Tuttosport: Milan’s market has stagnated – three fronts without movement

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s market strategy has been called into question by the newspaper Tuttosport as there is a lack of movement on any of the negotiations.

Today’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) talks about the situations that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are currently grappling with, namely the soap operas regarding Charles De Ketelaere, Renato Sanches and Hakim Ziyech.

De Ketelaere: The newspaper reports that a stalemate has developed between Milan and Club Brugge. There is a sense of annoyance which is understandable, but the Rossoneri could still raise their bid to the €35m asking price but without a step from both sides, the deal will not close. In the meantime, De Ketelaere is waiting and has an agreement with Milan over a five-year deal worth €2.5m net per year.

Ziyech: What is certain is that the Moroccan does not want to stay at Chelsea and has given a mandate to the agency Roc Nation to find an agreement with Milan, but the obstacle of his €6m net per season salary remains, as well as the fact that he is an alternative to De Ketelaere.

Renato Sanches: Despite the rumours from France that suggest the midfielder is heading for PSG, Milan are still in the running for the Portuguese midfielder but yet again they are content with waiting and seeing how things develop rather than launching a decisive move in some way.

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  1. Simply, Maldini’s hands are tied. Pioli needs at least 3 players in three positions and you have money for possibly one ! And now he needs to make do with the situation! I look at the media, we’re already becoming a club with which they make transfer jokes

    1. So you know for a fact how much M&M have in their use for the transfer window? You must be an insider then. Could you also tell us what Maldini had for breakfast today?

      1. @bb your such a sheep! Lol. Constantly defending ownership. You work for Red$hit or something buddy?? If you can’t figure out that we have a small budget by now your a lost cause lol. Embarrassing kid

          1. If it would be for RedBird we wouldn’t have any mercato. That Cardinale guy is still begging around for money to buy the club.

        1. Bro honestly just piss off, I have you lot who are unnecessarily negative and act as if we have a 35M budget and only can buy one player, I guarantee you buy the end of the window we will have another 3 players in the club, just stop being so negative it doesn’t help and even for yourself constantly being so negative just isn’t healthy bro

        2. Anyone who has brains knows that the amount on Milan’s transfer budget isn’t public information. The people who know these figures gain NOTHING by spreading that info to outsiders. The people who know them all work for Milan and their interest is that the company they work for succeeds and makes money. By revealing/leaking their true transfer budget to media would catastrophically affect their transfer negotiations.

          So if you believe those 50M€ rumors, you might as well join the Flat Earthers – if you haven’t yet.


        3. “Constantly defending ownership. You work for Red$hit or something buddy??”

          People who understand anything about the current situation know that RedBird isn’t calling the shots yet as they gain control in September. Better learn the facts before shouting out stupidities.

          BAAAAH BAAAAH.

    2. The stupid fans don’t get this. From champions of Italy too a transfer joke. Smh

      Sustainability is nice, but this mercato is embarrassing.

  2. Stagnated because this elliot shit only give 50m euro budget. If only they give 100m euro or atleast 80m euro ,we can finish buy CDK + ndicka + ziyech already ( ziyech with loan) . Italian champion have budget 50m euro so embarassing

  3. Stagnated because this elliot trash only give 50m euro budget. If only they give 100m euro or atleast 80m euro ,we can finish buy CDK + ndicka + ziyech already ( ziyech with loan) . Italian champion have budget 50m euro so embarassing. Fans must patient many years now watching elliot still on AC Milan

  4. Stagnated because greedy elliot want to earn as many as they can while they still own the club. Imagine given italian champion transfer budget 50m euro

    1. OK, answer me this then. Elliott has sold the company for the amount of x.xxB€, right? Yes?

      So… How does the changes in the club’s budget affect Elliott’s profit? You think they can transfer some of the club’s funds to their own bank account just before RedBird takes over? Or how do you think Elliott wants/will actually make money from Milan as the deal has already been agreed?

      Please educate me as I’m eager to know. 🙂

  5. I’ll give you guys a hint on how not to get stressed during this mercato season:

    Dont read any news concerning Milan. Half the time it’s just links using the words “could”, “should”, “might”, “expressed interest”, and you get the idea.

    All you do is click into their clickbait and fill hopes up with empty expectation, get excited over nothing, and feel worse afterward.

    You will be happy to only spot official news. Anything else is just mere speculation. Even sempremilan itself falls into this category. Have a nice holiday, see you when the season starts!

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