Tuttosport: Sevilla striker emerges as an option for Milan after 20-goal season

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could sign two strikers this summer and Youssef En-Nesyri has emerged as a potential option, according to a report.

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via MilanNews) reports that in addition to Joshua Zirkzee – who has been the number one target for some time – the Rossoneri would also like to try sign another centre-forward to include in the squad available to Paulo Fonseca.

In recent days there has been a lot of talk in particular about Armando Broja of Chelsea, and he is a profile that Geoffrey Moncada has been following for a couple of years, even if the past two seasons have been difficult for him personally due to a major injury and a lack of goals.

Thus, there is another option being considered: Youssef En-Nesyri. The Sevilla and Moroccan national team striker scored 20 goals across all competitions last season and at 27 years of age he has more experience than some of the other names linked.

In addition to that, his contract with the Andalusian club expires in 2025 which means there is just a year left to run on his deal. This is something that could mean they are forced to sell this summer, and for a cut price.

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    1. I understand the Serie A experience. But i dont understand the obsession with Italian. Italy right now, at least in the FW position is terrible. I mean, El Sharaawy is still there.
      Also, look for example at Madrid’s UCL final roster. They had 2 spanish player and could arguably be just one had Alaba been fit to play. No MF or FW was spanish. Did people complain? No, because they won. Point is, bring the best players we can get. We wish there were italians, but if the best players are from hogwarts, then those should be the targets.
      I know, unpopular opinion. I also wish some were italians but alas, if they put 11 italians and we are relagated, we wouldnt be happy either

      1. The problem is none of this players are “the best.” Pleanty of Italians far better then them, the americans are just racist towards Italians.

        1. Rossi, name few
          And you are not for actually having laws in place to prevent foreigners that are good to quantify? Help me understand cause I am puzzled

        2. give me examples. Players with equal value. I said best we can get. Let’s take as an example (given this article is about forwards) which Italian forward would you take right now over the ones we are being linked?
          Zirkee, Sessko, David etc. Perhaps Scammacca? idk. If played right i’d say we play it right, we are a few seasons away from Camarda, Bartesashi, Zeroli and throw in Gabbia (who i think is good enough) and you’d have your italian base.

          Realistically, Italy as a whole right now does not have that many good players to choose from.

        3. Or maybe you’re anti-American…. Did you complain much against the Chinese when they brought in Caldara and Bonucci? Those turned out to be Italian pillars for us, didn’t they?

          Talent is talent, regardless of nationality.

      2. I agree with you 100%, when Serie A was top and AC Milan was top, most of the players were there because they were simply the best. No one cared where they were from and who they were. Nowadas it seems that for some you need to be Italian. BTW, the moment Seriea A put a restriction on foreign player it was the day it started the journey to RIP. You can clearly see it now.

        Oh and not to mention back then there were actualy some really good iconic Italian players, but that’s becuase they were good and had to compete with the best in the trade…. at this pase they are competing in their own neighbourhood, which slowly decreases overall the quality

      3. I don’t about nationality all that much. But if they’re gonna buy cràp random players might as well buy from the home market.

        Real is real tho. They paid 45M for a teenage mini and developed him. We are looking at cut price deals and acting like we’re smart.. why isn’t real going after En-Nesyri? Or Fofana? Or all those random cbs we been linked with?

        Milan could get the best Italians, but they choose not to. Just see where buongiorno ends up. We do have enough money to buy a cb for 40M but they won’t do it..

        1. We’re not designed to sign like Madrid. Never were. We sold our best players even when we were on top… Sheva, Kaka, ibra Thiago Silva…

          45mil for Vini/Rodrygo/Endrick was always a risk that worked out for them. But they also bought duds, like Jovic and Hazard. Problem is we only remember the Vini’s.

          I don’t have an issue buying cheaper and developing, as we did with Leao and Theo. I don’t care if they are foreign or Italian. Talent is Talent. I look at the La Nazionale – I see no stellar strikers there. I have no idea where Italy’s goals are gonna come from. Barella?

          1. Italy will adapt spaleti is a smart cat. And the team is underrated. Like England has names, are favourites and will flop like they always do.

            And ofc we aren’t designed like real. Their way of operating is shít. They’re always in the red and need bank loans and stuff.. as$holes got world best player on a free transfer

      4. The issue is signing garbage from other leagues instead of giving the young Italians a chance. We have one of the best youth teams in Europe (SF & Final in the UEFA Youth League). Italy are reigning U19 & U17 European Champions and finished 3rd at the U20 World Cup last year. Italy is producing talented youngsters. The likes of Barteshagi and Simic should be given a chance. Instead, this management are obsessed with signing randos from France. Barteshagi or Simic should have started ahead of Kjaer. There’s no excuse for failing to do that, and there are other boys from the Primavera who are hugely talented, like Scotti, Liberali and Camarda. That’s the issue, not giving our home-grown players a chance.

  1. I might denounce myself as a Milan fan this season base on how the transfer market goes.. with the type of strikers the management drops their main target for.

    In the likes if Borja and En Nesyri dropping Sesko and co. Borja did not get 10 league goals and not even 20 league, matches to his name. An I don’t see him better than jovic Colombo, Nasti, Pinamoti as second striker.

    Talking of first striker I still prefer Sesko to Zirkee one season wonder kind. Sesko has proved himself for 3 season now and even have experience in both Eufa and Europe league

    If the management are looking for lower cost hwy did the Mali Stuggart striker name fade away?.. he is better and cheaper than both Borja and En Nesyri.

    Or better get Lukaku on loan he has all they quality and experience then buy a young quality striker for 50-60milion.

    Instead of buying young and unproven strikers for 70m in Zirkee and Broja

    How sudden

  2. I know we want to buy Zirkzee, but for example Ben Yeder or Depay are free and I think this is great oportunity for us … get 2 strikers and 1 with exeprience

  3. Broja represent a massive capital gain for the club and if they go for him its exactly because of that. If he can regain his pre injury form his value will double. Lukaku is a rotten apple. Sesko is worth 50 million with a 4 year left on his contract, you need to go closer to 100m to get him atm, not gonna happen. Got to be a bit realistic to. If we get Zirkzee and fofana I’ll be happy.

  4. If Milan just get 1 striker, we must use Camarda for backup striker. Camarda have potensi and he must been superstar if Milan give him chance playing in first team

  5. Real Madrid bring young players with lot of potential. So they don’t have to depend just on Spanish players to fill champions league requirements, they have also added players grown-up in La liga even with non European passports.
    But still there are Spanish players in real Madrid grown-up in their club maynot be starter every season, not everything is just about money. They have bought brahim Diaz and shown confidence on him several years. Arda guler he can become la liga grown up and club grown-up player also.

    If our sporting director is not clever enough then we are always complaining about money.

    1. Dude thats what they are doing with primavera, we are only missing the last puzzle (U23 team), Real Madrid have Castilla to help their young player have experience playing in the “real” match, not just like pur primavera who only play with other kids

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