Tuttosport: Pioli and the management would be under examination without top four

By Oliver Fisher -

There are currently no signs of an imminent managerial overhaul at AC Milan, but if the minimum objective is not met then considerations would be made.

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) writes that both Stefano Pioli and Ricky Massara would be at risk if Milan do not hot the minimum target for the season, namely qualification for the next edition of the Champions League.

In order to reach the next edition of the top European club competition Milan must win the next four ‘finals’, i.e. the remaining matches in Serie A. It starts with tomorrow afternoon’s match against Spezia, then continues with the games against Sampdoria, Juventus and Hellas Verona.

Milan’s presence in the Champions League is vital for the club’s growth in terms of the sporting side of things but also the financial factor. Without it, the investments that Maldini asked for before the Inter game would be difficult to make.

Even Gerry Cardinale, in a recent interview with Sportico, explained that ‘from a business point of view I will not lose sight of the fact that we must also qualify for next year’s Champions League’.

Milan failed to win a second Scudetto in a row or even put up a fight for it, while they lost in the first knockout game of the Coppa Italia and were well beaten by Inter in the final of the Supercoppa too, with a Champions League win seeming very unlikely at present.

If fourth place does not arrive in the league and a spot in next year’s Champions League were not achieved, there would be a deep and articulated examination of the players to the coach through the management that built the team.

The summer transfer window will be very important for the upcoming Milan, not only in terms of addressing the gaps in the squad that were not fixed a year ago, but also raising the overall level of the team.

Maldini and Massara are under contract June 2024 while Pioli renewed until 2025, so finishing outside the top four would force everyone to face the direct consequences.

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  1. As they should.
    If we wanna be a top club again, there needs to be accountability all the way around.
    If Pioli is getting fired for missing the minimum objective of the season, so should the sporting directors.
    The poor work of the managers is the main reason for the failure of the season.
    Pioli didn’t forget overnight how to coach. He improved the team every year since he became a Milan coach, except this season.
    What’s different this season?
    The quality of our squad is much weaker than last season squad and especially weaker than 2 years ago.
    Who constructed this squad? Not Pioli, But the infamous M&M.
    And for those that wanna give M&M a break because of one bad transfer campaign and because they are working with cheap owner and a limited budget, why are we holding Pioli to a different standard then?
    Pioli only had 1 bad season, and Pioli also had to work with players who were bought on limited budget by the same M&M that get a pass.
    Everything is connected
    If one goes, they all should go.
    If you wanna excuse ones failures then you should also excuse the coaches’ failures.

    1. @Poli That is well said. Could not put it any better. Pioli should another chance next year in my opinion. Being in a close battle for CL qualification, plus being in last 4 in CL with today’s spending is a great achievement.
      Let’s not forget its the first time in history there are five Italian teams in European Completions at this stage. So the top of Serie A is bound to be tougher I’d teams are performing.
      We got a sour grape with a big signing last year. If we can invest more pragmatically Pioli has a chance to do better next year

    2. @Pioli. Totally agree. The real problem is management and they must be questioned because they signed Adli for 10m and I have to wonder if they made that decision without Pioli’s consent because clearly Adli doesn’t fit into the system Pioli wants to play.

      I would rather see Maldini and Massara replaced by someone experienced enough like Giuntoli at Napoli or promote Moncada to Sporting Director rather than firing Pioli.

      Pioli has done a really good job with a lot of limitations.

      I am also disappointed that Maldini has this thing for signing OLD strikers like Mandzukic, renewing Ibra for another season when he should left after winning the scudetto and now he has renewed Giroud’s contract and it’s clear that Giroud is not up to the tasks as he is too slow, he doesn’t run a lot and he needs too much support.

      This is limiting the squad pressing from the front.

      Sorry but Maldini and Massara cannot afford to make 1 bad decision when you have a limited budget. They have to study the market properly and get right the first time.

      1. have you watched any Milan matches? Giroud does not run? Man, all he does is run and support. Thats his thing… He was never a player that will bag 20+ goals and drive forward like Benz.. He works for the team 90min every match.
        Now if others cant use the space he creates, thats a story of its own…
        Pioli has done a good job, yes. He is not doing it anymore and needs to go. Its as simple as that
        Lazio is ahead of Milan but they dont have a better squad, right? Why is that? Because Sarri found a way to bring the best out of his squad while Pioli has not..

          1. thats why one to look at it.
            The other is, they’re solid players and pioli failed to integrate them.
            Adli and ckd were important players in their clubs and vranckx had 25 matches in bundes and 38 matches in belgium at age of 19.. not a bad number for a teen. Thiaw got his chance and took it…

    3. Lol 🤣🤣… I just came on this thread thinking that this has to be great news for Poli,🤣🤣🤣 and here you are; the first to comment on the thread.

      Gotta admire your persistence!!

  2. Are we sure that Lazio doesn’t have a better squad than Milan?
    Milan advantage are Leao, Theo and Maignan ( who missed 60% of this season).
    Lazio advantage are Immobile, and their 2 midfielders SMS and Luis Alberto who are MILES better than any midfielder we have.
    The rest of the players in both squads are more or less on equal level.
    This is where the disconnect comes from. Most of our fans massively overrate the quality of our squad.

    1. o yeah. Milan has a much better squad.. Apart from SMS they really dont have anything special. The main diffrence here is Milan has such a poor def (that goes to Pioli for not adapting to losing Kessie). Lazio has 26 against Milan has 39. Atk is lvled, Lazio 52 for, Milan 55…
      We could see against Inter, Tomori is like a headless chicken this season. The excuse was, no Mike. Then he got Mike and still plays like cr@p.. A lot of goals that made Milan draw or lose go on his mistakes this season. Might have gone of topic here 😀

      1. We can’t score goals, especially vs bottom of the table teams, who sit back, because we don’t have a midfielder with the skills of SMS and Luis Alberto that can make a pass or send a cross to help unlock that defense.
        The leader of their defense is our ex captain that everyone was crapping on and praising Kalulu and Tomori. Romagnoli had couple of bellow average seasons because he was dealing with injuries. Look at him this season, healthy and back at his best.
        Their RW Anderson and even old man Pedro are better than any winger we have not named Leao. Their LW Zaccagni is better than any other winger we have not named Leao.
        It isn’t just SMS. SMS is the biggest name they have but they have several players that are better than our players in their positions

        1. Are the players better or is the instruction from the coach better? Better tactics?
          And if we switch players what would hapen? Would Alexis manage more goals? Would Messias?
          And how come Tonali got 6 assists this season if he cant make a pass? SMS has 8!
          Romagnoli got cut out becasue Pioli wanted faster cbs. For me his skill was never in question, he is a great cb.

          1. Don’t mind him. One look at the head to head between the coaches and you’ll get a clear understanding of which team is better.

      2. Dude, lazio only play one time / week , just in serie A. They have more recovery time than AC Milan . SMS the highest value player they have but ironically that SMS are the one that pioli need to put on AMF due to good defending and can provide asist for team mate. AC Milan lacking AMF that have balance defense & atack atribute. Look at AC Milan depth : Ibra ( injury prone striker) , Tata & Mirante ( both are bad GK ) ,Origoat 2 goal striker with selfish character ( lazy to pass the ball to teammate),Florenzi injury prone RB ( i dont know why maldini buy him from Roma) , junior RW( serie B or serie C standard) ,CDK in AmF /false nine ( wasted budget 35m euro with contribution 0 goal ) , Ballo toure LB ( failed to keep competition with theo ) , Lord Dest RB ( flop of the season for AC Milan ,just panic loan from maldini because florenzi injury ) , Kalulu & Gabbia for CB ( often make mistake ) ,Rebic for LW ( he is not the same player like 2-3 years ago ) , aster prank for DMF ( weak at defending )

        1. i stopped reading after tata bad gk.. you’re clueless.
          But tell me what depth lazio has and for your info lazio did play in europe this season until march

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