Tuttosport: The doubts that Maldini had regarding Pioli’s work as head coach

By Oliver Fisher -

One of the reasons that Paolo Maldini was dismissed from his role at AC Milan was because of the tense relationship that developed with Stefano Pioli, a report claims.

Today’s edition of Tuttosport (via PianetaMilan) talks about the disagreements between Maldini and Pioli. Doubts gradually crept into the director’s thoughts, up to the idea of ​​Pioli being sacked after the dreadful defeat in the away game against Spezia.

The face to face discussion between the Curva Sud and the team at the end of the game is clearly something that suggested Pioli might not be the one to lead the squad forward.

The progressive distancing of Maldini from Pioli’s work also had an influence, but ultimately it was entirely Gerry Cardinale’s decision and other factors also came into the call to sack him from his role.

Maldini did not appreciate the way the playing style seemingly declined, while the new signings like Charles De Ketelaere, Sergino Dest, Divock Origi, Aster Vranckx and Yacine Adli barely played.

While Maldini thought that Pioli had failed to integrate them properly, RedBird judged the signings to be Maldini’s failure.

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      1. All these news are coming out now. When Maldini was in charge, we were a lot more tight-lipped.

        Whether true or not that Maldini and Pioli had divergences, bringing these to the spotlight now puts a lot more pressure on Pioli and makes his job a lot harder. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s being set up to be the scapegoat and gets sacked within the next season if things don’t go as planned for the current management.

        In simple terms, the management currently is saying that we were forced to choose between Pioli and Maldini and we chose Pioli and this is a false dichotomy.
        It’s damage control and politics all the way…

        1. Bro Maldini himself seems to be the scapegoat as of now. What I do want to see is if this is all true then next season Pioli should be working with a clean slate and that should be HIS squad

  1. pioli is a failure as a coach! the point still remains that this man has not achieved anything until milan gave him the platform to win something. this is a man that cant even stand up to his ideas, he chops and changes not convinced of his own playing philosophy! when he is being outplayed…. failed woefully in many matches milan could have won… as a milanista im in doubts over this man since he came here…..the victories we enjoyed over the years are the fruits of maldinis smart signings ( Maignan, Theo, Tomori) Bennacear, Tonali, Leao, Giroud…..even though there are failed signings also yet his positives outweighed the negatives….its pioli that is the problem.

    1. Exactly bro! As I said in previous comment. One of the big Maldini mistake was appointment of Pioli. Even the ultras stand by the #PioliOut knowing that he is nothing special. Ibra comes with the winning mentality and suddenly we won the scudeto. But this season we are 5, just have luck with Juve points reduction.

    2. Pioli failed as a coach when he won you the Scudetto last season too right? What are you talking about?! It is BECAUSE of Piloi that many players, especially Leao have improved as players…. You’re so clueless.

      1. It can be argued that it was the sheer size of Zlatan’s balls that won the scudetto than Pioli’s nonexistent ‘system’. lol We all saw what Pioli could do with his ‘system’ this season without Zlatan.

        Thank god that Saele shined against Napoli or else Pioli’s decisions would’ve earned us the kick from UCL after his so very thoughtful ‘tactics’ not only failed to score more against a 10 man Napoli but also almost earned us a LOSS. And $hinter just bossed Pioli’s ‘system’ around.

        It’s BECAUSE OF Pioli Leao took 3 years to ‘develop’ when Krava did in 10 days.

        1. Inter has a deeper roster than us and better rotation. Has nothing to do with Pioli as a coach.

          Saladmaker has been inconsistent all season. His contribution has nothing to do with Milan advancing past Napoli.

          Zlatan is a factor sure. But Pioli played a huge role. Case in point – remember what Giampaolo did with THIS Milan?

          Don’t spew nonsense. Watch a couple of games before commenting.

  2. It is logical to be the case actually.
    The major undoing was Maldini’s reluctance to sack Pioli, it eventually cost him his job.

  3. I am going to say this for the 100th time, In my opinion, I believe Pioli did not fail to integrate the names mentioned in this article by giving them regular opportunity to play. He deliberately refused to do so. This is where I would say if the intention was not to undermine whoever signed those players, then what is it? That match against Spezia and similar matches before that Pioli should have been sacked and yes the performance in some of our matches this season was terrible, especially against lesser teams.

    1. I want to remain silent on that but I suspect that was the case in my gut. The way this thing is being played out, that’s how it seems to me. It was when I saw Adli play well in the few minutes he got that even I had a switch of mind when it came to Adli. It was odd to put CDK in front of someone who clearly performed better than him.. CDK was a playing a man down and it was obvious

  4. That is it. I agree on what Maldini said, if it was true.
    Pioli failed to integrate the new players.
    Pioli is an old school italian manager who always relies on ‘experience’ and not able to get out the best of one player.
    He spoke high about mediocre Krunic on several occasions, it just show the class of Pioli.
    Mediocre coach will praise mediocre/worst player.
    Pioli is not right coach for milan. Yes we won scudetto with him (the first ever major trophy of him during his 20+years career), he got credit for it, but Ranieri did it as well with Leicester.
    For me he was lucky enough just like Ranieri to win scudetto.
    Milan qualified to CL next season mainly thanks to points deduction of Juve.

    1. If you think Krunic is Milan’s worst player you didn’t watch any games…

      Did you see Origi play at all this year? Honestly even Tomori make more mistakes than Krunic.

    2. Did you really watch AC Milan match ? Seriously krunic are worst player ? Are you even see Dest,Origi,CDK,Rebic,Junior,Tata play ? Maldini are the lucky man here, if pioli and his squad not winning scudetto then most likely elliot wont renew maldini & massara contract , remember elliot dont like maldini too and want replace him with rangnick

  5. Pioli deliberately refused other players chance. Even chiaw was a result of necessity. Adli came on against spezia, he was the only bright spot then. But he was never considered again

  6. So many sofa coaches here, Jesus!
    1. Everything at this point is a speculation because nothing has been made official.
    2. Cardinale had already made up his mind to sack Maldini before they met, because the meeting was so short.
    3. IT DOESN’T MATTER who is to blame here. It is a new cycle at Milan. So either get on board of f**k off as a Milanista with your “…oh I’m not gonna follow Milan anymore…” BS.
    4. Were you all criticizing Pioli when he won you the Scudetto last season?! Pioli did the best he could with the players he DIDN’T have. Of course he made mistakes along the way with his subs and rotation mainly, but overall he is done well. He develops the players (some more than others) and has every right to trust some players more than others in his system, because last season his system worked.

    I’m not saying there aren’t better coaches than Pioli, but he needs to be judged on his merits after a full season only if the club provides him with the players he asks for. Pobega/Vranckx for Kessie (example) was dumb as wasn’t Pioli’s idea. He kept getting square pegs for round holes, from Maldini.


  7. I am beginning to think that this is all set up. If injury has not come for Kier, Pioli wouldn’t have used any of the Maldini new signings. If we assume Origi is bad, then what about Adili??? Let’s see where Cardinale and Pioli will take Milan to.

  8. That display against Spezia.. we didn’t play that bad even in banter era. Of course EVERYONE was mad. Fans were furious. So did EVERYONE Who actually watched that match.

    This Squad is basically the scudetto winning squad minus Kessie. HOW can a coach make his squad winning team play THAT BAD with just one player’s absence?

    And Gerry in his divine footballing knowledges decided a legend like Pioli should stay but nobodies like Maldini should leave lol

  9. All of this problem caused milan isnt owned by oil money. Worse, milan stock was bought by capitalist that only sought for profit..

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