Tuttosport: Milan continue talks with Chelsea over midfielder and transfer formula

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have set their sights on Carney Chukwuemeka as one of the midfield reinforcements this summer. However, as stated by a report, there is no agreement with Chelsea on the formula and negotiations are ongoing. 

Chukwuemeka only made 12 appearances for Chelsea this past season due to several injuries, now looking to revive his career. Milan have expressed their interest, as was also confirmed by Gianluca Di Marzio, but reaching an agreement is another question.

According to today’s edition of Tuttosport, as cited by MilanNews, Milan are in talks with Chelsea over the transfer formula. The Rossoneri would like to secure the 20-year-old on a loan with an option to buy, while the Stamford Bridge side are insisting on a permanent transfer.

It remains to be seen if common ground can be reached, perhaps by including an obligation to buy, but it’s clear that Milan’s interest is concrete. In addition to Chukwuemeka, the Rossoneri are also working on the arrival of Youssou Fofana from Monaco.

In short, the midfield could be completely revamped this summer, especially since Ismael Bennacer might pack his bags.

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    1. How would Milan overpaying for subpar players make Italian NT better? Players don’t magically learn how to play ball when they sign for Milan.

      The truth is. Milan keeps buying foreign because Italians are overpriced garbage. Euros failure is the definitive proof of that.

      On a somewhat related note, Milan already owns the biggest talent in Italy and he has just signed his 1st professional contract, with Milan.

    2. The abysmal level of the Italian National Team tells you exactly why Milan don’t buy Italian players. None of the players in that starting 11 would be making much difference for us. Calafiori has potential but it’s a question mark. And they cost 25 procent extra in Italian tax?! Better to buy foreign until Milan can develop their own Italian players

    1. Moncada (and maybe other executives) probably get personal transfer commissions when Milan sells or buys a player. I don’t have access to his contract and can’t be sure but this is how modern football works, it’s very common in France.

      1. Ha ha 😂.
        The stupidity that this character writes here every day is astonishing.
        Just pure nonsense.
        Question for you genius.
        Milan was making a lot of transfers during your daddy’s tenure as a director at Milan. He also wasn’t signing Italian players or promoting Primavera players. Was he also getting personal transfer commissions or is that just the big bad Moncada?
        Don’t you think that you will get a bigger transfer commission if you let a player or 5 leave for free? More money for the new club to pay the director who allowed them to sign that player for free.
        Makes you think 🤔 huh?

        1. As usual, insults and nonsense rhetoric about something that you don’t understand. Get educated about that, it’s easy.

          “Ultimately, Sporting Directors and similar roles within a club do a very similar role to agents in terms of identifying recruitment targets and finding ways to bring about a favourable deal. What sets it apart from agency and perhaps makes it a more attractive opportunity is that there is no cap on the money which a club executive can earn and the role often comes with lucrative bonus payments as a percentage of transfers and player wages. It is a contemporary and unrestricted method of earning money through transfers.”

          Maldini didn’t buy 12 players in one summer despite having a Scudetto-winning core of players and there is absolutely no doubt that he always had Milan’s interest in mind. Moncada has no tie to the club, no share, it’s only a job to him. But keep hating Maldini, the greatest legend of the club you support for one or two years.

          1. So, let’s look at your logic.
            A club who is selling Milan a player, a player that Milan nickels and dimes to get the cheapest price that they can get, is paying moncada extra money of commissions to make the transfer happen?
            How much sense does that make? How stupid that sounds?
            He can’t make money of sales because Milan has sold 1 player.
            But again I’m going to ask.
            How much money in commissions did Maldini make from inter, psg, Barcelona, Lazio, Fiorentina, by saving those clubs money by letting Milan player leave the club for free?
            19/20 Maldini brought 10 players Leao, Theo, Bennacer, Duarte, Krunic, Saelemakers, kjaer, Rebic , Zlatan, Begovic
            20/21 10 players , Tonali, Hauge, Kalulu, Tatarusanu, Tomori, Dalot, Meite, Brahim, Mandzukic, Roback
            21/22 10 players: Maignan, Adli, Ballo Toure, Pellegri, Giroud, Lazetic, Bakayoko, Messias, Florenzi, Mirante.
            22/23 6 players : CDK, Thiaw, Vranckx, Vasquez, Origi, Dest.
            That’s a lot of players and a lot of commissions made by moncada predecessor.
            Sorry to brake it you, but based on your logic your surrogate father was making a Hella cash in commissions from transfers.

          2. Man you would argue with a rocket scientist over how a spaceship works… Stop with your pride, just admit that you didn’t know about executives’ commissions, there are a lot of things that I or anyone don’t know about football or other topics. You’re so stubborn it’s ridiculous.

            About your “logic”, I’m not arguing with you. You clearly have no idea how it works. How can Maldini earns a transfer commission on the transfer fee if there is no transfer fee? Have a nice day.

          3. Ha ha ha. No transfer fee?
            You better check the fees.
            As usual once exposed Bartolomeo takes the cowardly way out. No surprise there.

          4. 19/20 Milan spent 144 mil on new signings.
            20/21 32 mil
            21/22 100 mil
            22/23 56 mil
            Average 83 mil per year.
            Milan spent 120 mil lats summer.
            A lot of opportunities for your surrogate father to make in commissions, but you don’t like these facts because according to you everyone is bad while Paolo is perfect.
            Don’t forget we go based on your logic.

          5. Well man you bring nothing to the conversation. You just hate me, and Maldini that you inexplicably brought in the topic, write nonsense and congratulate yourself. Enjoy.

        2. Man, you surprise me every time you write something, I don’t understand why you keep arguing with emotions when people show you logic – it really makes me think you are a woman, otherwise you are just a sad man who needs drama in his life to feel appreciated.

        3. Again with the Maldini hate from this kid LOL. Did Maldini hammer your mom or something? What is your deal buddy. Nothing but nonsense coming from your mouth. You are triggered when anyone criticizes this management and have to bring up Maldini up in order to deflect. Move on kid. What is relevant is what is happening NOW – and what @Batholomeo said is valid. But since you cannot respond intelligently you insult and for some reason bring you your dad Maldini LOL. pathetic

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