Tuttosport: Milan’s Leao reaches €19m compensation agreement with Sporting

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao has come to an agreement with Sporting to pay €19 million in compensation, a report claims.

As has been reported by Tuttosport today, the Portuguese forward came to the agreement with his former club with the help of noted Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes.

The situation dates back to July 2018 when fans of the Lisbon-based side attacked the training ground and a number of players terminated their contracts.

Leao went to Lille and was later sold to Milan. Sporting believed that they were robbed of a transfer fee in that situation and the appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport sentenced him to pay Sporting an effective transfer fee for his unlawful termination of the contract.

Leao and Mendes will of course want to get the money back and that affects the negotiations for a new Milan contract. It should be noted, as per CAS’ decision, that Lille have to pay half of the €19m.

The Rossoneri do not want to pay the €7 million salary requested by the player but they are protected this summer by the €150 million release clause in his current deal.

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    1. Yes, I was extremely critical of him but he can ask for that after getting the title for Milan. At least 50% of attacks was give ball to Leao and hope he does something. We had Kessie on AMC in a few matches, etc. He deserved an increase. Since Milan is now a cheap club without any real values but profit, they did not offer to pay a cent of his fine from what I understand, so I would also ask for the same money Ibra had while watching the last season. Not saying he did not deserve it for bringing the team to a different mental level, but so does Leao now.

      1. “Since Milan is now a cheap club without any real values but profit”
        – Spoken like a true Milanista.

        “they did not offer to pay a cent of his fine from what I understand”
        – Milan had NOTHING to do with Leao’s contract termination so why should they? It’s on Lille & Leao.

        “but so does Leao now.”
        – Does/will he? Assumptions, assumptions. Just because he played well for the last 2 months last season, doesn’t mean he’s continue from there and keep that level throughout the season.

        1. Listen bb, I support Milan, but I wouldn’t support if we got a murderer as an owner, or people without real values. I understand you do not have any values but that is your problem, bugger of from me. I don’t even want to be seen in comments around plastic people like you. If you don’t understand why Milan should have offered that that is it. You just confirmed what I said. Thank you and goodbye!

          1. *support the owner. And Milan is currently what the owner says. Club with great history but with 2022 American values, so money.

          2. You say investcorp murderer? And redbird are people without real value? Then what do you expect as AC Milan new owner? Nasser ( psg owner) ? Syeikh( manc city owner) ? Roman abramovich ( ex chelsea owner that use chelsea as luxurious toy)? PIF ( newcastle owner) ? Wake up dude,no rich owner want to buy AC Milan . Im already AC Milan fans since 1990, i dont care who are the owner, watching them play even with mediocre player like taiwo,vergara,poli,cerci,destro,matri,paletta,constant and some unknown player already satisfied me . I already see them taking glory in 1990 to 2011, see them fall down to ashes in 2012 to 2019, now they are rise again . True Fans never complain their club must full of star player . I only see AC Milan can pay that half from 19m euro to sporting for leao ,but leao ofc must sign contract with AC Milan term 5m euro nett + bonus up to total 6m euro

          3. “I understand you do not have any values but that is your problem, bugger of from me.”

            Well… Kind of funny because you know nothing about me. 🙂

            Bugger of? Naah, I don’t think so.

            Plastic people like me? You are so funny. 😀

  1. In negotiations you don’t ask for 7 when you want 7. You ask for 8 or 9. That’s why asking for 7 means they should settle around 5.5-6 which is fair

  2. Isn’t Lille supposed to pay Sporting when they sold Leao to Milan? This shit doesn’t make sense to me. You let a player leave for free to Lille (clauses and such) Lille sells the player to Milan – Milan pays Lille – Lille pays Sporting the clauses.

    And for that dude calling Milan owners murders New Castle owners chopped journalist in pieces and burned him to ashes yet nobody did anything about it and England opened the doors to New Castle without any problem

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