Tuttosport: RedBird raise Milan takeover bid and send important signal to Elliott

By Isak Möller -

RedBird Capital are now a serious contender in the race to buy AC Milan from Elliott Management. After initially coming in lower than Investcorp, they have now matched the offer and also added a bonus to it. 

Investcorp seemed destined to take over Milan after completing due diligence and putting €1.1bn on the plate for Elliott. However, the situation has taken a turn since the emergence of RedBird Capital, the US-based investment firm.

As reported by today’s edition of Tuttosport (via MilanNews), RedBird have matched Investcorp’s offer of €1.1bn after initially coming in lower. Furthermore, as an added bonus, none of the €1.1bn will be financed by a loan.

This is an important signal from RedBird to Elliott, as the latter decided to put the brakes on the Investcorp negotiations due to the loan structure of the offer. In fact, Investcorp intended to finance roughly €400m of their offer with a loan. RedBird, therefore, could now take over pole position in the race.

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      1. This is something they should have kept under wraps till the season was over. The uncertainty is just added pressure on the team, which is the last thing we need right now.

        So yes, it is important, but it can and should wait till the season is over.

  1. We dont want f****g americans again,they just look for profit not like arabs whos doing things for fun cause they cant even count how much money they have

    1. Another uneducated child. “arabs whos doing things for fun cause they cant even count how much money they have” doesn’t jive with FFP. You can’t just spend money. This is why -FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME- AC Milan is currently constrained by an FFP settlement agreement. Because the prior ownership was spending like it was monopoly money. This rule is about to get more severe, which will limit spending to 70% of a club’s revenues. So profit[ability] is going to be paramount. Therefore fiscal responsibility is going to be at the forefront of any project. BTW, these “f****g americans” have AC Milan on the edge of a title having spent much less than what Juventus, Inter and even Napoli do.

      1. P.S.- to be clear “revenues” means income from club operations, NOT CASH INJECTIONS. So “Arabs” (or anyone else) who can’t count how much money they have will not be able to simply throw money into a club.

        1. I think your mixing things up, yes your books need to be in order to stay within regulations but so called “arabs” which is ignorant statement as you can’t distinguish differences between them. Arabs can inject money through more generous sponsorships and access to 300 million plus people in the midleeast and North Africa without breaking regulations… have you seen PSG or Man city being punished? The main difference between milan and PSG/City is the majestic history, players want to play for milan, cash will help but it’s not the main reason…while every none french player is going to PSG for the $$$. Americans will keep salary capped which is a turn off for established players… we love this team and hopefully we get someone who feels the same… football is passion not investment

    2. @Vero ,your comments is not even worth of reading,just another kid who writes what he saw on internet about famous FFP, investcorp has so many companies in their hands they can make as many sponsorship as they want,just like psg doing with their fictive partners but its their money in general,but you can keep americans that will look if they have 15 milions for right winger,as i said you are that important for me that i will not even read your nonsense,go write again 400x times what u saw on internet kiddo

  2. I find it amusing how in general (not saying us, but including us) people criticize PSG or ManCity often because “it is petro-dollars” that they are ruining the game, that isnt fair anymore etc etc. But if it’s our club, then we love them . lol . I am sure it applies to every fan though. I am sure if the petro-states take over, say Rangers or Cagliary . everyone would become a critic except Cagliary fans.
    We love their bid now, but would we be ok if they would take over Roma, Fiorentina or another Rival?
    Just an observation,

    1. I don’t love their bid, I don’t think Milan should become another sportswashing exercise. But I don’t think many investment groups have much of a moral compass – Elliott and RedBird included.

    2. Been seeing the same thing. Its a bit of a moral dilemma for me personally lol . Kinda a “it is what it is” situation.

  3. most milan fans are sick of american they don’t like or understand sh it about football i prefer arab investors over americans any day , only racist fans think its good ideas to have american owner again , just remember the winter transfer window we where in desperate need of center back as we was having injury crisis what happen they didn’t do sh it and we nearly could be in big trouble if it wasn’t for my boy Pierre Kalulu a right back showing his versatility and become the savior , any other football owner he will inject money in that situation to save his club from losing important points that lead losing a lot of money at the end of season if we didn’t be in the top 4,
    milan being in first place is because of the fine work maldini and massara did with all the obstacle that idiot milan owner put in front of them f elliott

  4. U guys can’t even read between the lines buying Milan for Redbird is just a way of getting good players for Liverpool on cheaper price they’re already pricing 5 players Liverpool will buy tonali,kalulu,leao,benacer

  5. Idk guys American owned Liverpool is doing pretty well. Maybe it’s not where the owners are from that matter but their business savvy that’s really important.

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