Tuttosport: Tension arises after Cardinale rejects Maldini’s request

By Oliver Fisher -

The situation between Paolo Maldini and Gerry Cardinale is not exactly perfect after the owner rejected the idea of making extra funds available for a January signing, a report claims.

Today’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) talks about the Nicolò Zaniolo situation and how his potential move to Milan broke down. The Roma winger will not arrive at Milan as Maldini hoped, even though he asked the owners for some extra funds to make it happen.

That request was rejected for three main reasons, with the current stance of RedBird being that Maldini and Ricky Massara used the budget that was available for 2022-23 autonomously in the summer window, so Milan had to withdraw from the race.

The rejection that Maldini received from Cardinale has in fact generated a climate of tension between the two, as per the newspaper. The owners would rather try to sign Hakim Ziyech as opposed to helping Roma solve a problem (Zaniolo is no longer wanted) given they are a direct rival for a place in the Champions League.

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  1. No wonder why Maldini & Massara took a long time to extend their contract (’till the very last hours). There’s something def suspicious there.

    1. Suspicious? Not really. The owners know the club will be in trouble if their budget for this year isn’t OK. And wasting 30M€ on a certain flop would have made things worse.

  2. Zaniolo is a big flop there are many decent right wingers in market as for zaniolo if not for free transfer forget it.
    I support cardinale in this aspect.

  3. The season is done and dusted. We just need to hang on for a top 4 finish and reset from next season. Emotional buying is not going to get us anywhere. Look at all the players we missed out on that are shining elsewhere, so our strategy is maybe wrong…

  4. What’s the whole point of keeping them. If he feels he can do their jobs better, he shld take d position as well. How many good signings has Milan made in d last 5 years compared with other top serie a clubs? Just look at d depth of d current squad. There’s always an excuse for not spending money in d current transfer window. We wait for d next, and still nothing. What are these dumb owners complaining about? See what others have invested in other clubs, and what the clubs have achieved, and their current standing in European football. PSG, Chelsea, Man. City, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, etc. These clubs were minnows in European football years ago. Now, their fortunes have changed due to continuous cash injections. Milan investors are “cry babies”. You don’t invest in a biz, and expect to get the returns immediately. They spend €140m, which some other clubs use in buying one player, on a transfer window, and they are crying about it. Pls, find another biz to do. How much do they sign players in the NFL, MLB, or NBA?

    1. “Now, their fortunes have changed due to continuous cash injections.”

      Wrong. The biggest injection has been the tv-rights (or more like “media rights” as television as is dying). EPL clubs are miles ahead of other clubs because of the insane amounts they receive from broadcasting companies.

      A couple of hand-picked exceptions (such as PSG or Newcastle) won’t change that fact. Sure e.g. those two teams have enjoyed the cash injections but those are exceptions. And PSG’s owner is also a board member in a certain football association and has enough money to buy “redemption” for his club so…

      FFP is still valid and restricting actions for most clubs. PSG or ManCity aren’t one of those though.

    2. “You don’t invest in a biz, and expect to get the returns immediately. They spend €140m, which some other clubs use in buying one player, on a transfer window, and they are crying about it. Pls, find another biz to do.”

      Well, aren’t we glad we have a financial market genius here. Maybe you should take over Milan from the current owners as you are so convinced you know better how to run a 1B€ football club than they do. 😀

  5. which tension? do they think Maldini is a fool? all these stories are speculations hoping to bite into some reaction from milanese managers. click bait.

  6. Maldini is on bad situation with this con
    They dont give maldini players to compete on Europe
    They are disaster
    Manchester United fans put the owners on corner and they punch they up
    In Italy they just talk and big mouth

    1. Maybe the Italians know the deal (ie. FFP) and know nothing can be done until the finances are in order. It’s really that simple. Who knows, maybe this year they actually manage to sell a player and even make profit. That would get UEFA off our backs for a while.

  7. 30m on zanialo was insane there are much better options avaliable I am sure…but the fact is american owners are stingy they don’t want to spend then expect miracles. I was screaming that kessie loss will be hard to digest because he was the tank above cbs and hence we are milking goals….anywaz hope for milan to bounce back we have the worst of days and we wil wither this storm as well….

  8. Maldini is so wrong this time! I hope Cardinale will bring Ziyech as he is a game changer. Zaniolo is just a trouble as he had not one but two times injured knees which is alreadya serious problem. If he is worth anything do you think Mourinho would let him go? And most important thing: 30 million for 1 goal and 2 assist player!? That’s not good even in Iceland or Malta championship!

  9. Cardinale never gave any transfer funds to Maldini. We all know the take over happened after the transfert window. I agree with some of you that Zanniolo might not be the best option neither Ziyech. Milan need clearly help in several position, the squad need 2-3 quality players to be able to compete in the champions league in February. Maldini, Massara and Moncada are very good at their job and they proved it with a limited budget over the past 3 years, it baffles me to see the new management not trying to help them more so we can be back on top of European football. We are not asking for large amount of money, just enough support from the ownership just like we see for Napoli or other clubs. ( excluding the PL teams and PSG ) lol.

  10. Spent 50 mil and with nothing to show for, yeah people will get mad. Unless we have a crooked owner/immune from FFP rules like PSG owner, these kind of money wasting is not permissible. Especially when our revenues are crap compared to pl etc. Add FFP restrictions on top.

  11. They prefer Zyiech …. OK, then let’s go get it. I have no problem in their argument for a No to Zaniolo. I do have a problem if they dont get either.

  12. new management
    same story
    no invest in big players
    trying to buy talent, works on occasion.
    this is not the way to get back to the top

  13. The damage was done when Milan was sold to Cardinali. He’s an investor first of all. Doesn’t have a passion for football. Imagine if Milan was sold to Saudi group instead. Just imagine

  14. Good move saving Milan from another bad move by Maldini. I would be happy if they would instead sing Ziyech, but I think we all know that is not going to happen either. What they shoould really do if they want to save this season is finf a way to get Kessie back from Barca. He wants out and I’m sure there is a way to make that happen.

  15. To be honest, it’s good Maldini gets rebuffed, he wasted 50mil not $50, Foul and Gabriel would ve made Milan s attack sharper, but Maldini opted for a player with no skill, even worse Pioli is trying to make CDK give what he doesn’t posses. That insane, Napoli got khava for a third if that sum, although he was recommended to Milan, Maldini ignored him, its all Maldini fault !!!

  16. Still trying to figure out how they know this exactly..is this an assumption or someone actually knows there is tension ? Or was the convo “hey can we get x for this transfer window”, response was “no, let’s wait til summer and know where we stand on UCL” and Maldini says “ok that’s smart. Ttyl”.

  17. to be honest am not mad at all, i will say how u like that maldini or shall i say MALDUMMY,
    wen we say give us chiesa u ignor us, we say ok we
    how bout correa of atletico u said no ZIYECH NO
    now u said aah boss can i get a couple of millions
    for my roman friends,

  18. As usual some miss the point of this (@bb anyone??) it’s not about which player M&M identify as a need for January – it’s the lack of support from Redbird to provide a reasonable budget to improve the squad this winter at risk of missing out on a top 4 finish. Makes no sense. So those that are cheering not getting Zaniolo – that’s fine – but that is not the point. The point is we aren’t getting anyone lol. So anyone who is rejoicing over that is pretty clueless. In the summer Defenders of Redbird said We couldn’t sign anyone in the because of an impending sale. Now we can’t sign anyone cause we have no $$ LOL. Fantastic. So far so good Redbird. Guess we will just have to be patient and hope we don’t miss out on a top 4 CL spot….very risky. Damn how is Newcastle and that “dirty” Arab money doing LOL?? ya but who the hell would want to be in that situation right?😜😜😜😜😜

    1. Redbird are a joke we been stitched up big time, especially when Elliott lent them money to buy club lol. We needed Newcastle owners just like Berlusconi funded us when we were a top team smh. How can we compete on a budget and as u say the takeover was just after transfer window shut, and we still don’t have money in January window!!!

  19. FFP or not, no team with great ambitions can succeed this way. We are not the only ones with that issue, or debts. Players take pride in looking at each other on the line before a big game, knowing that they have good quality to face the opponent. I still remember Milan vs Barcelona(2005/6 Champions League semifinal). With the way the management is going, buying just one or two, the big players will get fed up, and want to move away. TV rights did not get Chelsea, Atletico, Sevilla, to where they are now.

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