Caldara
      DM – Bennacer, Amrabat and Adli
      CM – Reijnders and Musah
      AM – RLC
      RW – Puli and Chucky
      LW – Leao and Okafor
      CF – Pavlidis and Jovic (Giroud on his way to MLS)

  5. That is an incredibly poor budget for a club the size of Milan, with good revenues.

    Mike seems the obvious star to be sacrificed if necessary, though we should not be selling off star players if we want to improve!

    We have a budget to buy 2 good players for striker and DM. Other positions can wait.

  6. Can some explain in small words for a newby like me why we need another CB? Tomorri, Kalulu, Gabbia, Thiaw with Simic to play the cup games if necessary and Theo in an emergency. Seems like we are already stacked.

    Honest question.

    1. Kalulu- is way off his scudetto season peak. Yes, he’s been hampered by injury this season, but last season already witnessed a decline that basically cost him his starting spot to Thiaw.

      Thiaw- has also suffered a drop in form, or more like a lack of progression. TBF, he has also suffered from injuries this year, but it’s his decision making that is a worry. Again, it could be rust, but we saw flashes of his rashness last season when he was healthy and playing. So, the implication is he hasn’t advance. Again, this could be down to playing time, as “practice makes perfect”, but there are warning signs. He might be best as a depth option as opposed to a starter.

      Kjaer- Just no longer physically up to it. Never the quickest player, he’s lost another step since the last knee injury last season. He also sometimes has a habit of being a bit lazy with his technique, which creates situations where his clearances…just aren’t clearances. There were a couple of instances against Slavia where instead of just blasting the ball away he tried to be cute and it just resulted in teeing the ball up at the top of the box. Finally, given the above, it’s very likely he will be released at the end of his contract in a couple of months.

      Simic- Promising, but still raw.

      Thus, we basically only have two “no doubt” defenders ATM, Tomori and Gabbia, and as much as I appreciate them, they aren’t exactly the second coming of Maldini and Nesta.

      SO, we need to add another option at CB.

    2. My thoughts is that none of our current CB-s is that experienced at directing defense or strong positionally and we need a replacement for Kjaer

      Tomori-Kalulu were good when our pressing was good (Kessie Krunic Tonali), that said we still had some weaknesses in high balls (Kalulu not tall 🙁 ). Also Kalulu is now injured again, depends whether it will impact him physically and whether we consider him a CB or DR.

      Gabbia seems better at positioning but is a bit slow so more happy to defend deep, a lot will depend on how he performs till the end of season.

      Thiaw in my book is between Tomori and Gabbia in terms of speed and positioning, though he seems to have issue with tackling and concentration.

      Simic is still too young, he can play but once he gets analyzed by opposite coaches he might get picked apart (see Lovato). I wouldn’t consider him for more than an emergency situation and would rather loan him (also contract expires next year and there has been no renewal)

      Tomori is our best defender, has had some screwups with positioning in the past and relied too much on his speed but a lot will depend if an offer comes for him. As an English player, PL teams are probably looking at him, so maybe we’re considering Buongiorno as a replacement to Tomori…

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