Tuttosport: Origi prepares to challenge Lukaku and Vlahovic – Milan medical next week

By Isak Möller -

Divock Origi is expected to arrive in Italy next week to undergo his medical tests for AC Milan, ready to join the Rossoneri on a free transfer. In other words, he will be the club’s first signing of the summer window. 

The agreement between Milan and Origi, as reported by Tuttosport (via MilanNews), has been in place for several weeks now. Once the medical is done, therefore, he will sign a four-year deal with the club.

At the age of 27, the feeling is that Origi still has a lot to give and a higher gear that he’s yet to reach. Despite scoring some very important goals for Liverpool, often showing his qualities, the playing time was always limited for him.

At Milan, therefore, Origi wants to prove the doubters wrong and challenge the league rivals such as Dusan Vlahovic, Ciro Immobile and perhaps even his compatriot Romelu Lukaku. And as the newspaper concludes, he also need to score in the UCL for Milan, which they struggled with this past season.

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  1. Dumbest caption I’ve seen in a long time. Wasn’t even good enough so start when Firmino didn’t play a lot… don’t compare him with Vlahovic and Lukaku who was MVP last season. He can score 10/15 goals max I think

    1. Yeah i’m sure you said the same crap for Giroud and Tomori. “Oh why bring them when they just backup in their previous club?”.

      Good thing Milan have Maldini & Masara and didn’t hired fake experts like you who only know football from video games 👎👎👎

      1. Well Giroud is the backup level. 29 matches – 11 goals. Some of the worst attackers in Milan history were on similar numbers. Or in CL 5-0. LOL.

        1. And without Giroud Milan wouldn’t get scudetto this year.

          But your tone is very disrespectful towards a player who gave big contributions for Milan. I always have doubt that kids like you are a Milan fan and today i’m sure you’re not a Milan fan with how you act disrespectful towards Milan players.

        2. Crossonero, I have a surprise for you.
          Milan history is not Milan present.
          And some of the worst attackers in Milan history did not win a Milan derby by themselves (and Maignan Ofc).
          Right now, we do not have the money nor the pull to attract van basten. We will make do.

  2. If this guy scored so little with Liverpool imagine with AC Milan is gonna score 5 gols this guy is not the nº9 we need what we need is a striker that is young but already has experience in Serie A not another striker with Champions League experience we already have Giroud and Ibra wich have plenty of experiece in CL!If the owners of the club were not so cheap we could have signed Darwin Nunez but no what we need is another striker that cant guarantee us 20+gols a season!

    1. Giroud didn’t scored much at Chelsea but with Milan he scored 14 goals + 3 assists and won scudetto. So calm down your video games logic kiddo.

  3. I don’t think you can compare him to Vlahović or Lukaku by literally nothing. He isn’t even similar to them, and won’t score even close to them if he doesn’t surprise us all.

  4. This is why the De Ketelaere deal makes the absolute most sense, De Ketelaere can play in RW, CAM and ST so even if Origi and Giroud aren’t performing we can do a bit of rotating, to me it’s a no brainer to go for De Ketelaere

  5. He come as backup for striker and Winger, why so many hate for him. He is free transfer too and salary only half from Dusan but with more experience in big game trained under top coach Juergen Klopp.

    1. Why? Because for 90% of the posters here, the only games they see are the ones they play on FIFA. They know nothing and only come by to whinge.

      1. This is so true.
        Also most of them have inferiority complex and don’t realize that Premier league players , even back ups are better than serie a starters
        Tomori 6th choice CB at Chelsea, top 3 CB in serie A.
        Giroud, 3rd choice striker at Chelsea, starter for scudetto winner in Serie A.
        Abraham, back up at Chelsea, top 5 striker in serie A.
        Lukaku, trash in Premier league, looked like the best striker in the world in serie A.
        Mikhitarian, barely playing in EPL , starter at Roma.
        Smalling, discarded at manutd, undisputed starter in serie A.
        Origi will score 20 goals next season

        1. What about salah that was not in top 5 striker in serie A but is top strike in Epl

          Rudriger not in to 5 CBs in serie A but the best in Epl

          Kulusevki trash in Juventus(serieA) but top winger in Epl and qualified for champions league

          Bentacur not even in top 20 in serie A but top midfeilder in Epl

          Bruno Fernandes below par In serie A but now a God in Man united

          Tomiyasu was not good enough to be bought by serie A powerhouse but now the first on the sheet for arsenal RB/LB/CB

          Some of you will always yap about EPL being strong but no EPL team won any trophy in Europe last season while every other league hot something.

          UK controls the European media, so they are simple using that to their advantage to sell their league, apart from that TV money and access, EPL is is just like every other, the difference is that they bag in more money and not that they play better, so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

          origi is a good signing and just like Salah and everyother players, if you trust them and give the playtime, they will shine…..lukaku already dismantled EPL when he was in Everton, he just is not in good terms with tuchel. Moron!!!

          1. “Some of you will always yap about EPL being strong but no EPL team won any trophy in Europe last season while every other league hot something.”

            You must be born yesterday. No wonder you skipped Liverpool won Champions League in 2018/19 + last season they’re the runner up and Chelsea won it last year. Heck, last season Milan and Inter can’t beat Liverpool.

            So don’t act like an ignorant F. Everyone knows, except ignorant like you, that EPL club is strong and they’re stronger than Italian club nowadays including Milan!

          2. Are you serious?
            Salah was one of the best wingers in serie A that’s why he got sold to a big epl club for big money.
            Rudiger also was young and very good that’s why he got sold to a big epl club for a lot of money
            Kulusevski is still only 21 and was great at Parma but that dinosaur alegri didn’t know how to use him, still got sold to a big Epl club for a lot of money.
            Bentancour starter , one of the best defensive midfielders in Italy got sold for a lot of money.
            Bruno Fernandez was super young when e played in Italy and went back home to mature before he became good and made big money move to big club.
            Tomiyasu was wanted by all big serie a clubs including Milan but they didn’t have the money to pay for him.
            All these players were young and already very good players who made moves to big clubs in Epl.
            The players that moved from Epl to italy were all either on free , old , back ups or trash but looked great once they started playing in serie A.
            Like it or not Epl is the best league in the world, something that serie A was in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Since the Calciopoli serie A is nothing but a feeder league for big clubs in Epl, Spain and Psg

  6. Lol just stop guys… Origi compared to Lukaku and Vlahovic?…. if he was so great he would have taken the starting spot at Liverpool at least for a few seasons.. he hasn’t. He’ll be a decent smart signing. Stop thinking this guy is amazing. Never has been, never will be.

    1. “Stop thinking this guy is amazing. Never has been, never will be.”

      Said zoro caloro, the keyboard warrior who doesn’t achieve anything in his life 😂😂😂

      1. But he is right. If you just look at his minutes, 1 goal every 3 games. Doesn’t ring amazing, or that he will become at 27 years of age. Be realistic.

  7. He is a type of player who relishes in big matches. As long as Ibra stay, no expensive starter striker will arrive. He is also capable to play on both wings.

  8. Dakle mi trebamo vrhunsko desno krilo i br 10 !!! Ako to dobro odradimo onda i nije toliko bitno ko je centarfor jer če davati više golova taman tamo bio Colombo !!!!

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