Tuttosport: Newcastle targeting repeat of Tonali coup but Milan want €50m

By Oliver Fisher -

Newcastle United want to do more business with AC Milan after the signing of Sandro Tonali but a deal will be very difficult to do, a report claims.

According to this morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via MilanNews), Newcastle are aiming to make another move for their defensive department after they signed Lloyd Kelly on a free transfer from Bournemouth.

For this reason they have Fikayo Tomori in their sights, but the paper adds that because the Englishman is the number one starter among the centre-backs he will not be sold nor will a negotiation even open unless a bid of €45-50m comes in.

However, it is unlikely that the Rossoneri will give the green light to the sale of Tomori regardless unless a Tonali-esque offer comes in. They have already lost Simon Kjaer and losing the former Chelsea man would mean losing two leaders of the defence in one fell swoop.

A few days ago, the source that broke the Tomori-Newcastle story reported that the player is not keen on the idea of joining them either and instead wants to remain with Milan, who can offer him Champions League football and with whom he has another three years on his deal.

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  1. I’m sure Fik would be open to a move back to PL to “prove” himself there once again. And 50mil gets us another option in defense with the likes of Calafiori and Buongiorno still available if we’re open to replenishing our Italian reserves.

      1. Let me explain something to you. I don’t care if the team is built around Philippians as long as we win.

        This ain’t the national team. It’s business. I want to win. Stop brining up Italian players like we have a horde of great ones because we don’t.

        1. hes right, even the Italian team sucks currently. winning is more important and most of the Milan Icons are not Italians

          1. As opposed to who? Fans who don’t care if their club wins so long as it’s packed with Italians? LOL!!! Okay….

        2. It is an issue according to list rules from UEFA for UCL and a from a lesser extent from Lega Seria A.
          UEFA rules significantly reward having a combination of home nationality and academy players in your squad.
          Ultimately if we can promote enough academy players and attract enough Italian players to the squad, then we will struggle to have a deep squad in Europe.

          In Serie A there might not be caps on the number of Italian players required. But the caps on the number of slots available for non-EU players will cause Milan issues if we continue to have a squad that does not have an Italian core.

        3. It doesn’t matter what you think. You don’t understand football. The most successful teams always had and have players native to that league as part of their squads.

      2. If Milan sell Tomori honestly they have no ambition, & as long as they will be selling there key players no any coach will succeed even if they will be changing them seasonally & be blaming them. Yet they say thay wanna catch Inter

        1. You think Tomori is the pinnacle of defending? 90% of the users here are crying to Calafiori, Buongiorno 🙂

        1. La Nazionale is looking very meh…. QF would be a good result. Calafiori looks pretty good though for someone who hasn’t played with the NT before.

  2. At everyone saying “I don’t care” as long as we win check your heads!!! Serie A needs Italian players and now. Italy hasn’t had a global superstar since Baggio 30 years ago. Also missed 2 consecutive World Cups which once would have been unimaginable and our current National team is not very good at all. Serie A needs Italians and Milan are the worst culprits!! And yes, I’m a Milan fan.

    1. Better stop listen to international fan. They forget that this club build from milan community and Milan is part of Italy. They just glory seeker.

      1. Maybe they need to produce better players. Look at city, United, Liverpool, Spurs. It’s not like their team isn’t loaded with international players. Yet England remains competitive. With that said promoting mediocre players only hurting the league. Even lower team aren’t having homegrown Look at Atlanta for instance. How many great Italian are playing abroad it tells you something about the state of their players

        1. How many Italians are in Inter? Do you want me to count it for you? So before you continue with this BS remember: Italians are still great at defense. They are also current Euro winners (where is your UK in that regard please remind me?)

      2. Italians don’t deserve Milan. Founded by an Englishman made famous by Brazilian and Dutch players. Italy lost Milan when Italians started believing being Italian is more important than skill. Really if you want to bash ppl for the horrible state of Calcio blame Burlesconi and the other owners from 20 years ago. They didn’t invest youth development and wasted an entire generation. Literally they just left an entire generation of youth undeveloped in favor of chasing silverware was a much of washed up has beens.

    2. It is Milan’s fault Italy isn’t producing enough home-grown talent? Not the lack of infrastructure or initiative from the FIGC aside from the growth-decree abolishment?

      Italians on roster:
      Napoli: 6
      Roma: 8
      Milan: 9
      Lazio: 10
      Inter: 10
      Juve 12

      Milan are the worst, huh? ooooKay… LOL!!!!!!

  3. Sell him and bring Calafiori or Buongiorno or both. Also get rid of Thiaw or Kalulu or both. The only player that performed last season against the odds was Gabbia

    1. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

      Let’s sell all our CB’s, bring in Calafiori OR Buongiorno and have him defend by himself.

      1. It’s not my problem if you can’t read. I said buy Calafiori and Buongiorno or both. With Gabbia and Simic plus the two above, we have 4 defenders which is enough.

  4. The only player remaining who can consistently create goals off corners which the club gets a ton of when teams bunker…without him and Giroud, they will have to stick to short corners next season…

    1. Exactly. As if they’d be stupid enough to make the same mistake and Newcastle are failing PSR, they don’t have €50 million.

  5. NU already sign defender, why would they want to buy expensive defender? Everyone here say selling him and buy italian CB , it is not easy task convince bologna for calafiori or torino for bungiorno. After his good performance in euro, calafiori price skyrocket to 50m euro. ACM already missing chance last season by choosen marco pelegrino to save 2-3m euro instead of calafiori from basel

  6. Look, obviously I would like to see Italians in our team.I have supported ACM since early 90s.

    No I am not Italian, im Swedish but have a just as strong bond to acm as any other Italian. And yes I have seen 23923 games at San Siro.

    And yes I am a glory seeker as I want to see our team top. Only way of doing that is to field TOP players, I dont care where they are from.

    Thats pretty straight forward.

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