Tuttosport: Furlani and Moncada working under the radar to sign €40m striker

By Oliver Fisher -

It is hard not to take note of Joshua Zirkzee’s performances for Bologna so far this season, and AC Milan are targeting him ahead of the summer window.

According to a report from Tuttosport (via OneFootball), the Bologna striker is at the top of Milan’s wish list ahead of the summer but €40m would be needed to sign him, a figure that represents a big investment but one for the present and future.

Zirkzee has overtaken Jonathan David in the Rossoneri’s list of preferences. The competition ahead of next summer is high but Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada are moving insistently under the radar to try and make the deal happen.

There is some risk of his market value exceeding €40m if he continues to score and assist at his current rate, but that figure is equal to the release clause in his contract and as such that is the price to pay.

Zirkzee is Milan’s big dream for the summer, and they hope to beat the competition to land him.

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  1. I mean Zee is a better way to spend 40mil than David. And if so, I hope it’s in the summer when we switch managers and get a modern tactician with modern footballing ideas.

    Next Cycle.

      1. Yes but even if he is a one season star, like David, he would need no time to adapt to the league unlike David who would need more time.

      2. Hahahahah, dude Guirassy will never score 15 goals in a season again. Zirkzee was a super talent since he was 13, every scout on the planet has heard of him. He is finally realizing his potential.

  2. Under the radar? The way he’s playing right now, nothing is going under the radar lol
    Besides if they’re really working under the radar how does Tuttosport know? Lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣 it’s like saying James Bond is going to work undercover in Chicago…well.guess what…..lol 😂

  3. You already, most likely, getting 23 mil from Atalanta for CDK, Saelemakers can get you 10 mil,
    couple more millions from players like Daniel M , Nasti, and as a sweetener throw in Colombo in the deal.
    The funds are already there.
    In return, you get Zirkzee and Thiago Motta.

    1. I don’t think CDK has shown enough so far for a redemption. He’s still a big “?”

      But yes, if he was sold it would help a lot to land Zee. But it also depends on our managerial situation in the summer. Different coach would want their own players.

  4. I hope this article is super fake, but if not, there you go guys.

    Moncada, with all his talent, brings us the next expensive forward with no talent.

    Zirktree is just another Piatek, Fat Cassano, Lapadula, Luiz Adriano, Torres, Destro, Matri, Messias, Suso, etc..

    Instead of spending money for an actually talented player, Milan buys a cheap low quality forward and tries to pass it off as an incredible diamond in the rough – until he fails like all the others.

    I guess the moneyball method doesn’t work, because we’re back to the same failed recipe. Over and over and over.


    PS. Moncada, since we’re raiding Bologna, perhaps you could sign this guy called Saelemaker. He’s Messi like and has the potential to be the RW of the future. Super cheap too!! 50+ goals a year guaranteed. Just like Zirktree. Moneyball it bro! The stats don’t lie bro!

    1. It takes the right coach/player combo to bring out the best out of a player. Motta/Zee combo clearly works.

      We won’t know if Pioli could work with Zee but Stefano was able to bring out the best in many of the developing players under his watch.

      Of the names you mentioned, most weren’t any good. Piatek would have been better with a better support system – he never got any decent service, as an example.

      At face value, Zee isn’t a bad option as long as he comes with Motta.

    2. And this is how most fans will be so hyped at an average player and then when he comes to Milan and fails,all guns will be drawn.How is ZIRKZEE A TOP STRIKER.

  5. Josuha could have been brought in for 15+mio the last two years, at the latest after the signing of Tel you actually have to make a try. So it’s always the same story, a very good half season is enough to triple the price tag. Our only goal can and must be that the player triples his value with us. So please act faster

  6. That nutmeg and assit against inter in the coppa had me dreaming as a Milanista…Lord have mercy the man owned that defence!

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