Tuttosport: The Pioli era at Milan may not end in June – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Even though there has been a lot of talk about Stefano Pioli’s era at AC Milan ending in June, the club have reportedly not made a decision.

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) dedicates a focus piece to Pioli who has a very clear in this second part of the season: to keep his job at Milan and to earn another contract extension.

On Sunday night in the game against Napoli at San Siro, Pioli will reach 220 games in charge of the Rossoneri and that puts him alongside Arrigo Sacchi.

There are two big objectives still up for grabs too: firstly the task is to overtake Juventus in the standings and keep up the pressure on Inter, while the second is to go deep in the Europa League.

During the pre-Frosinone press conference, Pioli admitted to being ‘bored’ about the speculation surrounding his future, while the club have always reaffirmed their trust in him.

The results of the last 18 months, however, have not met expectations, and they did not like the repeated injury crises that have naturally impacted on-field performances.

For some time now, fans have no longer imagined Pioli as Milan’s coach for the future, but it is obvious that the decision that the leadership take will extend beyond that.

Thiago Motta and Francesco Farioli are at the top of the minds of those who would like an emerging coach to relaunch the project; Antonio Conte a difficult idea that however remains in the background.

However, the person fighting to stay at Milan is Pioli himself and even though a season finale of the highest level will be needed, his era with the Rossoneri may not end at the end of this season.

During Milan-Napoli he will become the coach with the sixth-most games in Milan’s history behind Nils Liedholm (280 matches), Fabio Capello (300), Gipo Viani (376), Carlo Ancelotti (420) and Nereo Rocco (459).

In his nearly five seasons with the Diavolo, Pioli was able to do better than many of them in terms of winning percentage. Only Ancelotti, for now, is ahead of him with 56.67%; Pioli follows at 54.79%.

All the others are at a distance: Viani 53.99%, Capello 53.67%, Rocco 52.94%, Sacchi 51.36% and Liedholm 45.71%.


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  1. ‘If Milan will not qualify UCL knock out stage, Pioli is to be fired’ didn’t happen.
    Next station was Scudetto, just Hahaha
    Next station was Coppa Italia and Atalanta ra*ed us.
    Now Next station is to overtake Juve and go ‘deeper’ in Europe League. 🥴🥴🥴
    This Milan PR team and board are just embarrassing themselves with empty hopes

  2. Objectively speaking, he did meet or still is in line with expectations of this season at least domestically. Scaroni said target is top 4. Unless Scaroni has sever case of dementia and does not know what or to who he’s speaking. In that case the clown must be removed.

    CL group stage however was total disaster and I can understand the disappointment of the management with revenue missed.

    My biggest concern of Pioli is his lack of tactical flexibility and stubbornness. He insists on playing possession based football and 1v1 defending with players incapable of doing so. He thought having bunch of ball carrying midfielders will do the trick but they are turning out to be a bunch of ball chasers and runners who lack positioning awareness. He thought he’ll compensate lack of cover in midfield with inverted fullbacks. That too backfired. Now he’s just panicking and patching. Pioliball turned into dai dai dai tactics.

    1. Pioli is getting fired at the end of the season.
      Italian media can continue to praise Pioli as much as they want, he is gone at the end.
      Look the difference a coaching change made for Roma. They are back in the race for top 4, they play with newfound energy, they have a change of system with De Rossi putting everyone in their right position unlike that dinosaur Mourinho who was too busy arguing with the refs.
      Milan needs new energy and a new voice who will put the players in their right position.

      1. Roma is experiencing their “new coach” bump. Just give it a few more games. Perhaps with better opposition than Cagliari. Or better yet wait til the end of the season.
        On the same logic, look at what a coaching change did to Napoli….from title winners to struggling for a European spot…any European spot.
        I believe this will happen to us next year with a change of coach

    2. “Unless Scaroni has sever case of dementia and does not know what or to who he’s speaking.” LOL. Sometimes I think that’s precisely the case with Scaroni.

  3. For the good of the team and the club he needs to leave, we need a young Coach who is willing to work with what is given him, Conte is not the answer, Motta, DeZebri would be better, we don’t need the petulant behaviour of Conte, Pioli has given everything he can give, we need a fresh direction…

      1. We need a fresh direction, and the trophies will come, Conte is not a sustainable Coach, we need a calm atmosphere, Conte will heat up the environment for a season , cause conflict and chaos, bring his petulant attitude, besides his technical and tactical knowledge are limited, we need a sustainable and attractive way of playing, which he Conte cannot give us

  4. You all are trash talking Pioli like he doesn’t know anything just because this season did not go well with Milan.
    Do you all think if pioli is given a team like Madrid, Psg, Bayern, Man City he will not do well and carry trophies?? The man needs more Quality and proven players not what he’s getting now. and also this team has not gel well enough to make a good team.

    Imagine 10 new players was integrated into this squad, so don’t expect a Miracle from pioli.

    Why don’t you all give him till next season to see what he can do.

    1. And why the team didnt gel?

      10 players? We got a new starter rw and a new cm.

      Gel my A$$.

      What about last season? The team was not gelling as well, a. And there was no major changes in the team.. Couldnt even integrate one poor CDK..

      Just admit it he is useless and the scudeto was a fluke. Better we cut our losses and get a coach whoa can do more than scream dai dai

      1. not as useless as your brain who thinks Motta will just slot right in and win all 38 games next season

        and then I can guarentee you i’ll see people like you pining for the next flavour of the month coach like Gilardino or Palladino

  5. As much as I think it’s time for a change for many of the same reasons stated above by @Ted, I think that given that we’re solidly in 3rd place (not fighting tooth and nail for 4th), given a run to at least the EL semis, and given his overall record, that it would be tough to dismiss Pioli this summer. If it happens, I’m fine with it. But, despite the heartburn that he induces, I think that if results hold in the league and he makes it to at least the EL semis, he should get the final contract season. The 10 new players from last summer will have had a full season to integrate, hopefully we get a new no. 9 and possible a no. 6, and then let’s see what happens. If we do great (like challenge for the scudetto and make the CL knockouts) we can talk about an extension. If it’s the SOS, and we’re 3rd and don’t make it out of the CL groups he’s gone in June 2025. If we’re doing worse they can dismiss him in December.

    1. I’d wait and see our next big games.
      Many people are a bit chill now concerning him because we seem to be enjoying a good run of result. But the thing is, we didn’t face a decent opponent since Atalanta who beat us twice already.
      Unless he proves he can learn from his mistakes, I think more people will want him out after our next games against the likes of Inter, Juve, Atalanta or however we’re gonna face in the EL after Rennes.

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